Friday, 29 January 2010

So I managed to score some tickets to Fame the movie on Wednesday night. I've always known Fame as the musical and I've heard stories that it wasreally good. However, never had the chance to go watch it at all. And now the movie is out?! Haha! I did not even know that they were coming out with the movie.

Anyway, was looking for the poster so that I can stick it on this post which I have done so. Actually, not even sure if this is the official poster because while searching, because of it's history - it being a musical and also a series (which I did not know about), there were so many different kinds of posters!

But look what else I managed to find! Haha! Variations of the poster to showcase the different individuals in the movie! Took me ages to find them. For some reason, alot of the posters could not be downloaded. Anyway, then me and bf managed to find a gif. file which had all the below posters but I did not want to post that up and constantly have something blinking on the post. Haha!

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. Although I have to say that I did not expect the songs to be so hip-hop-ish. I thought the songs would be more like the actual "Fame" song and not compared to songs from Phantom of the Opera or something. Having said that, this is coming from a person that has not seen or know anything about Fame. Although, did ask my boss because she used to watch the series and she said that it has been modernised alot but it was still good! So, am guessing that the storyline didn't change much? The one thing that I did not really like was that they didn't really build on the characters. But I think I should stop talking here because I reveal too much for those who haven't seen it huh? =P And one more thing, would have loved to see more dancing or singing!

Okay! Got to get ready for work! Haha!

*edit* So stupid.. purposely took picture of the tickets we got but didn't post it up! Haha! Anyways, picture of tickets below:

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Since yesterday, it suddenly hit me that there are so many different types of people out there. Sometimes it makes me wonder how can some people be so cruel? Do they not understand the concept of being scared in a totally different and new environment especially if one of their senses had already given way a long time ago? Do they not understand that you should not treat anything or anyone else like that because karma will get back in the butt? You can't toss something after they have been accustomed to certain conditions! On top of that, you still want to buy a new one when you DO NOT even want to take care of what you already have? Is there a point in telling you about anything? You never listen anyway! So what's the point?! All this arguing and complaining back and forth. I'm sick of it! Stop making me the middle person. I do not want to hear it! Just fucking fight amongst yourself now for all I care but LEAVE ME ALONE! And you wonder where I go during weekends? Away from HERE!

I want out! Who needs this place! Gah!
Monday, 15 January 2010

So I haven't updated my blog in a week. I had quite a few things I could blog about last week but since it was last week, everything seems old and stale now - ie. not interesting to blog nemore so now I am left with nothing to blog about. =P

Most recent thing that happened would be the GroupM start of the year party. It was held in Sheraton KL. Had to rush there straight from a meeting because the meeting took longer than expected. Oh, speaking of meetings, I went for a meeting on my own last Friday! Whee! =D Was kinda scary cause had to present everything back out PLUS have a brainstorm. But nonetheless, good experience! Hehe! Anyway, back to the party, managed to score myself movie tickets and also some Haagendaz vouchers! Woots! Will wait till I'm feeling better to go and enjoy those with my bf. Hehe!

Erm, keeping this short and simple, no photos and not much else to say. So tata! =D
Monday, 18 January 2010

So my boss told me have a good weekend last week so I decided not to touch any work! Hehe! Thanks boss! :P Anyways, it was a pretty good weekend. My usual Volleyball on Sat mornings and a run on Sunday morning. Although didn't manage to go running outside, I managed to drag my lazy ass onto the treadmill! Oh, also managed to catch the KL Dragon vs. Singapore Slingers match in MABA. Luckily we went, it was a pretty exciting game! Something which I might wait till the next post. Hehe.. but to sum up, we kicked their butt! Woots! :P

Anyway, so spent most of the afternoon attempting to bake cookies. Wanted to take advantage of the new oven we have in the new house. I went through a baking phase when I was in high school. I used to like baking these Chocolate Chipped Cookies. Haha! The word "cookies" brings back alot of memories to my friends specially those who tried them in high school. All of you will tell you that they were the "bomb". Let me tell you the story. Prior to my baking phase in high school, I had the same baking phase when I was much younger. I would bake the same old cookies all the time because they tasted so good. It even came to the point where I could remember the recipe at the top of my head. Well, that phase ended and came the high school phase. I thought I could remember the recipe and so I started baking. Just when I had finished adding in all the ingredients together, I thought to myself that

"The dough seems kinda soft? I don't remember it being this soft. Maybe I remembered wrongly and it needs more flour?"

*adds in more flour and mixes*

"Hmmm... still seems kinda soft. I swear to god it was never this soft"

*adds in more flour and mixes*

"Hmmm.. still soft la.. Aiyo! How? Already added in like half a packet of flour? Nvm la.. just bake and see how"

So, I shoved them into the oven and even tasted them once they were done. And I thought to myself "hey, these still taste pretty good!" Little did I know that the cookies are usually softer once they come out from the oven and they tend to harden once cooled. So I brought them to school the next day.. and let's just say.. erm.. my cookies were.. erm... they were considered weapons of mass destruction! LOL! My friends could chuck them to the ceiling, hit the fan multiple times, and drop down to the ground without breaking. My friends could use an Apit-G and a saw and still could not break it! Haha! My friends had a ball chucking my cookies around! LOL!

Anyways, for everyone elses infomation, I managed to find the actual recipe and baked them. My friends liked them after that! Haha!

With all the house moving, my maid somehow could not seem to find the recipe that has been stuck on the fridge for the longest time when it was actually there (found it when I went back to get something from the house). I had to use some recipe I found online. Went to get the ingredients, got my sister's maid to come help, and starting mixing things up.  Have attached some photos below of the process from my sister cause she just came to kepoh.. Haha!

Trying to melt the butter and mix in the sugar

Me standing on the a chair cause the table top was too high. My arm was dying from all the mixing.. :P

Me adding me in the Vanila essence

FML! Had to freakin sieve the flour but didn't have a bigger sieve. LOL! Lucky sister's maid did it for me. Might have lost my patience trying to sieve a whole cup of flour.

And the choclate chips we used *yum yum* *drool* *ah nom nom nom nom* Haha! Think this was the most expensive individual item! But it's soooo good! Haha.. :P

So after about an hour and a half later, TADAH!

Yeah right! Haha! This is the photo of the cookie in the website I stole the recipe in. Click here for more info and kudos to them for the photo!

Couldn't be bothered taking a photo of the finished product but it definitely does not look anything like the photo except maybe the colour! Haha! My bf said they were nice but hey, he's always biased. Sister said too sweet, and that's what I think too. Bosses actually took quite a few of them today when I brought them to work. So yea, not all THAT bad. :P

Things to note for next bake:

1. Use caster sugar - used normal course sugar because for some reason I thought granulated sugar meant grainy which meant coarse. LOL! You can actually still see the sugar bits on the cookie now. Haha!
2. Add chocholate rice on the top like how I used too for added taste! *drool*

Erm, that's about it! Hehe.. :P Since I've finished my entry, there's no other excuse for me to not clean my room.. BOO! Hehe! Till my next baking entry... Good night!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

OMG! AVATAR 3D ROCKS MY SOCKS!! Hahaha! Although I think my hype died down a little since I watched it on Sunday and it has been 3 long working days in between.. :P

Anyway, the tickets me and Chris got were suppose to be my parents. Brother was meant to take them to the movies but because my dad had something to do, my mum told me and Chris to take them! Woots! And it was goooooooodddd... The effects was so damn cool and the story line was predictable but hey, it's better than some other movies that don't even have effects!!*coughJennifer'sbodycough*

Coming out of the cinema made me want to have an avatar too! LOL! Haha! Chris even said that everything looks so different now when we were walking out of the cinema! Haha.. it really felt that we were in that world for the 2.5 hours! It was just amazing!

Oh! The one thing that I didn't really like was... (and I hope I don't spoil this for those who hasn't seen it) how Jake just abandoned his Ikran just cuase he got a bigger flying mount! Haha! And for WOW enthusiast, bro said this:

"First you get a mount, then you get an flying mount, then you get an epic flying mount"

HAHA! This was so damn true to the movie though!

Anyway, some background/random info for those who don't know:
1. Avatar was directed by the same director who did Titanic - James Cameron
2. Within 3 weeks of its release, the movie because one of the highest grossing films of all time worldwide reaching more than 1 billion and beating Titanic.

Haha! Okay.. getting lazy to find random facts already. So this is it.. =) :P

Monday, 11 January 2010,

So my bf decided to take me to a basketball game last Saturday - KL Dragons vs the 'Phillippines Team' - LOL! I don't even know their names. Anyways, his sister managed to get us tickets or rather helped us buy tickets. This would mark the 2nd ever live basketball game I ever went to. The first was in Australia like years ago - Sydney Kings vs. 'I-don't-remember-who'. Haha! And as far as I can remember, I did not think that game was anything extra ordinary. Either that or it was just so long ago that I don't remember anything.

Anyway, so made it to MABA. We were late so by the time we got there, the score was already 24 - 15 or something like that in favour of us. It was a pretty good game actually. The fact that we were leading pretty much the whole time made it even better I guess because the crowd was going wild. At one point (3rd quarter I think) where we were actually tied with the Phillippines, but in the end, we managed to pull away again and winning like 70 something to 50 something (LOL! don't think I'll make a very good reporter huh? Okay okay, I'll go Google the actual score :P). The score was 77 - 59 (See! I was right! Hahaha!)

Anyways, photos below for viewing pleasure:

A picture of their huge banner

Picture of me and bf after the game. A little unclear. Was "trying" to be pro and not use flash and ended up having a grainy photo.. :( Oh wells.

Band for the night. They were pretty good. =)

Captain of the team (I'm guessing) taking interviews after the victory. LOL! I can't even tell you his name because of a few reaons.
1. Swear my bf said that his jersey number was 12 and told me go back and Google his name
2. There's no 12 in the website! LOL!
3. Can't really make him out considering this is only his side profile and for some reason, all of them kinda looked the same in the website. Haha!

 Dude that was estatic when the KL Dragons won or rather was going to win by the time we hit the end of the 4th Quarter. He even started dancing with the cheerleaders!

Oh, speaking of the cheerleaders, they were erm.. a little bit on the erm.. dodgy/not so good side? Haha! Their routines was all over the place!! And they weren't even doing much. Most of the dance moves were the same. Chris' sister even said 1 of them looked like a tranny. Haha! But who am I to judge! If for some reason someone who is reading this is part of the squad - I'm sorry! :P

Last picture. Some dude from the Phillippines. Can't be bothered checking out his name. But Chris' sister and her friends seem to like him, so am guessing he's good? LOL! :P

Anyway, all in all, a pretty good evening. Something I'd never done before since coming back. Think we're gonna catch the next one as well vs. Singapore on 17 Jan.
Saturday, 9 January 2010

So me and bf went to watch Paranormal Activity in the cinemas last Tuesday. To be honest, before this, we hadn't even heard of the movie. And therefore did not know what we were getting ourselves into. But before I go on with what I thought of the movie, I thought I'd leave some random facts about the movie.

1. The movie is not based on a true story (for those who already don't know)
2. Movie is directed & written by this person called Oren Peli.
3. When Oren Peli moved into his new house, he was hearing noises and things falling off shelves however did not admit to his house being haunted.
4. The above was how he was inspired to write "Paranormal Activity".

Anyway, moving along to my review. Let's see.. I would say it would rank about 6/10? The first half of the show was pretty boring as nothing much was happening. The more exciting parts were only at the end which I have to say was pretty creepy. The movie had the whole Blair Witch Project thing going on (although not as severe) and therefore gave me a headache at one point. Heck - my bf even felt like throwing up in the cinema. Both of us are not that good when it comes to movies like this and 3D stuff. This was probably one of the cheapest movies made as there was only like 4 characters. 2 main ones and 2 other characters which appeared like twice in the whole movie.

Anyway, next movie on the list: Avatar. What does everyone think? to 3D or to not 3D? 3D gives both me and bf a headache. But apprently this is the one movie that was MADE in 3D and not the other way around!
Monday, 4 January 2010

Have been wanting to do my first blog for the year for a few days now but somehow do not seem to know what to blog about. So many things has happened yet not many? Is that even possible? I guess I'm just lazy. Haha! Not to mention that my new house now does not have internet and is detering me from doing anything because the dongle which I am using erm.. kinda sucks. Where and what brand the dongle is shall be kept annonnymous (hmm.. is that too many 'n's in the word?) for various reasons. Signed up because it was free for a certain amount of time and thought that my days without internet in my house would be solved but I guess it hasn't. Also, because my internet is crap, this post will be left picture-less (also because I am lazy to upload whatever photos I have taken on my camera on new years eve - maybe next time. Hehe!) I guess brief run down of what happened during the last 4 days?

31/12/09 - Dinner at Hartamas at place called Riblee's. Food was pretty good and a decent price however service was bad. It was a full house crowrd (which was about maybe 40 pax) and they only had 2 waiters which by the way did not understand us half the time! We had to order water like 4 times before it came. Our main meals came before our entrees. Our dessert took about an hour! Thank god we were there to kill time before new years! If it was fully booked, wouldn't you think of getting like a few more part time waiters just to help for the night?!

01/01/10 - Had a littls get together in my house where my relatives were all invited. We had a 10kg slab of siu yuk and also hired the lok lok man. We found out over my brother's wedding dinner that my 16 year old nephew was in a band and we managed to get them to come and play for us. Pretty good in my opinion. =) Was also dragged to go sing Love Story in front of everyone.

02/01/10 - Hmmm.. didn't do much. Went to look at 2nd hand cars with bf cause his parents wanted to buy a new car. Played Sims the rest of the night. Haha!

03/01/10 - Went to try and look at some furniture for my house. Couldn't find anything. Did manage to find a decent home theatre system for the room for about RM1k. Haha! Let's see if my dad will flip when I tell him I want that. Was meant to catch a movie but nothing was available. Oh! And now officially addicted to Bejeweled Blitz too! :S

04/01/10 - First day back at work! But my whole team went for breakfast to celebrate some of our colleagues b'days and also the start of the new year. Played Bejeweled Blitz for 1.5 hours when I could have used that time to do more things productive... :S

That's about it folks. Till next time (hopefully with better internet connection) - good night!

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