It's been almost another 2 weeks since my last post! I've been so busy that I din even have time to blog! I won't even be able to finish this blog before I head off for my run but I thought I should actually start if not I would never update at all till like next week or something. Haha! What have I been doing though? I seriously don't remember. But I somehow seem to remember that I haven't been home for dinner in the past 2 weeks! LOL! My mum is starting to give me looks already but I can't be bothered! Haha! I'm living life and I love it! :D Life right now should stay like this! I remember eating at home earlier this week and sitting on the dining table actually felt awkward! It felt like I haven't been on it for a long time! Haha! 

Anyway, here's an update of the things I CAN remember (which are mostly stuff from this week because they are the most recent):

(con't on 14th Sunday)

1. Went for the Nokia N97 phone launch. My FIRST ever event of this nature! I was very excited. My colleagues at work were giving me weird looks because to them, it was something that they had to do every once in a while.. but not me! Here's a photo the sexy phone.. 
Personally, I really feel that this phone is better than an iPhone because (I have been telling a few people about this but I'm going to say it again although it's like a stupid reason) of 1 main reason... The touchscreen is nail sensitive! Haha! I don't know about others, but this really appealed to me! The one reason why I didn't get an iPhone was cause it was hard to type especially if you have nails. But the N97 doesn't have that problem! The launch was pretty good I have to say. They had huge podiums where they let u play 
with the phone and it 
was then projected unto a big screen. Apart from that, dinner was also catered! *drool* I was so hungry by the end of if that when it was time to eat, I took 2 plates of food and gobbled everything down. This did not include desert! It was sooooo yummy! The ones I remember eating was the lamb curry (shit! Just by thinking of it now makes me want to eat lamb curry for dinner! Haha!), the beef, the salmon, some chocolate bread pudding - I don't remember exactly what it was called. Haha! To summarise, I was in food heaven! 

P/s: The photo only took like half the amount of food. There was like another row JUST for desserts! Haha!

The next night, I went for a tiger beer blogger party. The theme was to dress to stand out but I didn't really bother dressing up. Everyone there did though. I was really surprised because I thought Malaysians or rather asians are not as open to themed parties compared to white people. But I was wrong! There were some really good ones there! The King of the night was a guy that dressed up as Edward Scissorshand. I did not bring my camera so I couldn't take
 photos. And the Queen for the night was actually won by my colleagues sister. Here's a photo taken from her website:

Oh god! Look at my flabby arms! I wish I could do lipo on just my arms! Does anyone know how to get rid of it?! My running does seem to get rid of my flabby arms! HOWWW?!!! LOL! sorry.. had to rant a little there.. Speaking of running, this week has been the worse week in terms of amount of KM's clocked in. Only managed to run a 10k yesterday. I am suppose to do another 10 today but I'm really tired and lazy! Wanted to wake up mornings but I haven't managed to do that either. Gah! I hope I don't slack off as the marathon is nearing! Only 2 more weeks! *slaps hand to cheek and gasps* Haha! I have been playing vball still though. Although, somehow I feel that I've gotten worse with all the playing instead of getting better! Haha!

Finally, the last thing that happened on my plate, which was yesterday. Woke up at 7am after sleeping at 2.30am the night before. Starting making morning calls to people that were coming for vball. Played vball at till about 10am. Went for breakkie. Came home, showered, did a bit of work and then my friend called to go out for lunch, which by the way, I ate AGAIN! Haha.. :P Went clubbing last night with Swen (who just came back from Aus - whheeeee! I'm so glad u're back by the way!!!), Shinny, Ian, and Mun Yee. She came back from Kuantan that afternoon and I dragged her with me. LOL! It was a very fun night! All of us got high, but not drunk. It was the right amount where everything we said somehow either didn't make sense or we were just talking rubbish but it was funny! I havent been clubbing in like 6 months so it was a really really fun night! :D Got home only at about 4ish.

Haha! I think that's about it? I think you can see that I was getting a bit lazy towards the end and just started to write everything in short point form sentences. Haha! Sorry guys, I think this post is already way too long anyways. I was contemplating on whether I should split it up but that didn't make sense. So yea.. Before I leave, I want to leave you guys with a clip, I've been watching it everyday since like Thurs and everytime I look at it, it still leaves me in awe. I wish I could play like the piano dude in there! Anyway, enjoy! :D

Gah!! Finally! after mucking around for maybe 2 hours, I finally managed to get this post up and running! Far out! Whoever said that MAC was easy to use should really take it back! All I wanted to do was freakin' highlight my name and it wouldn't let me! Something like this would have taken me like 2 mins if I was on the normal windows! In the end, I had to ask a friend to do for me! I don't know how he did but he did the job! LOL! 

Anyway, now lookie what we have here... :O Why it's the New Balance Pacesetters 15km Results (click to open enlarge in new window)! Haha.. Oh! and Guess who's name is highlighted?! MINE!! Muahahahaha. :D I got number 49 out of 201 in my category (womens open)! And if I'm reading the results properly, I think I'm number 83 out of ALL the women that took part and again if I'm not mistaken there was about 350?? And I think I'm number 718 out of the total that participated? I'm not even sure how many there were.. I think it was like 1.5k or something like that! What do you guys think about that?!! I think that is pretty good results if I may say so myself! I got top 50!! hahahahaha.. I was so happy when I found out, I was literally jumping on my seat at work! Haha.. I managed to finish it in 1 hour and 40 mins! :D *does the dance* 

I actually had other things to say when I wanted to blog but I can't seem to remember now thanks to my stupid goldfish brain. And I blame the stupid mac for making me fiddle around so long until I forgot what it was all about. But since the results have been posted, I think I am going to sleep now! Hahaha.. :D 

Haven't had the chance to blog all week last week cause I've been so hectic! Even now, I think I should be asleep but thought I should update since I haven't done so in a while. Haha.. but after tonight, my definition of "hectic" should really just be kept in the closet! LOL! At least I don't have to be in 2 different places in 2 days! Haha.. :D

Anyways, work has been good. Busy. In a sense that I have been staying back late due to my stupidity and have to learn everything from scratch which takes longer but still enjoyable so I don't really mind doing it. And have been going out quite a bit as well which is good! 

In the past week, I have been to a farewell, a get together with a friend who works in Sabah. This was a very interesting meet-up I would have to say due to the circumstances which I shall not reveal here. For those who are interested, ask me directly! Haha! Got conned into going to KL for 'yum cha' but actually ended up in like freakin' Cheras. Went to watch Star Trek and Angels and Demons. Both pretty good I would have to say but for different reasons. Star Trek = Cool while Angels and Demons, well, let's just say I was glad I didn't read the book first. Hehe! Went for a run both Sat and Sun, played volleyball, bought a spanking brand new pair of Asics shoes (courtesy of my sister and brother in law). All in all.. GOOD WEEK! :D Even today, went for dinner with newly made friends after another vball session! 

I think it's time to hit the sack! Good night people! :D

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