Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hello! Just a short post to wish everyone Happy New Year as my bf is taking a short nap before we head out and brave the traffic and madness of people. Hehe! Tonight on our agenda (for now) is dinner at this ribs place called Riblee's at Hartamas. You guys have to check it out! The pictures in there will definitely make you drool! I went there once with my team for our little orgy (haha! Yes, our team calls our catch up/bonding session lunch outings orgy. A few more random facts about our team - me and Jamie are known as the right and left ovary respectively)

Oh! Bf woke up.. and we should get going anyways. Probs gonna take us forever to get anywhere.

So guys,


See you all next year! =)
Monday, 28 December 2009, 11.58PM (So, by the time I am done with this post, it'll be 29 Dec 2009)

So my bf managed to get us free tickets to watch Sherlock Holmes. The only downside to it was that it was in Berjaya Times Square - right smack in the middle of town. I thought, "hey, tickets are free to a good movie, let's not waste it". So we left work early (around 6ish) because we didn't know how bad the traffic would be and we had to pick up the tickets at 7.45pm (movie was at 8.30)

On the way there, my bf decides to call someone about work and starts talking for about erm... 5 minutes? Next thing we know, we get flagged down by a policeman for being on the phone. Hehe! Luckily enough, we managed to get away without a ticket nor having to pay any 'kopi' money. =P

We got to the Times Square at bout 7.30 and decided we could grab a quick bite to eat before collecting the tickets and the movie. Having been there less than 5 times in my entire life for the both of us, we didn't know what Times Square had to offer and therefore we looked for the directory. After going through the list, we decided to try some Ramen noodles in Mr. Ramen.

Picture of the place. If not mistaken, I was sitting directly opposite this sign as well.

The place was in a deserted little corner with only a few tables occupied. I guess that should have been an indication of how nice the place was but we were oblivious. We proceeded to look at the menu and sit down to order our food. Bf decided to order Miso Ramen and Cincau as a drink and me, Black Pepper Udon and Ice Lemon Tea.

The drinks came pretty quick. I took a sip out of my drink and it tasted pretty good. As I kept drinking though, I felt something in the drink. I took a look inside the glass to find little black spots at the bottom of my glass which I couldn't tell whether it was actual tea leaves or dirt. We called the guy over to tell him and without saying anything, he took my glass and wanted to change it for me. As he was walking away, I looked down to the ground and saw a COCKROACH walking towards me! OMG! I freakin' freaked! For those who do not know, I freakin' hate cockroaches. I think my worse nightmare would be to stuck in a room/bathtub/area where there was cockroaches everywhere!

Anyway, I jumped up and walked away while the waiter tried to step on it! At the stage, I was getting very uneasy and uncomfortable. Now, the black stuff in my drink seemed to be more probable that it could have been dirt! Anyway, he came back with my drink. I checked the bottom of the glass again and I THINK it still had SOME specks of dirt but decided not to worry about it giving them the benefit of the doubt that it could REALLY be tea leafs.

Then our food came. My bf's ramen came first and he told me to try it first. So I did. I picked up my chopsticks, took some noodles and shoved it into my mouth. My face changed instantly. Not only did the ramen not taste nice, the ramen noodle itself tasted like MUSHY CARDBOARD! OMG! It was the WORST noodles and gross-est food I've ever tasted! What the hell?! Who serves food like that?! I don't know how long that store has been opened, but they definitely SHOULD NOT BE OPEN ANYMORE! God! I won't be surprised if me and my bf get stomach ache tonight or tomorrow! Anyway, then mine came - Black Pepper Udon. It was alright - noodle wise. At least it was not mushy. But taste wise, *shakes head*. It tasted like nothing even though my noodles seemed to have been covered in blackish sauce. My bf in the end went to take some soya sauce for us to add into our food and surprisingly enough, I think we fixed the taste of BOTH our meals. Far out, they should just hire us!

Anyway, by far the worst dinner I've had in like... geez, I don't even know the last time I had such bad food! I didn't want to finish my food and my bf even said "wow, it must suck really bad for you to not finish your food huh?" and yes - the answer to that is YES! Gah! Please please PLEASE, DO NOT go there for food at ANYTIME - even if you're like starving to death!

Was gonna do a little review about Sherlock Holmes but got carried away with Mr. Ramen. So think might just keep that for the next post. Sorry to be so wordy, but did not have any other pictures to post up.
Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry Christmas everybody! I know this is a day late but better than never right? What did everyone get up too during Christmas eve? Wanna know what I did?! Haha! In all defense, me and bf were trying to get our asses to 1U but it was freakin' impossible to get any parking! Think we were going around for like 20 mins! So we gave up in the end. We were suppose to go back to his place and get a lift there instead but we fell asleep! Haha! Anyways, then, I woke up and played this (see picture below) pretty much the whole night - LOL!

Yes - I am now addicted to sims. LOL. Although I do not think I am doing a good job but at least I am not killing my whole family. The last time I played it was years ago and somehow I managed to kill my parents, my kids didn't have anyone to support them, so they eventually died. My house went on fire and a car ran over my dog. Lol! Nothing of that kind has happened to me yet, so whoopidooo for me! Haha!

Anyway, then on Christmas day, my parents decided to move into our new house. So was moving stuff and doing the normal rituals in the morning. Had a lunch thing at a friend's place after and then a unplanned trip to "Tokyo". For those who are thinking, no - not Japan. It's this overpriced seafood place in Selayang where they do really good caramalised prawns soaked in oil. LOL! When all of us finished, all of us felt like some artery was blocked. But they were good though. This time however, the prawns we got were alot smaller than the ones we got the last time and they were pricey as heck!

Photo of prawnie. You can't see it, but below those prawns, is ALL oil! *yum yum* :P

I actually wanted to go vegetarian after those prawns - at least for like a day or something but I don't think that's going to happen. I have my meals all planned out for me this whole weekend already! :S I guess, new years resolution - here we come! LOL! Anyways, forgot to bring my camera yesterday, so hopefully will remember this time and have more photos to post up in the next extry which is hopefully after the weekend.

Once again, Merry Christmas everybody! And have a Happy New Year! :D
Monday, 21 December 2009

So I went to see Storm Warriors last Saturday night with my BF. Our initial plan was to catch Avatar but we couldn't get tickets. We have heard reviews from friends that the movie was a huge let down as there was no story line and that what you see on the previews is what you get for the whole movie yadah yadah yadah but there was nothing else to watch so we thought what the heck. Mind you, even Princess and the Frog was sold out that night - haha! I was actually quite dissappointed to hear that the show was crap because it was the long awaited sequel. It has been 10 years since the last one and to be honest, I quite liked the 1st one. Haha.. Apart from the fact that they had leng chais in it. Hehe!

Anyway, when we walked into the movie, I already had my expectations down so I guess when I came out of it, I was like "meahhh, okayy..." but boy was my BF peeved! LOL! He started complaining about the movie as soon as the credits started till we got home to his place! This was a total of maybe hmm.. 15 minutes? LOL! But he did do the funniest facial reactions when he was angry.

Anyway, summary of movie is: 

1. There was no storyline. And whatever storyline they tried to create they didn't explain. :S
2. At the beginning of the movie, the movie felt like it was a 300 movie or a Sin City movie. Basically made it look very anime-ish which I really didn't like. Do not even like Sin City or Blood etc.
3. BF made a good point - movie felt like it was directed by 3 directors as there was like 3 different styles of shooting the movie - anime-ish part, special effects part, then there was all the kung fu stuff.
4. If all the slow motions were not used, think the movie could have been cut by like 30 mins.

Overall, a movie that I do not recommend watching. As much as I would like to say "need to watch, watch la at least once. It's been like 10 years since the first episode", I don't think I can because I might get chopped by people when they actually take my advice. Haha! So yea..

Friday, 18 December 2009

I can't believe my sister is blogging more than me! Haha! So I better get my ass moving and start blogging too eh?! Haha! So what's been up? This has been up:

We've been trying to find a home for this cute little thing which my maid brought home about maybe 2 weeks ago now. She apparently got it from her friend. Had been trying to get more info as to how, when, why they got her but her story was always unclear. Her name has changed from Siti, to Cookie, to Brownie, to Lucky, to now my maid calls her Cookie Brown. LOL.

When she first came, she was very timid, afraid of people, accept Fina, most probs because she was the one that fed her. However, after staying with her for a while, she's gotten better with people. She's also the only dog that can play Gracie. She doesn't mind getting squashed a little by Gracie's huge paws and she actually even tries to take a stab back at her!

Think my sister did a good job blogging about her progress, so will leave you with links to her write-ups:

1. Doggie Looking for Home
2. Doggie Looking for Home Part 2
3. Doggie Adoption Update

Think sister has added quite a few photos of her in her post already but for if anyone is interested, there's an album on Facebook that has her photos. Not sure if you'll be able to see it if you're not my sister's friend.

At one point, my maid's friend actually came to take her home because my dad did not want to keep her. But her friend said that she was going to take her back and just let her loose! How cruel! You can't just let a dog go loose! They'll die out there with all the cars! Plus, this doggie is actually quite smart. After only a few days, she already knows how to go out and come back to my house on her own! Although, whenever she does that, it gives me a heart attack because I'm always scared that she'll get run over by a car. My maid begs to differ. She says that she's smart and fast and will be able to run away from the cars. :S Anyways, then my dad's friend wanted to take her. My dad's friend doesn't actually have a good track record in the house. Most of us do not like him because of what he did to my dad before. Plus, looking at him now, we do not think he's capable of taking care of himself let alone a dog! So, we or rather I did not allow him to take it home.

Anyway, is anyone else interested?? Do let me know if anyone is! We've gotten her used to human contact and is getting better now! :D
Sunday, 13 December 2009

Happy birthday piggie!!!

Was trying to look for your photo of you doing a pig face (which I'm pretty sure you do) but couldn't seem to find it so this was the next best thing I could think of! Anyways, wishing you all the best and may all your wishes come through!! For those who would like to know how I met Mun Yee, it was the first few weeks of secondary school in Form 1. We were in the same BM class, coincidently, both of us forgot to bring our exercise books and we both got sent out of class. Haha! Look where that lead us?! 11 years of wonderful friendship! Yes - 11 years! It has been more than a decade already! Gosh, we're old!

Anyways, we went for dinner yesterday night to celebrate her b'day. Her actual b'day was on Thursday and I think she has been celebrating since then. She's probably had like 3 - 4 cakes already! Haha! Anyways, we ended up in Rakuzen - Plaza Damas in the VIP room! Somehow my friend managed to book that room. Apparently only meant to be big groups. We booked for 10 cause we were unsure how many of us were there and only 7 showed. Thank god they didn't kick us out of the room! Anyway, pretty decent food but slightly pricey. For the amount we paid, we could have added a little bit more and gotten buffet style! But oh wells! :D

Picture of the room below:

Hmm.. somehow doesn't seem as nice in the picture.. or does it? Haha!

Birthday girl blowing her candles with a smile! Haha! we cheated, she already blew it and we got her to pose again. :P

Look at the iTards! Haha! I have to say, the games in there are quite addictive. Actually makes me feel like getting an iPhone too but don't think I will. The novelty of the phone will probably die out on me plus I'll die of frustration trying to work the touch pad.

Lastly, group photo!!
P/s: If anyone knows where Ke Bin went this weekend, could you let us know because we couldn't seem to get to him.

P/s to Mun Yee: Owe you your b'day present first k? Sorry! Hehe..

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

So, I went for my half mara last Sunday and the results are already out! Below is just a snapshot of my results. Managed to do it in 2 hours and 41 mins! woohoo! Haha! It's slower than my last half mara but considering I did not train and plus, my ankle started to hurt after like 7km's, I think I'm pretty happy. Okay - I lie. I'm not happy. I was aiming for less than 2.5 hours. Oh well, have to start running seriously again next year!

My best friend was aiming for the Sundown mara next year in May. Don't know if I'll do it. Probs not because if I were to do it, I'll have to start training now! Haha! Which I don't think will happen. So will try and aim for either end of next year or 2011 cause that's when my sister is aiming to do hers as well. Hehe..

Anyway, couldn't walk after that! Was limping all around Singapore cause our flight wasn't till about 10pm that night! Haha...

Runner ID
Full Name
Gun Start Time
Chip Start Time
Chip Finish Time
Finish Time
Lim Li Yen

More results can be seen at :

Here are some photos from the day..

Me in action, but woah, a totally unglam photo of me! :(

Me and BF that came to support! =) Thanks hunny!

(Left to right) Kebs, Steph, and mua - WE DID IT GUYS! :D

Me giving my best friend the "look" cause she wanted to be "cool" cause she finished the half mara! Haha!

So yea, that was my weekend! Next run? Unsure.. think might want to let my ankle heal first before I start.

Sleepy, time to sleep. Nite guys! :D

Am waiting for my ride to work. Need to go in early to settle some stuff. So have just been sitting around in my room clicking on my laptop aimlessly. Trying to see whether Google picks up my blog but it doesn't! Haha! and I wonder why?!

Going to Singapore on Saturday! Wheee!! Got my Singapore half mara this weekend. Been looking forward to it for ages! But you know what sucks?! I went to do a 15km last weekend to see if my stamina could still take it and... the good new is, I finished! Meaning that during the run, I should be fine because usually adrenalin gets the better of you during race day. The bad news is, i freakin' hurt my ankle! :( My bf now won't let me run if it continues to hurt..

Oh please ankle! Heal up quick! Hehe..

I just realised something about my blog. I don't seem to categorise them at all. Am wondering whether I should start. But all my posts are pretty random. I wouldn't know where to being.. Hmmm... Like take this post for example, should I put it under "injury", "running", "bored", or even "random"? Haha!
Ever had to freakin' reverse on a highway with moving traffic?!! Well, I did! OMG, scared the be-jesus out of me!!

The story goes like this, I borrowed my sister's car because my brother borrowed mine. I wanted to drive to my bf's place in TTDI. So, as I was crossing the toll on the Sprint highway, I automatically took out her Tag and went through the Tag toll. Once I got to the gate, it said that it could not detect the card. So, I thought it must be faulty because my bf's tag is like that all the time. So I reversed, stuck my hand out to make sure that the sensor could sense the tag but it still didn't work! THEN, I looked at it and realised that there was no card at all!! I raised my hands and waited for people to come and get me.. I even took out money so that they could just accept payment and let me through. but NO! they freakin' asked me to reverse!! From 1 end of the toll to the other end of the toll for cash payment!! WTF!! This was like in the middle of the afternoon with constant traffic!! I was so damn scared that I had already started sweating in the car!!

LOL! so that's the story of my weekend! Haha.. :P
After 1 hour and 45 mins of hard work.. what does everyone think of the new layout of my site?! I hope it doesn't screw up like the last template I tried to use which didn't let me load my blog from windows! So *crosses fingers*

Actually was looking for a doggie template because my original plan was to change template.. and then introduce the 4 extra family members we have (one of which is roaming around the house and disturbing Fina as she is trying to clean our rooms - HAHA!) But oh wells, guess this will have to do? Right? :P

Little updates about me since my last post:

1. Ran the dukethon and got 66th even after starting late by about 5 - 10 mins?! Haha! woohooo!!

2. Trying to prepare for my Half Mara in Singapore but that's going down the drain. Haven't had the time to train! :( and if I did, it was all used to catch up on sleep! :( So people pray that I don't die half way ya! Anyways, think I have my own ride sorted out when I reach the finish line.. *winks*

3. Went Go-Karting which left me a bruise on my freakin shoulder cause it was such a bumpy ride! It was fun nonetheless but I still don't think it's worth the money I paid. I could have bought shoes that could last me 2 years with that money! Haha! Oh wells... :P Here is just a photo of the whole group. Me being stupid again somehow managed to delete the ORIGINAL photo after uploading it into Facebook so I had to save the Facebook copy back into my computer and the quality of the photo deteriorated by like 10 times. *slaps hand to forehead*

Haha! Ever tried having a conversation using your MSN status?! Haha.. check out the picture below!

Haha! My colleague started it. For some reason, she said I was bouncing around the office yesterday. Somehow I don't seem to remember that. Might be because of the coffee and me talking rubbish on IM. Anyhow, on my other colleagues MSN, so happens that our nicknames were in the right order. Cool?!

And only today, my brother and sister was doing the same thing (having a conversation) because for some reason both of them could not see each other online.. when I could see BOTH of them online! Haha..
Holy Cow! Just realised it has been another month since I last update my blog. Hmmm.. am now trying to think if anything exciting has happened since then but I can't seem to remember - must mean I lead a boring life huh?! Anyways, this coming weeks should be quite exciting, and if I remember to go trigger happy with my camera (when my bf passes it back to me that is), I will definitely post up some photos! So stay tuned! :P Like as if I'm damn interesting like that.. hahaha..

The only thing I can think of blogging about right now is the DUKETHON! Woohoo! Haha.. how often does 1 get to run on the freakin' highway for a run! Well, now is the chance! For only 5 bucks, you get a t-shirt, PLUS the adrenaline rush for being able to run on the Duke Highway! Check out their event page on Facebook! You will also be able to download their registration form. So sign up today! Closing date is on the 14 November! Oh, and the run is on 22nd Nov.

Ah crap! My goldfish memory is going at it again. Just before I wanted to upload this photo, I suddenly thought of something exciting which I did or going to do but obviously won't know which is it now since I can't remember what it is!

Meh, time to sleep! Good night!
Hey guys! My friend just started a little blog going selling dresses! Why don't you guys check it out! 

Here's a little sneak peak what they have on their website! 

NB: Prices quoted are in Aussie dollars. Contact them directly if you want prices in RM.


Wow! First things first, 1 entry in about 2 weeks in a row! Haha! Usually it's like 1 entry in like a month! Sorry, just had to point that out! LOL.. Cause some of my friends always say I don't update my blog =P Anyway, moving along:

As the name says, I went to the Arthur's Day event yesterday night in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. That was the first time I went back to Sunway Lagoon in like maybe 10 years and actually have always wanted to go back and play because apparently it has gotten better over the years with more things opened up - as to what, I'm not sure. Anyway, not like I was a Guinness fan, but I am kinda a BEP fan I guess. Their songs are nice and catchy and always something nice to dance too! 

I got there at about 9ish. The party was meant to start at 8pm. BEP came out at about 10.30pm and lasted all the way to the about midnight. Will I Am is seriously the bomb! He's amazing! I think by far the best part of the performance because he did his little DJ solo in the middle of the act! All in all, think they sang about close to 10 songs? I know this cause I was having a little bet with my BF this morning and obviously I won! Haha.. :P 

Oh! Speaking of this morning! I went for paintball in Xtion Paintball in Bukit Jalil! Haven't played in about 2 - 3 years maybe? Pretty good. Managed to scrape home with only 1 noticeable paintball hit! And out of 5 games, I managed to capture the flag back for the team! We ended up playing about 5 games and paid about 60 bucks - pretty good deal if you ask me. But that's cause we had 2 pros that came with us and they had brought their own paintballs and spared theirs to our group, which was pretty nice of them! So - thanks to them! (Not like they are going to check this anyway - LOL) If you guys are interested in going, here's the link to the website:

Managed to score myself 2 tickets to the T-Music Festival and I decided to bring my ex-colleague Nicole (which btw, this photo is thanks to her as well). When I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to go with me, he said "sure honey, why not" but once I told him it was at least 5 hours, he gave me this erm, disapproving-omg-i'm-not-going-to-sit-there-for-5hours-look! Haha! Mind you, he's a banana and does not listen to many Chinese songs at all.

This concert was proudly brought to you by Tiger Beer and Galaxy! The concert was about 6.5 hours long! *faints* but it was well worth it specially towards the end. With famous artists such as Joey Yeung, Justin Lo, David Tao, Power Station, Li Sheng Jie and many more - it just felt un-real to be able to see so many artists on the same night! Plus, this was better because since all of them could only sing about 4 songs max, they all did they most popular songs which I knew! Oh, and not to mention the seats! They were amazing! The stage was built almost at the middle of the stadium so everyone looked pretty "big" as compared to when I went there to watch Wang Lee Hom! 

I have pictures to post up but I'm getting lazy! LOL! I should get some of the photos my other colleague took. He brought his huge ass camera there and manange to get pretty good photos. He showed me one which he cropped, it really looked like he was just standing in front of the artist! Yea, I think I will try and get those photos and post them up for you guys. =)

20 August 2009.

What a day to remember. The day I graduated Media Basics 1. But also the day where my new baby car got smashed into. Bumblebee (yes, I named him bumblebee) was not even 1 month old and I got T-boned. That is apparently the correct term to use according to my bf. 

I was driving home from Media Basics graduation with my bf following closely behind me when it happened. I think I was more worried about my car rather than me because I clearly remember the first thing I said when he came up to me was "I got hit babe. My car is new. He's not even 1 month old". Basically I was trying to turn right and the lady wanted to go straight and yes, did she go straight alright because I saw it ALL happening. She didn't brea
k at all. So my left back door and tyre got hit pretty bad. I panicked when it happened and after parking my car to the side, I went straight to the lady and APOLOGISED! I got hit and I apologisd! :S Only later did I find out that I should never apologise when you get into an accident because that automatically means that u're gonna be paying for the insurance. Kinda happened a while ago so can't really remember much.. but will leave you with a photo of the car. Although, the picture is quite deceving, it actually looks worse in real life. 

Besides that, work as normal has been the same. Busy busy busy. But it's good busy. Still trying to do everything without screwing up as quick as I can. Gonna have a busy few weekends from now on until the end of the month (not in terms of work). So hopefully, I can bring myself to start blogging more frequently now! :D I say that all the time huh? Hahaha.. I will seriously try this time! 

Well well, for those who read my last entry, they might be thinking how crazy I was. Because when I told other people, most of the responses I got would go something like this: "you're mad" or "I would even be at work right now", or (this is my favourite) "I would have died... how are you still standing" - Haha! Well, truth be told, I literally died the week after. I was surprisingly fine on Monday except that I think I came home from work and just crashed for the night. But on Tuesday, haha! Now, this is where all the excitement began. LOL!

Actually, no wait! I remember now. On Monday, I actually started to feel my throat getting a little scratchy. But I drowned myself with water that day and surprisingly by the end of the day, my throat seemed fine. Then, I was meant to go out for dinner with friends to eat some really good Selayang prawns. I was going to FFK them because there was just too much work for me to do but in the end, got pulled out to go with them. The prawns though.. OMG.. *drool*, they are to-die-for, and in my case, I literally died after that. They were fried with sugar, and get this, FRIED CARAMALISED SUGAR! The amount of oil in the plate made it look like soup but oh boy, was the "soup" yummy! All you had to do was just mix that with rice and you're set!

The next day, my throat started itching again. My boss told me to g oand see the doctor because she said that she can't afford me getting sick - so I went. He gave me an MC but I still left the office at about 5.30pm. The next day, I got worse. Started to get a fever, was meant to go home on time, but ended up in the office till 8.30 and was meant to go home... but ended up going to pasar malam.. LOL! The next day, I really felt like crap, and I asked if I could go home at about 10ish and so I did. came home, rested, and at about 3ish, my boss called to tell me that someone at a company we went too for meeting had a confirm case of H1N1 and she was getting worried I had it too and made me go get tested. I went to Pantai, but they said I could only get tested in general hospitals. So, I waited for my mum and sister to get home and they took me to UM.

We got there at about 6ish. Seriously, this was the most painful process I had to go through. I first had WAIT to tell this nurse how I was feeling and only then would she enter my name into the system for me to REGISTER to see a doctor. Then, I had to WAIT to get registered. Then only was I allowed to wait to be consulted. I had to WAIT to see the nurse, which took me less than 5 mins cause all she did was take my tempreture, pulse, and blood pressure. Then I had to WAIT to see the doctor, at which she only asked me a series of questions and classified me a "low risk" and didn't even want to test me even after insisting. She then prescribed me some medication which I had to go and pay AT the register counter, then go to the pharmarcy and then WAIT again for my medication to be done. Far out, by the time I was done, it was close to midnight! I hadn't even eaten dinner yet! I was telling my sis and mum, even if I DIDN'T have H1N1, I would have probably contracted it from someone who has there. And the amount of time spent there, I think if I spent it at home sleeping, I would have probably gotten better faster! Haha!

Anyways, here are some photos my sister took of me while waiting cause she got bored. LOL! Hmm.. something seems to be wrong with my comp.. the photos don't seem to be uploading.. oh wells! I will try again next time.. =)
So my last weekend was a blast! Haha! I had about 9 hours of sleep in 2 days, went out with 2 bunches of friends, and 1 hell of a weekend! But I swear never to do that again. I nearly died on yesterday! So the gist of my weekend went like this.

Friday night, I had a birthday party to go too after work. So I went, and didn't get home till about 4. I woke up at 7.30 the next day to play vball at 8am. Finished at 11 and went out pretty much the whole day. Think I managed to sneak in 1 hour's worth of sleep before heading out again. Was meant to go clubbing at Zouk (Green Room) but didn't end up going there but ended up in Sanctuary - The Curve. What started off to be a not so happening night due to the venue ended up pretty good! Haven't clubbed with these guys in a while! Anyway, didn't get home till about 3, and woke up at 5am for a 12km run in Shah Alam! Haha.. Came home and literally crashed on my floor without even showering (i know.. eiu... sorry.. but I really couldn't stand it), woke up about 1.5 hours later and went out pretty much the whole day again! I slept before 11pm yesterday and still woke up tired! Haha! Enough mumbo jumbo.. here are some photos!

Group photo of people that went for drinks on Sat. Adeline! I'm going to miss you!!

People I met up for Lunch with on Sunday after my run

And once again, one of the medals I got after my run. Apparently Adidas lied.. LOL! It's meant to be 12km? I don't know.. that's what my sister's and brother-in-law's polar watch said.. =)
It's been a almost a full month without updating! Sorry to those that actually bother to read my blog and to those that have complained! Everytime something exciting happens, I make a mental note to blog about it but it never happens! Haha!

Anyhow, I guess the most most exciting and memorable thing that has happened to me is me finishing my FIRST ever half marathon (21km). I managed to finish the run in 2 hours 20 minutes. And, if the results are correct (and if i remember correctly), I came no. 84 out of 435 womens who ran the half! I don't know about everyone else, but I'm pretty damn proud of it! That works out to be like the top 20% of the womens! There were other stats as well, but I can't seem to remember them. Look at my lovely medal! *grins* :P Next run - Adidas King of the Road 3rd August 2009 (or was it the 9th? or 6th? I forget - sorry! I'll know when it gets closer! :P)

Other things that has happened? Hmmm.. *seriously thinks hard* OH!! Was walking around Bangsar the other day with my sister and I'm not sure if you guys have heard, but Edison Chen has just recently opened a shop in Bangsar (isn't Bangsar just to cool?! LOL) just next to MacDonalds. So, while walking, me and my sister saw a bunch of people just waiting outside his shop to open. We thought something was going to happen (ie. Edison might suddenly make a special appearance or something) but nothing did. Eventually, when the shop opened, the crowd were instructed to LINE UP! Wtf? Felt like high school or all over.. lining up to buy things in the canteen or something - I don't know.. that's what I felt. Haha! Anyways, me and sister really wanted to see what was inside, so instead of lining up like everyone else, we pretended that we wanted to go MacDonalds, and just walked past the shop. There was like NOTHING in there! Only a coupla of clothes hanging , I seriously don't know what everyone was lining up for! 

There was a bunch of other things that happened, but if I blogged about it, this blog will never end. LOL! So gonna end with something which just happened yesterday.

It all started out with a normal Saturday morning with vball (which was good btw cause the weather was nice). Anyway, was heading for the normal makan session after when I got a call. Apparently I had agreed to go for lunch with this friend earlier in the week (which I totally forgot) and when he asked "is lunch still on?" I immediately replied "yes! definately! Where are we going?" I nearly fainted when he responded "Klang"!!!!! My friend wanted to go to visit another friend of ours. Thank god I didn't have to drive but far out, KLANG?! I told my sister and she told me to bring my passport! Haha! In all seriousness, I think I've only been to Klang one other time and was because we were on the way back from PD. I have freakin' been to Thailand more times than I have been to Klang!! I fell asleep on the way there though cause I only had like 3 hours of sleep the night before so I don't actually know how long it took for us to get there but luckily we managed to actually eat Bak Kut Teh which Klang is supposedly famous for. So yea, it was actually really good. Not sure if they have it here in KL, but there DRIED Bak Kut Teh (see picture)! Soooooo damn yummy! Haha.. We sat there for a bit just chatting and then left at about 4.30pm. I had to get back by 6 to get ready for this wedding dinner I was suppose to go too. It took us 1.5 hours cause we got lost! I was kinda shitting in my pants wondering if I was going to get home in time! But I made it at 6pm on the dot! Haha..

Okie la.. think will keep this simple since it's a Sunday night and I would like to do other things as well.. Haha.. till my next post! Bye!! :D

It's been almost another 2 weeks since my last post! I've been so busy that I din even have time to blog! I won't even be able to finish this blog before I head off for my run but I thought I should actually start if not I would never update at all till like next week or something. Haha! What have I been doing though? I seriously don't remember. But I somehow seem to remember that I haven't been home for dinner in the past 2 weeks! LOL! My mum is starting to give me looks already but I can't be bothered! Haha! I'm living life and I love it! :D Life right now should stay like this! I remember eating at home earlier this week and sitting on the dining table actually felt awkward! It felt like I haven't been on it for a long time! Haha! 

Anyway, here's an update of the things I CAN remember (which are mostly stuff from this week because they are the most recent):

(con't on 14th Sunday)

1. Went for the Nokia N97 phone launch. My FIRST ever event of this nature! I was very excited. My colleagues at work were giving me weird looks because to them, it was something that they had to do every once in a while.. but not me! Here's a photo the sexy phone.. 
Personally, I really feel that this phone is better than an iPhone because (I have been telling a few people about this but I'm going to say it again although it's like a stupid reason) of 1 main reason... The touchscreen is nail sensitive! Haha! I don't know about others, but this really appealed to me! The one reason why I didn't get an iPhone was cause it was hard to type especially if you have nails. But the N97 doesn't have that problem! The launch was pretty good I have to say. They had huge podiums where they let u play 
with the phone and it 
was then projected unto a big screen. Apart from that, dinner was also catered! *drool* I was so hungry by the end of if that when it was time to eat, I took 2 plates of food and gobbled everything down. This did not include desert! It was sooooo yummy! The ones I remember eating was the lamb curry (shit! Just by thinking of it now makes me want to eat lamb curry for dinner! Haha!), the beef, the salmon, some chocolate bread pudding - I don't remember exactly what it was called. Haha! To summarise, I was in food heaven! 

P/s: The photo only took like half the amount of food. There was like another row JUST for desserts! Haha!

The next night, I went for a tiger beer blogger party. The theme was to dress to stand out but I didn't really bother dressing up. Everyone there did though. I was really surprised because I thought Malaysians or rather asians are not as open to themed parties compared to white people. But I was wrong! There were some really good ones there! The King of the night was a guy that dressed up as Edward Scissorshand. I did not bring my camera so I couldn't take
 photos. And the Queen for the night was actually won by my colleagues sister. Here's a photo taken from her website:

Oh god! Look at my flabby arms! I wish I could do lipo on just my arms! Does anyone know how to get rid of it?! My running does seem to get rid of my flabby arms! HOWWW?!!! LOL! sorry.. had to rant a little there.. Speaking of running, this week has been the worse week in terms of amount of KM's clocked in. Only managed to run a 10k yesterday. I am suppose to do another 10 today but I'm really tired and lazy! Wanted to wake up mornings but I haven't managed to do that either. Gah! I hope I don't slack off as the marathon is nearing! Only 2 more weeks! *slaps hand to cheek and gasps* Haha! I have been playing vball still though. Although, somehow I feel that I've gotten worse with all the playing instead of getting better! Haha!

Finally, the last thing that happened on my plate, which was yesterday. Woke up at 7am after sleeping at 2.30am the night before. Starting making morning calls to people that were coming for vball. Played vball at till about 10am. Went for breakkie. Came home, showered, did a bit of work and then my friend called to go out for lunch, which by the way, I ate AGAIN! Haha.. :P Went clubbing last night with Swen (who just came back from Aus - whheeeee! I'm so glad u're back by the way!!!), Shinny, Ian, and Mun Yee. She came back from Kuantan that afternoon and I dragged her with me. LOL! It was a very fun night! All of us got high, but not drunk. It was the right amount where everything we said somehow either didn't make sense or we were just talking rubbish but it was funny! I havent been clubbing in like 6 months so it was a really really fun night! :D Got home only at about 4ish.

Haha! I think that's about it? I think you can see that I was getting a bit lazy towards the end and just started to write everything in short point form sentences. Haha! Sorry guys, I think this post is already way too long anyways. I was contemplating on whether I should split it up but that didn't make sense. So yea.. Before I leave, I want to leave you guys with a clip, I've been watching it everyday since like Thurs and everytime I look at it, it still leaves me in awe. I wish I could play like the piano dude in there! Anyway, enjoy! :D

Gah!! Finally! after mucking around for maybe 2 hours, I finally managed to get this post up and running! Far out! Whoever said that MAC was easy to use should really take it back! All I wanted to do was freakin' highlight my name and it wouldn't let me! Something like this would have taken me like 2 mins if I was on the normal windows! In the end, I had to ask a friend to do for me! I don't know how he did but he did the job! LOL! 

Anyway, now lookie what we have here... :O Why it's the New Balance Pacesetters 15km Results (click to open enlarge in new window)! Haha.. Oh! and Guess who's name is highlighted?! MINE!! Muahahahaha. :D I got number 49 out of 201 in my category (womens open)! And if I'm reading the results properly, I think I'm number 83 out of ALL the women that took part and again if I'm not mistaken there was about 350?? And I think I'm number 718 out of the total that participated? I'm not even sure how many there were.. I think it was like 1.5k or something like that! What do you guys think about that?!! I think that is pretty good results if I may say so myself! I got top 50!! hahahahaha.. I was so happy when I found out, I was literally jumping on my seat at work! Haha.. I managed to finish it in 1 hour and 40 mins! :D *does the dance* 

I actually had other things to say when I wanted to blog but I can't seem to remember now thanks to my stupid goldfish brain. And I blame the stupid mac for making me fiddle around so long until I forgot what it was all about. But since the results have been posted, I think I am going to sleep now! Hahaha.. :D 

Haven't had the chance to blog all week last week cause I've been so hectic! Even now, I think I should be asleep but thought I should update since I haven't done so in a while. Haha.. but after tonight, my definition of "hectic" should really just be kept in the closet! LOL! At least I don't have to be in 2 different places in 2 days! Haha.. :D

Anyways, work has been good. Busy. In a sense that I have been staying back late due to my stupidity and have to learn everything from scratch which takes longer but still enjoyable so I don't really mind doing it. And have been going out quite a bit as well which is good! 

In the past week, I have been to a farewell, a get together with a friend who works in Sabah. This was a very interesting meet-up I would have to say due to the circumstances which I shall not reveal here. For those who are interested, ask me directly! Haha! Got conned into going to KL for 'yum cha' but actually ended up in like freakin' Cheras. Went to watch Star Trek and Angels and Demons. Both pretty good I would have to say but for different reasons. Star Trek = Cool while Angels and Demons, well, let's just say I was glad I didn't read the book first. Hehe! Went for a run both Sat and Sun, played volleyball, bought a spanking brand new pair of Asics shoes (courtesy of my sister and brother in law). All in all.. GOOD WEEK! :D Even today, went for dinner with newly made friends after another vball session! 

I think it's time to hit the sack! Good night people! :D
Been wanting to blog for the past few days but somehow I always end up doing something else. Hehe.. Anyway, here I am now.. =) Something for my dear friend to read once she gets back from OBS! Haha!

For those who don't know, I turned the BIG 2-4 on the 19th of May. There wasn't any big celebrations but it was still a good one! :D Got plenty and plenty of msges wishing me me "Happy Birthday". My boss paid for my lunch, my department bought me a cake (chocolate banana - yum yum!! Haven't had that in a while) PLUS decorated my table!! And lastly went for dinner with friends - nice food and great company! Here are some of the photos from the night:

Me and BK were told to look happy.. we ended up looking crazy! LOL.. :D

Group photo without Nick. Thanks for the photo Nick!

BK looking ravishing, Mun Yee, Kebs trying to act cute, and Nick at the back.

Me and the Ah Pek - LOL!

Speaking of chocolate banana cake, I think the last time I had it was probably back in high school and maybe ONCE a coupla years back when I was for holiday. I got scared of the cake after one auspicious year where me and my friend celebrated our birthdays together. His birthday was on the 18th of May. If I was not mistaken, this took place in Form 4 where secret recipe just came out and it was the craze and hype of the time. Everyone was buying cakes from there if there was any sort of occasion and everyone bought the chocolate banana cake because it was so yummy! That year, we decided to get my friend (BK) one of those cakes. We forced a big portion of it down his throat because it was kinda of a tradition where the birthday boy/girl gets the biggest slice. As for me, I loved the cake so much, I just decided on my own free will to cut a slightly bigger piece for myself. The next day, my friends thought that it would be funny to buy the exact SAME cake to celebrate my birthday! Because they themselves were sick of the cake, they decided that me and BK (since his b'day was the day before) should have a QUARTER (I shit you not - it was a QUARTER of the cake) of the cake EACH while everyone else shared half the cake, which by the way they didn't finish while everyone MADE us finish ours. Me and BK got so sick after that, that I don't think he's even had a slice of the cake since. =)
The past 2 days has been a totally different and exciting experience. 

Yesterday I finally finished my FIRST EVER 15km run! I was pretty impressed by myself! I thought I would die after like 10km because that's the most I've ever trained for but I didn't! In fact, during the race, I was pretty pumped! Haha! I finished in about 1 hour 45 mins I think (unofficially). The best thing was my legs didn't feel like they were going to drop off after that nor did it feel like it was paralyzed today! WOOT! and double WOOT WOOT! :P So, I guess half mara is my next target?! Far out, but 21k is like a totally different ball game! That's like 6km extra! I don't know if I can do it. But everyone says that once u can do a 15km, you can do the 21km - first because the route is going to be alot flatter; second, you get 100 plus instead of water at the water stations PLUS u will get sponges to wet yourself; and lastly, you get more distraction in the middle of it (ie. bands playing, cheerleaders cheering etc.) So yea, let's see how that goes! It at the end of June! :D You guys should do it too! If I can run the 15, everyone can!! :D Below is the website, go check it out! 

The other excitable thing is I started my new job today! Woohoo!  Met the people today! Awesomely nice!! They even took me for a welcome lunch at Secret Recipe! Young, energetic and funny bunch! Didn't do much today. Met with the HR. Filled in more forms. Did some reading up - have ALOT of reading up to do. Need to keep myself more up-to-date with the ins and outs in Malaysia now! I felt kinda outdated when I got there! Haha.. :D Hopefully I do well and they don't kick me out! 

On a random note, I just found out that I have a freakin' mosquito bite on my chin! grrr... Oh and also I think I will try and post more photos. I think photos make blogs exciting rather than just a bunch of words. Wait till I get my camera back! :D Till next time, laters! :D

Currently Listening : Looping songs from iTunes which currently has 179 songs - 1/3 of which could possibly be Wang Lee Hom songs followed by Lin Jun Jie's songs! Btw, he's pretty good as well! If you need me to recommend any songs, ask me! :D

I didn't have to go to work today - FINALLY! Do you want to know why? Haha! Dad went overseas for work this morning! LOL! Hey, in my defense, I had already finished all my work PLUS had sent it over to the lady in charge this morning as well for further review! :D Hanged-out with sista for a bit in the morning till about 2pm then went off to MidValley with Mun Yee to watch Wolverine! It was not bad I have to say. I always like meeting new and interesting characters/mutants. Plus, my friend was right. There were far too many eye candy in the show. Haha! Let's make this little entry a teeeny weeeny bit more interesting and let's all take a little poll! Which of the two below do you think is hotter? Hehe!

   Ryan Renolds                                                                      Daniel Henney

Besides that, my brother-in-law (BIL) just recently bought a new golden retriever puppy! He brought it home today! Here's a picture of the little one! Isn't he adorable?!

This little fella, although small, can really bark and howl! He wouldn't stop barking when we put him in the cage to sleep. I'm guessing this little must miss his brothers, sisters, and parents. Poor thing. He hasn't been names yet. Do you guys have any suggestions?! The 3 names I suggested were Milo, Gizmo, and Mogwai! Haha! Don't know if they are actually gonna use it though. 

Currently listening: Wang Lee Hom - Xin Tiao

Am currently at dad's office now doing absolutely nothing =). My original plan was to not come to work because I only have 1 more week till I actually start work and I thought I wanted to take it easy - go out and have fun. But this morning, when I asked my dad if he had work for me, he answered in a very harsh manner saying "why not?!?!" but then subsequently said that when I come in I don't do any work at all. Exactly why there's no point in me coming in right?!! Gahh! I was sooo angry when he said that but I thought "FINE! I'll come in and see what there is for me to do. Try and finish up what I have and just hand it over to someone". But NO! everything is still freakin' pending! So for the past 2 hours, I have just been sitting here doing NOTHING!! I'm even more angry now if you guys don't realise! So, I guess that's why I'm here. 

Apart from giving my dear friend something to do (you know who you are - I think) by reading my blog, I thought I'd unleash my anger in here. *roarrrrrr* Haha.. 

Oh btw, before I forget. What does everyone think about the new layout?! Haha.. took me ages to pick one! And I'm still not sure because there was like freakin' thounsands of layouts I could choose from. Give me your opinions! :D Thanks in advance! 

It's been 2 weeks since my last post. Alot of things have happened since then. Some good, some bad, some I don't know what to do.

My "good" thing would be going to the Lee Hom concert! I have now officially gone head over heels over him. I've downloaded all of this most recent albums dating back to 2001 (I think - can't remember now). I have googled images of him and even created a little album on Facebook just about it. I have also youtube'd him the whole night! Haha..

The concert was SOOOO good! The sound was good, the effects was good, the music was good, his voice was good, his face is even better! Haha! It's one of those concerts where you know he's not lip-synching because he changes the tunes and tempo to some of his songs! He played the guitar, violin and the piano! Omg.. I nearly died when he came out with the Violin! Oh! I nearly died when he was playing the piano and singing the songs I really loved as well! Gah.. screw it! I just nearly died the whole concert! hahaa.. :P I would have put a picture of his concert poster but I thought that picture wouldn't do him justice as to how good looking he is! Haha.. Oh yeah, he had like 4 HUGE ASS portable LED screen which they focused on him pretty much 70% of the time I think? They would also create different effects on the screen! Gah! All in all, just a super good concert!

Oh, I have to quote one of my friend's sayings during out crazy aftermath of the concert. You guys might not think it's funny but it really cracked me up so bad when I read it. So, I was just talking to my friend who went with me to the concert abt all the crazy stuff we've been doing for the past coupla days (everything Lee Hom) and out of the blue she says this "we were not even major fans before this!!! now it's like we've converted into another religion!" HAHAHAHA..! This other quote was when I told her I found this chiq who blogged about going to the Lee Hom after party but didn't/couldn't take a photo with him due to some reasons I can't remember. She then said this, "Shit! I'm going to attack him if I see him!" LOL! tsk tsk.. violent chiq isn't she?! Haha...

Oh, and lastly, I got offered a job today. Something I wouldn't mind doing for once! The pay isn't good.. it's quite low actually but at least it's a start into what I would like to try and do! Apparently the pay will go up after probation as well! So yea! It's for a media firm doing digital advertising? Haha.. I've told my parents SOOO many times what I'll be doing that I can't be bothered typing it here again now. I'll give you guys more details when I start working! I actually had another interview with another company but that company has been screwing me over to many times that I seriously can't be bothered waiting anymore. What if I don't get the job in the end? Although that company does have a better package.. *shrugs* meh.. i can't do anything now.. already accepted the 1st one.. and I'll be starting on the 18th! I better enjoy the last few days of freedom!

Eyes are closing on me. Feel kinda lethargic.. Haha, think it was from my run in the evening! Did 9kms today! Woohoo!! but still not enough. I have a 15km run next weekend!! Wish me luck! :D Nite everyone.. =)
Been tossing around in bed for an hour but can't seem to fall asleep. My brain obviously turns to start thinking about other stuff which are of no importance whatsoever. The topic for tonight is "how to make your blog interesting enough for people to follow it religiously?". 

I've always wondered what makes a good blog? I've always wondered how can people just randomly follow other people's blog even when they do not know them. What separates their blog to mine? I at first thought it was the writing (ie. writing skills) but I don't think so because Kennysia's english is pretty much... erm.. okay, maybe I shouldn't criticize people on a public website but I think I'm sure some of your agree - so it couldn't be due to skill. Then, I thought it was about content. Hmmm... that might be a possibility because I pretty much have nothing to say in my blogs besides the little happenings in my life. Should I make stuff up?! Haha.. 

Gah! I think I'm having one of those days where I just feel like typing again because I'm not going anywhere with this blog. Lol! but my wonderings still remain of how to become a better blogger and hopefully be one of those that people follow. Hehe.. I'm going to try and sleep now AGAIN. =)
Am too tired to blog about the whole story, so am just going to cut it short - my eyes are closing as we speak. I think I might have an interview coming up for a job which I'm really interested in and I really hope I get it. The problem is that I do not have any experience in the field what-so-ever and it's kinda shitting me out right now. So my dear friends out there, please pray that I get the job please!! 

Good night. =)

The only reason I'm here now is because all the shows I'm streaming online are stuck! Yes - I meant it when i said show in plural! Am streaming chinese dramas online now. I started watching one, but that got stuck - the vid couldn't start playing. Then I started on another one (or rather, trying to finish it cause I was watching halfway while I was still in Aus) and that is taking forever to load. And the last one which I started last night is NOW ALSO STUCK! Dammit! Now all my shows are lingering halfway! Grrrr... 

Whelp! Time for me to start Gossip Girl! Haha! :D

Ohhh.. I got fooled alright. I thought I would have 1 year without someone playing an April Fool joke on me but no! I had to get it right towards the end of the day! Anyway, so this is what happened. 

I went to Ipoh yesterday because my mum's side of the family was doing ching ming today. My friend wanted a lift down to KL and being the kind soul I usually am (eleh.. self praise? hehe..) I said of course. So we drove back, everything was okay. His gf came to pick him up. I had dinner, showered and just bumming in my room until he called back and said that he has something to tell me. And I was like okay... he told me that I might scream at him after hearing it and then just said that he might have left his condoms in the back seat of my MOTHER'S car!! Mind you, I think my mum's impression of him isn't a very good one, which made me panic even more! I was already beginning to give him shit until he shouted the words "April Fool!!" Man, I thought at our age, we would have been soooo over it by now! Haha! Oh well... :P

Besides that, something else very eventful happened while I was up in Ipoh. All of you might be wondering what the picture on my right is. Haha! It's a picture of my leg after touching a freakin' car exhaust pipe of my uncle's god-knows-how-old BMW, where the exhaust pipe freakin' STICKS out right in the MIDDLE of the back of the car! (Oh, the white stuff around it is meant to be burn cream.) I was the only "young" one there, as everyone else were all my aunts and uncles - basically everyone the generation above me and I was just trying to be helpful as some of them are now quite old. Gah! and this is what happens! It was freakin' ass painful by the way! I was like crying!! I'm going to get a scar!!! NOOOOOO!! :'(
Trust. Trust is a really big word. According to, trust means alot of things if used in different contexts but the ones I want to point out are:

1. reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing;
2. a person on whom or thing on which one relies;
3. charge, custody, or care.

Today I just found out that my trust has once again been violated. Today, I just found out that the one person whom we've been living with for the past 22 years have been violating that trust from time to time. I don't know whether I'm more upset for the things I've lost or more dissapointed in knowing that she could still do that to us after such a long time. This isn't the first time as well. We've given her many chances but it still seems to be happening. Although we don't have proper proof that she did it, there is no one else in the house who would do it. When it all started, we thought it was her friends that did it because they occassionally came to the house and we let them. But when confronted, she denied that her friends did it. And if it wasn't them, doesn't that mean she's kinda pointing towards herself?

I was really upset about this. I even started tearing. I didn't want to show my dad and sister (because they were in the car) but it really makes me wonder, do all people that live with you apart from your family are out there to try and hurt you in some sort of way? Be it - emotionally, or monetary. Because that seems to be what's happening to me in the past year. I seriously wonder whether this will leave a scar in me. Would I be able to trust people again?
Currently listening : Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

Been wanting to blog for a while now but always procrastinated. There were actually a lot of things I wanted to blog about but that moment has gone and the feelings I felt so strongly has passed, that it's not really worth talking about now. Long story short? Wanted to blog about the stupid foreign worker following me and my sister in Low Yat (but I'm guessing most people would have known that already from my Facebook. This by the way was a little scary!). Then, it was just this morning when I wanted to blog about the difference about Malaysia and Australia and whether or not I should go back considering the circumstances. 

Then it was my parents who kinda pissed me off as I was heading out like 4 hours ago (now this, I can still blog since it's kinda still fresh in my head). So, I was just heading out to meet a coupla of friends for drinks and as I was going out, my mum asked where I was going etc. My parents then told me to becareful but the way they said it was as though that they didn't want me to go out at all! The tone they said it in - it was infuriating! I know it's hard to believe how a word which is meant to be caring like "becareful" can have such adverse affects. But trust me, if you knew my parents the way like I do (which sadly only me and siblings do), they will understand. What do expect me to do?! Just stay home and rot at night?! I need a life too okay?! Geez! Sometimes I just feel like I'm suffocating!

Anyway, meeting up with my friends was kinda good. We just talked rubbish like we used to in uni and it was great! Although, this time, all of us, well at least most of us had a common problem -  we were unemployed. It's weird to see how all of us changed through time. The topics we talked about, the worries we had. I just sometimes wished that we could go back to the first few years of uni where nothing bothered us and everything was a happy-go-lucky situation. I wish I could turn back time. 

TMD = The Mookie Daily

Haha! What do you guys think about that name? Haha! I think it sounds kinda funky! Maybe I'll keep it for when I have my own magazine or newspaper! LOL! My friend thought of it. We were just talking about how his article will be appearing in a magazine which is featuring young Malaysian entrepreneurs. This friend of mine started his own wedding photography business in Sydney and is doing pretty well at the moment! Congrats! I'm so happy that he could turn his passion into a business because then will he actually enjoy his job and that's what I think what everyone should be aiming for. Not everyone can reach where you are and you should be proud! :D So to all my friends out there in the land down under, if you're looking for a good photographer, look for him - Justin Oh Wedding Photography. A link to his website has also been added under the link section. Go check his stuff out! He's pretty good! :D

Alright. Since I've given my advertising speech for Justin, it's down to the more exciting stuff! Haha.. Well, for
those who don't know already, me and Mun Yee managed to get tickets to Wang Lee Hom's concert in May!!! Haha.. I know it's really far away but I'm really excited and it was only today that we got our tickets confirmed! So yea! We can't wait! And everybody PLEASE... HE'S MY HUSBAND OK?! Hahaha... LOL! Oh, and for the guys out there who thinks he's gay - you're just jealous of his good looks. And for the girls - what am I saying, no girl in the right mind would want to think he's gay! Haha! But seriously, I don't think he is. I tried googling it and everyone says that it's a rumour! He even denied it in one of the interviews which is on youtube! Just cause he wants to focus on his career doesn't mean his gay! 

Current fav songs from him: Xin Tiao, Ling Yi Ge Tian Tang

Anyways, I said I was going to blog more once I got back from Singapore, well, so here it is. I didn't really do much actually. Most of the time, I was either eating or just chilling out with friends which I really didn't mind. The most exciting thing I did was probably learn how to ride a bike. Yes - everyone I've told so far has asked me the same question: "You don't know how to ride a bike?!" And the answer is Yes - I don't know how to ride a bike. But hey! I realised that I'm not the only one! I have come to know a few more people who doesn't know how to cycle so leave me alone! Haha! Anyways, this is a picture of me on a bicycle - DUH! :P 

You wouldn't believe what happened to me while I was learning how to cycle. Haha! So, I was just minding my own business, trying to learn how to balance the bike (at my own pace). Suddenly, this little kid cycled past me and screamed "HAHA! SLOWPOKE!!" I just stood there in awe! Haha! I didn't know whether to hide my face in shame or to scream back at that little kid for being so rude! But in the end, I didn't do anything anyway. LOL. 

Last thing on my list which I HAVE to tell everyone because I'm so proud is..... I woke up at 5.30 to go for a 10km run this morning! I stopped once for about 30 secs maybe because it was a really steep uphill but that's about it! It took me about 1 hour and 10 mins which apparently is pretty good time! So am REALLY HAPPY! :D 
Just a quick blog to introduce a song. It's probably my favourite song right now. Go and listen to it. I have the song if anyone wants it too! Let me know and I'll send it right over! :D

David Archuleta - A Little Too Not Over You

It never crossed my mind at all

That's what I tell myself

What we had has come and gone

You're better off with someone else

It is for the best

I know it is

But I see you


Sometimes I try to hide

What I feel inside

And I turn around

You're with him now

I just can't figure it out


Tell me why

You're so hard to forget

Don't remind me

I'm not over it

Tell me why

I can't seem to face the truth

I'm just a little too not over you


Memories suppose to fade

What's wrong with my heart

Shake it off let it go

Didn't think it would be this hard

Should be strong, moving on

But I see you


Sometimes I try to hide

What I feel inside

And I turn around

You're with him now

I just can't figure it out


Tell me why

You're so hard to forget

Don't remind me

I'm not over it

Tell me why

I can't seem to face the truth

I'm just a little too not over you


Maybe I regret

Everything I said

No way to take it all back


Now I'm on my own

How I let you go

I'll never understand

I'll never understand

Yeah, ohhh.


Tell me why

You're so hard to forget

Don't remind me

I'm not over it

Tell me why

I can't seem to face the truth

I'm just a little too not over you


Tell me why

You're so hard to forget

Don't remind me

I'm not over it

Tell me why

I can't seem to face the truth

And I really don't know what to do

I'm just a little too not over you

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