Wow! First things first, 1 entry in about 2 weeks in a row! Haha! Usually it's like 1 entry in like a month! Sorry, just had to point that out! LOL.. Cause some of my friends always say I don't update my blog =P Anyway, moving along:

As the name says, I went to the Arthur's Day event yesterday night in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. That was the first time I went back to Sunway Lagoon in like maybe 10 years and actually have always wanted to go back and play because apparently it has gotten better over the years with more things opened up - as to what, I'm not sure. Anyway, not like I was a Guinness fan, but I am kinda a BEP fan I guess. Their songs are nice and catchy and always something nice to dance too! 

I got there at about 9ish. The party was meant to start at 8pm. BEP came out at about 10.30pm and lasted all the way to the about midnight. Will I Am is seriously the bomb! He's amazing! I think by far the best part of the performance because he did his little DJ solo in the middle of the act! All in all, think they sang about close to 10 songs? I know this cause I was having a little bet with my BF this morning and obviously I won! Haha.. :P 

Oh! Speaking of this morning! I went for paintball in Xtion Paintball in Bukit Jalil! Haven't played in about 2 - 3 years maybe? Pretty good. Managed to scrape home with only 1 noticeable paintball hit! And out of 5 games, I managed to capture the flag back for the team! We ended up playing about 5 games and paid about 60 bucks - pretty good deal if you ask me. But that's cause we had 2 pros that came with us and they had brought their own paintballs and spared theirs to our group, which was pretty nice of them! So - thanks to them! (Not like they are going to check this anyway - LOL) If you guys are interested in going, here's the link to the website:

Managed to score myself 2 tickets to the T-Music Festival and I decided to bring my ex-colleague Nicole (which btw, this photo is thanks to her as well). When I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to go with me, he said "sure honey, why not" but once I told him it was at least 5 hours, he gave me this erm, disapproving-omg-i'm-not-going-to-sit-there-for-5hours-look! Haha! Mind you, he's a banana and does not listen to many Chinese songs at all.

This concert was proudly brought to you by Tiger Beer and Galaxy! The concert was about 6.5 hours long! *faints* but it was well worth it specially towards the end. With famous artists such as Joey Yeung, Justin Lo, David Tao, Power Station, Li Sheng Jie and many more - it just felt un-real to be able to see so many artists on the same night! Plus, this was better because since all of them could only sing about 4 songs max, they all did they most popular songs which I knew! Oh, and not to mention the seats! They were amazing! The stage was built almost at the middle of the stadium so everyone looked pretty "big" as compared to when I went there to watch Wang Lee Hom! 

I have pictures to post up but I'm getting lazy! LOL! I should get some of the photos my other colleague took. He brought his huge ass camera there and manange to get pretty good photos. He showed me one which he cropped, it really looked like he was just standing in front of the artist! Yea, I think I will try and get those photos and post them up for you guys. =)

20 August 2009.

What a day to remember. The day I graduated Media Basics 1. But also the day where my new baby car got smashed into. Bumblebee (yes, I named him bumblebee) was not even 1 month old and I got T-boned. That is apparently the correct term to use according to my bf. 

I was driving home from Media Basics graduation with my bf following closely behind me when it happened. I think I was more worried about my car rather than me because I clearly remember the first thing I said when he came up to me was "I got hit babe. My car is new. He's not even 1 month old". Basically I was trying to turn right and the lady wanted to go straight and yes, did she go straight alright because I saw it ALL happening. She didn't brea
k at all. So my left back door and tyre got hit pretty bad. I panicked when it happened and after parking my car to the side, I went straight to the lady and APOLOGISED! I got hit and I apologisd! :S Only later did I find out that I should never apologise when you get into an accident because that automatically means that u're gonna be paying for the insurance. Kinda happened a while ago so can't really remember much.. but will leave you with a photo of the car. Although, the picture is quite deceving, it actually looks worse in real life. 

Besides that, work as normal has been the same. Busy busy busy. But it's good busy. Still trying to do everything without screwing up as quick as I can. Gonna have a busy few weekends from now on until the end of the month (not in terms of work). So hopefully, I can bring myself to start blogging more frequently now! :D I say that all the time huh? Hahaha.. I will seriously try this time! 

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