Ever had to freakin' reverse on a highway with moving traffic?!! Well, I did! OMG, scared the be-jesus out of me!!

The story goes like this, I borrowed my sister's car because my brother borrowed mine. I wanted to drive to my bf's place in TTDI. So, as I was crossing the toll on the Sprint highway, I automatically took out her Tag and went through the Tag toll. Once I got to the gate, it said that it could not detect the card. So, I thought it must be faulty because my bf's tag is like that all the time. So I reversed, stuck my hand out to make sure that the sensor could sense the tag but it still didn't work! THEN, I looked at it and realised that there was no card at all!! I raised my hands and waited for people to come and get me.. I even took out money so that they could just accept payment and let me through. but NO! they freakin' asked me to reverse!! From 1 end of the toll to the other end of the toll for cash payment!! WTF!! This was like in the middle of the afternoon with constant traffic!! I was so damn scared that I had already started sweating in the car!!

LOL! so that's the story of my weekend! Haha.. :P
After 1 hour and 45 mins of hard work.. what does everyone think of the new layout of my site?! I hope it doesn't screw up like the last template I tried to use which didn't let me load my blog from windows! So *crosses fingers*

Actually was looking for a doggie template because my original plan was to change template.. and then introduce the 4 extra family members we have (one of which is roaming around the house and disturbing Fina as she is trying to clean our rooms - HAHA!) But oh wells, guess this will have to do? Right? :P

Little updates about me since my last post:

1. Ran the dukethon and got 66th even after starting late by about 5 - 10 mins?! Haha! woohooo!!

2. Trying to prepare for my Half Mara in Singapore but that's going down the drain. Haven't had the time to train! :( and if I did, it was all used to catch up on sleep! :( So people pray that I don't die half way ya! Anyways, think I have my own ride sorted out when I reach the finish line.. *winks*

3. Went Go-Karting which left me a bruise on my freakin shoulder cause it was such a bumpy ride! It was fun nonetheless but I still don't think it's worth the money I paid. I could have bought shoes that could last me 2 years with that money! Haha! Oh wells... :P Here is just a photo of the whole group. Me being stupid again somehow managed to delete the ORIGINAL photo after uploading it into Facebook so I had to save the Facebook copy back into my computer and the quality of the photo deteriorated by like 10 times. *slaps hand to forehead*

Haha! Ever tried having a conversation using your MSN status?! Haha.. check out the picture below!

Haha! My colleague started it. For some reason, she said I was bouncing around the office yesterday. Somehow I don't seem to remember that. Might be because of the coffee and me talking rubbish on IM. Anyhow, on my other colleagues MSN, so happens that our nicknames were in the right order. Cool?!

And only today, my brother and sister was doing the same thing (having a conversation) because for some reason both of them could not see each other online.. when I could see BOTH of them online! Haha..
Holy Cow! Just realised it has been another month since I last update my blog. Hmmm.. am now trying to think if anything exciting has happened since then but I can't seem to remember - must mean I lead a boring life huh?! Anyways, this coming weeks should be quite exciting, and if I remember to go trigger happy with my camera (when my bf passes it back to me that is), I will definitely post up some photos! So stay tuned! :P Like as if I'm damn interesting like that.. hahaha..

The only thing I can think of blogging about right now is the DUKETHON! Woohoo! Haha.. how often does 1 get to run on the freakin' highway for a run! Well, now is the chance! For only 5 bucks, you get a t-shirt, PLUS the adrenaline rush for being able to run on the Duke Highway! Check out their event page on Facebook! You will also be able to download their registration form. So sign up today! Closing date is on the 14 November! Oh, and the run is on 22nd Nov.

Ah crap! My goldfish memory is going at it again. Just before I wanted to upload this photo, I suddenly thought of something exciting which I did or going to do but obviously won't know which is it now since I can't remember what it is!

Meh, time to sleep! Good night!

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