Tuesday, 30 March 2010

So I went for my first run since the Standard Chartered run in Singapore. Haven't been running at all since then and started like about 2 - 3 weeks ago and thought what's better than to motivate myself with a run. It was te Energiser night run - 10km. By then it was too late to register for the race but decided to go anyways. I was pumped! Excited to be back on the road. Excited to bring my brand new-sexy-pink-ipod with me on her maiden competitive run. My brother in law decided to go as well that night.

The race started at 9 in Putrajaya so we left the house at like 7-ish just to make sure we had ample time to get there, find parking etc. When we got there, while looking for the parking lots, we saw the full or half mara runners and we thought what they had to do was quite badly organised. They were using routes that cars could still get into. If the lanes were accurately separated, I would think it was not so bad, but there was 1 point where the runners were literally running next to our car because we were trying to get into the parking lot! Also, runners were actually given a headlight to wear which was optional. However, me, bf, and brother in law all thought that they should wear it because there were some roads which were not lit up by streetlights and we could barely see them! We thought that was really dangerous. Anyhow, managed to find our way to the starting point. Stretched and waited around for a bit and then we took off. Below are just some pictures of us stretching.

BF managed to get a photo of the Energizer man dancing around the starting line after the runners went off.

Anyways, loved the feeling of running on the road listening just to music again! Managed to finish the race in 1 hour 5 minutes! Was quite happy with the time considering I haven't been running. Plus was originally aiming for 1 hour 15 mins! Bf gave me 1 hour.. so I guess I'm in between la! Hehehehe!

Anyways, signed up myself up for the 15km Pacesetter run on 16 May already. For those interested, you may check out their website at http://www.pacesetters.com.my/. They will prompt you to another website which will allow you to sign up online. It's called MyRaceOnline or something like that. After that? Stand Chart half mara - here I come! Wheeeee!!
Saturday, 27 March 2010

Haha! The below is the best signage in the world!!

Anybody wanna guess where I saw it?! Haha!

In the freakin' changing room!

Wtf! Saw this signage when I was out with bf last weekend and I went to try on my sports bra. When I saw that, I got freakin' paranoid! Does that mean they have cameras in the changing room?? If not how will they know that we are shoplifting?! I actually stared around the room to see if I could find anything - a camera or maybe a little hole to keep a hidden camera but didn't think there was anything. So I quickly changed in and out and covered as much as I could while doing so. LOL!
Friday, 26 March 2010

Shortand quick one cause I'm at work. But it's here!! WooohooO!

Check out my new-hot pink-sexy-lil-precious-ipod!! *does the dance* Muah muah! *grins!*

Sister managed to get it for me from the Lot 10 Machines shop in the end! woots!

Wednesday, 25 March 2010

So, apart from my recent distress about my ipod a few days ago. Some good things DID came out of my last weekend.

My bf decided to give me a little treat/pamper session just as a reward for working so hard (or so he thinks =P). So he decided to treat me to a massage! Wheee! So he gave me a few places to choose from but I ended up picking Siam Body Works in Mid Valley City. For the benefit of others - to get to this place, you first need to get to the North Court of Mid Valley (1st floor) and go through a black bridge which will cross over to North Point Plaza. Once you're there, continue walking till you see a set of steps/escalators down. Walk down those steps and walk straight ahead. You should be able to see Siam Body Works. Haven't been to the North Court of Midvalley in a while but I think that whole area is new. They opend like some eateries and other stuff. If my eye did not deceive me, I think I saw and Old Town Coffee there too?

Some photos of the place below. You can find out more of their services, pricings, outlets, and also photos from the website which I have linked already.

Picture of the room where I got my massage in.

Picutre of the front entrance. At the back, you will be able to see a swimming pool as well!

Anyway, got there and asked for the Thai massage while my bf went to get his hair cut (was going to post mug shots of him so that everyone can say his haircut is nice because it was an expensive hair cut from A Cut Above but I didn't bring my camera with me the last 2 days. Hehe! But seriously, I think it's a nice hair cut).

Moving along, most of the masseuse there were Thai but mine could speak a some mandarin. Only problem is - my mandarin was worse! Haha! Anyways, the massage was good! Had run that morning as well so I think they kinda loosened all the muscle cramps. And boy, was my lady strong! Far out, she was this tiny little woman who is shorter than me and slightly on the chubby side but her fingers were ridiculously strong!! I exceptionally enjoyed when she did my shoulders because they have been killing me for the longest time! Thai massages though (to me) always seemed to be painful at least at some point or the other because the masseuse uses every part of their body to jab into your muscles/tissues. Haha! Having said that, I've always gone back for more Thai massages especially in Thailand when they are so cheap! But anyhow, thanks for the massage babes!! =D

Anyway, after the massage, we walked around Midvalley for a bit. Bought myself a brand new sports bra from New Balance. Also saw a nice jacket/wind breaker for RM60. Didn't know where I was going to wear it too especially in this hot weather so managed to resist myself. Hehe! *pats self on the back*. Bought tickets to watch Alice in the Gardens because the line was too long in Midvalley as usual.

Anyhow, all the different posters I managed to find on Alice. Sorry Johnny Depp's one was blur. Only realised after I downloaded it and can't be bothered finding a clear copy. :P Which one of these do you all like betteR?





Overall, me and bf thought the movie was okay. Nothing much to shout about I guess. Might have been better if it was in 3D? Some of the effects would have been quite cool but because my brother fell asleep in the movie, me and bf didn't want to pay extra just in case. Storyline wise, I think everyone knows it. Although I have to admit, I've forgotten pretty much like 90% of the story. Oh wait, just remembered that bf just told me that the movie is kinda the sequel to the book?

Favourite character? Hmmm.. I would have to say the rabbit that kept throwing things around just cause he's psycho and it's someone I can relate too. And maybe the 2 fat boys. Haha! Johnny Depp just did his normal weird ass character again so nothing was new there. Alice as okay. Ann Hatherway (did I spell it right?) was a bit annoying cause of the way she walked as the White Queen. And the Queen of Hearts - okays la. Hehe.

Anyway.. overall, a GREAT day out! Haven't done something like that in a while! Wheeee! wish we could have more days like this! Although think bf might go broke if he keeps buying me massages. Hehe! :P
Monday, 22 March 2010

For those who don't know - my ipod has recently died. The battery just refuses to hold a charge anymore. Everything else works okay when it's plugged into the computer. Was pretty upset when that happened because it was like one of the bigger things I bought for myself while I was working in Australia. Anyway, took it to machines to try and get it revived because the same thing happened to my sister's ipod and apparently all they did was plugged hers into a wall charger and it revived - something about the laptop chargers not strong enough to jump start the battery. Then there was hope! So there I was, happily bringing my ipod to do the same thing. Unfortunately it didn't work. Boohooo!! *sob sob* They also told me that it would cost about RM400 just to fix the battery and might as well get a new one which will cost about RM600 bucks!

I was depressed. Upset. Distraught! A damsel in distressed! How was I going to live without an ipod?! Especially since I'm trying to start running again. I need my Initial D ala feng tau music (to some)! Then.. my brilliant mind came to work (yah - this only happens once in while. Hehe!) It then just dawned on me that my mother still owe's me a b'day present from last year! And this would be under the budget she gave me! Hehehe! So new ipod - here I come (after getting approval from her of course)!

So there I was - happily trotting myself to the Machine's shop in The Gardens. Stood there for the longest time - just trying to figure out what colour I wanted. Texted my sister just to get re-assurance as well. And finally, I made my decision. I was going to get the 8GB pink colour ipod. I told the sales lady what I wanted. She took it out for me, and I once again happily trotted to the casher. Took out my credit card. Lady swiped it. Lady printed out receipt and passed it to me. Then a cloud of confusion hovered over my head. RM719? But the 8GB one I wanted was RM599? What's happening. Looked carefully at the receipt and it said 16GB. I told the casher and she checked the box. It was indeed a 16GB. Sales lady took it back to the shelf to get me a 8GB only to come back with nothing! There was no stock! Neither in The Garden's shop NOR the Midvalley shop. *bam bam bam*. Casher lady then voided my transaction and I went out of the shop sulking. Sales lady couldn't even tell me when they were getting a new shipment.

All that happened yesterday btw. Then today, asked sister to help me check out the Machine's shop in Lot 10. I called in advance to see if there was stock and there was but she was not free to get it for me. I then realised that BSC just opened a new Mac Studio shop as well. So after dinner, asked my sister if she wanted to take a walk to BSC. What are the chances of the BSC shop not having stock as well. So just made my way there. As we were walking closer to the shop, another huge-black-ass cloud just hovered over my head - the shop was closed!!!! I got there at 9.05pm and apparently shops in BSC close at 9pm! WTF!! How hard is it just to get an ipod?! And who closes at 9PM in this part of the world?! Grrr... Not happy! Was looking forward to putting in new songs into my ipod and taking it for it's virgin run tomorrow morning! Boohooo!! Now sister is going to try and it for me tomorrow in the Lot 10 Machines. *fingers crossed*

There you go. My little tribute and rant to Apply and my ipod. Bye bye blue ipod nano. You have served me well. I will remember you forever. All the runs you have accompanied me through. All those days at work you have kept me entertained. All those bus rides to work while I was in Australia. Have a good rest. (Until of course I plug you into the laptop - Hehe!)

Okay - now even blogger is making fun of me. For some reason when I uploaded the photo, it rotated the photo for me. And I can't be bothered to figure out what's wrong with it because I was meant to wash up and do some work like 30 mins ago. Instead, I had to blog about my ipod. But yes - the above is my ever sexy looking ipod. Still looking as suave and charming as ever. No scratches cause I kept it covers in his little condom cover the whole time.

For real now - BYE!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

So me and my bf didn't know what to do yesterday. So as usual, we went DVD shopping in SS2 and bought a bunch of DVD's back. Choice for the night? Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. A poster of the movie below.

But guess what else I found again - individual posters for the main actors & actresses

Percy Jackson - Son of Poseidon

Annabeth - Daughter of Athena

Grove Underwood - Satyr (Percy's protector)

We were told not to expect too much from this movie and so I did. I actually didn't mind the movie in the end. Originally when I heard of this movie, I thought it would be one of those more serious types catered for the adults but after watching it - it was definitely catered for the kids. It was definitely a kids movie. Although there were some parts which didn't really make sense but I kept telling myself - it's a movie! LOL! Moreover, it's a kids movie! Anyway, things that I thought didn't make sense:

1. How the lightning bolt just got stolen by some kuchi-tiny-fry. Freakin hell! You would think Zeus would keep this most powerful weapon like 24/7 next to him if not locked up somewhere with like 1 million locks and only he could open them! Now that doesn't say much about the gods huh?!

2. How Percry's mum somehow knew how to get the Olympus! She's a mortal who couldn't even get passed the lift once she was there! Haha!

3. How Percy's mum married a smelly filthy scumbag who's smell apparently masked the smell of Percy's blood and therefore hid him from all the baddies who were trying to look for him. ROFL! Once again, doesn't say much about the God's right? Haha! You would think that they'd be able to see him just from above striaght away!

Having said all that, I seriously didn't mind the movie. But boy -  was my bf peeved. LOL! He really likes Greek mythology and he was angry that the movie was a measly crap attempt in incorporating the whole Greek mythology and culture into the movie. He actually said that this was as crap as Jennifer's Body! Sorry - but I seriously don't think ANY MOVIE can top Jennifer's Body. That was just shit out of the shit!

My fav character? Haha! Hands down - Grover. LOL! Am not sure if this are true for all Satyr's but he was half-man, half-goat. He was just doing the most random and funniest shit ever. LOL! There was this scene, where they were resting in their motel room and he just starts biting on a can. LOL! I know he's a goat but that really got me tickled. Haha! There was some other stuff as well but I can't remember what they were now.

This movie actually got me interested in the Greek mythlogy. So I guess, if that was just their objective of the show - then I think they have succesfully done so. Actually even thinking of going into the bookstore to find a book that I can read up on - something easy and interesting and not boring.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Well, so my attempts of earning my first dollar from blogging kinda failed last night. The project alpha site didn't even let me submit my entry. Is that because I wasn't in the top 100 people? Meh... Oh wells, I guess that's just a sign. I'll just go back to my random-old-mundane crap!

So anyway, I went to watch Green Zone last weekend. Caught the midnight movie and thought I was going to fall asleep. Nowadays, I'm like tired by like 10pm! My bf says it's cause I've kinda stopped running and my stamina has gone whacked so I get tired easily which is probably true. That is why I was very deteremined to find a running schedule to train for a 21km! Have already started it today so will tell you guys how far I get along in the schedule. I have a 15km coming up in exactly 2 months and would love to make that cause if I can do that, I can do my half again in June! *fingers crossed* and wish me luck!

Lol! Sorry - got side tracked. Anyways, I myself was surprised I didn't fall asleep in the movie!! The movie was good! That and also the fact that I made my bf buy me snacks so that I could bite on something at least for the first 10 - 15 mins which is usually when the movie tries to build into the plot/climax etc. Anyways, for those who don't know, the movie is about the Iraq war. My knowledge of world's on-goings is pretty much zilch but apprently this movie kinda answers the reasons why (of course this hasn't been proven and this is could just a theory) George Bush started the war on Iraq and also why they didn't end up finding anything and also the reasons why he got in trouble? (Someone correct me if I am wrong). I was surprised that the movie actually got released because the movie was basically saying that the US goventment falsified infomation to get their way but I guess this is their way of "freedom of speech".

Nonetheless, a good movie. Matt Damon's action - although good, this was his typical-stereotyped role of going against the rules and doing anything he likes like in the Bourne series.

So yea, below is just the poster of movie. Hadn't even heard of the movie until my friend told me about it.

Monday, 15 March 2010

I've always wondered why people always liked hanging out in Starbucks or Coffee Bean with their laptops on and tyring to look cool and suave. Honestly, I've always thought they look pretty stupid and always wondered to myself why can't you just do that (surf) the internet at home?! But it has recently come to my attention that there are people without internet at home still. There are also people that need to do discussions with a group of people. There are also a group of people that might have problems at home and would like to just get out of the house.

But want to know something funny? Recently, I have worked out in Starbucks and guess what? LOL! I actually got more work done then when I was home! Haha! But having said that, my favourite place to surf the net would probably still be at home - on my bed - with the air cond on - and my laptop on my lap - and pillows to support my back and neck up (especially in my new bed and new bedroom) =P

For those who know, I moved house recently and obviously my internet wasn't working. I nearly died because I was internet deprived. I signed up for a broadband stick (brand shall not be mentioned) and my god was it useless! I couldn't get anything done and it was freakin' inconsistent! One minute I'd get super good connection the next minute it would be gone! Freakin' pissed the hell out of me. What I should have done was try the P1 Wimax one. Look at it! Even the dongle just looks cool! Haha!

Anyways, here's my attempt it trying to earn some money from blogging for the first time. Think I"ll get lucky? Hehe!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.
Saturday, 13 March 2010

Is it me? For those who use Safari - does your browser crash whenever you hit the "Publish Post" button? Thank goodness it posts everything up first before closing. It gets quite annoying but I have no idea why it does that. Anybody know?

Anyway, this is just going to be random post so that I can push my S.H.E content down because my bf keeps making fun of my "been gets" in the post. Blek! What are "been gets"? Can't remember if I have explained it before but basically a term that me and my boss use whenever our Engrand is not so good. Haha!

Currently doing? Trying to just quickly post this random post and then try and find a comfortable position which has the balance of me being able to do work on the bed and my laptop not frying my lap. Haha! Till my next post (hopefully something more exciting). Babai!
Monday, 8 March 2010

So I managed to score some tickets to the S.H.E concert on 6 March 2010 in Bukit Jalil Stadiium! Am not really a fan but I do listen to their songs and quite like them. I think if they were all guys then yea, would love them like how I love Lee Hom! LOL! But anyways, the original plan was to try and win tickets to them and bring my die hard friend. The big word there is try because I've never won anything like this before. So, told my friend and he just said OK. The next thing I knew was I actually won! I was so happy. I immediately called up my friend and told him and he was really excited! Until... he asked when it was. :( Coincidently he had his company annual dinner on that very same night which he couldn't get out of. Apparently if he doesn't show, he'll have to fork out RM100 as compensation so he told me to give his ticket to someone else. I was quite disappointed because I didn't know who else loved them as much as he did and since I managed to get the tickets for free, I really didn't mind going! Anyway, I then began on a quest to start asking other people.

A few days later, my bf sms-es me and says that he managed to score tickets to the concert too! Haha! So I ended up giving 2 tickets away to my other 2 friends and me and my bf (2 bananas - 1 full and the other 3/4) decided to go! Haha! Thanks for coming with me! I tried to let him hear to a few songs so that he wouldn't be so bored when he got there.

When we got there, the first song we heard was "Superstar" (unsure if this was the first song or not, because we went in late although we got there early because I had to wait for me friend to come so that I could pass him the tickets. There was another song before this but unsure whether it was them or just an opening act). Anyway, when I heard that singing this song, I was pretty much screaming. Then he whispered in my ear "I know this song". That's when I started cracking up! Who would have known that he knew the first song (or at least our first song) at the concert. Haha!

The stage had a cool setup (see images below). They ad individual landing thingys for each of their musicians. They also had this huge ass alien looking pillar. I don't really know what it was for but it was quite cool. Haha! They did have some acts coming in and out of the bottom of the pillar.

The other interesting/funny thing they did was where they pretended to be in a karaoke room. They literally brought up a chair and table and filled it with drinks and food and they were suppose to take turns singing one by one at the front on a little tiny stage with the microphone. Haha! Kinda ingenious. Instead of them taking a break backstage, they could take a break in front of everyone! :P Also, when it was their turn to sing, a video clip on the screens would come on but it wouldn't be the video clip of the original singer! It would be them! Quite cool that they actually took that effort to create those videos. For example below: Ella sang Jay Chou's Jian Dan Ai and below is the picture of her in her own vid clip. Didn't recognise Selina's song. Recognised Hebe's but didn't know who it was or the name of the song. It was a Cantonese song though!

Then they also had an act from Ling Yu Jia - the winner of Xing Guang Da Dau (1st Season). LOL! The dude who always cries. Was it me? Or was his voice kinda difference from what I used to hear him during the competition? My theory was that the songs were too low and I know for a fact that he can sing higher parts. Oh wells, photo of him below:

Last thing cool thing I thought they did. See photo and see if you can make it out!

Haha! can you make it out? They were standing on their elevator thingy and at the bottom, is had their names on! After like a song, the alphabets started to turn! 

And photos of them individually (on the screen of course so mind the bad quality photos :P)

And last one specifically for my friend because if I'm not mistaken, he likes her the most. 

Hehe! Looks pretty cool huh? Looks like as if she's just performing behind the bars. Haha! 

Okay okay.. time for me to get ready for work! Late already! LOL! Leave you with the last picture for the night. Woah, the lights the bright and they had confetti shooting out from the bottom like nobody's business! Oh oh! They also like fireworks shooting from the bottom of the stage every once in a while. My bf said that each time they do that it costs them RM1k? LOL! We started counting in terms of how many months pay we'd had to work to shoot out fireworks 6 times! (yes - we counted). 

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Tucked away somewhere inside Damansara Heights, near the Bukit Damansara primary school sits this super magnificent and yummy pastry shop called The Bread Shop. My sister has been raving about this place and I finally went to try it today because me and my bf didn't know what to eat for lunch and I'm always a sucker for pastry. It's is apparently near the original Decanter for those who want to know the more exact location.

The place doesn't look like a bakery from the outside. The walls outside are just painted black with tinted glass (am guessing to prevent the heat from getting in) with their white round logo on the top. But when we went it, it was totally different. It had a modern/sophisticated looking interior - high tables and chairs, mirrors in the right places, and a stainless steel kitchen. Do not have photos because I didn't bring my camera. Did manage to take some photos from my phone but the quality is pretty crap.

Anyway, we ordered the beef ciabatta and also the tuna croissant and I have to say, pretty pricy sandwiches but boy they were yummy! I could even taste the butter in the croissant even after all the onions and tuna taste. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing.. haha.. because that could mean it's super fattening as they could have used like a whole slab or butter rite? LOL! But who cares! It was yummy. We also ordered a coffee and ice lemon tea. Total bill came up to about RM45 bucks. Here are the photos I managed to take from my phone.

Photo of the beef ciabatta and my mocha. Notice my bf trying to get this hands on everything. Haha! :P 

And now him sinking his mouth into the yummy tuna croissant!

Meh, now it's time for me to go and give my doggie a bath.. bubyes.. 

Monday, 1 March 2010

Allow me to introduce the contestants!

Contestant No. 1: Bubbles Lim

Breed: Maltese
Age: 10 years this year
Nickname: Poochi, Old Lady, Babuji

Weight: 5kg

Don't let her old age, tiny and cute appearance fool you. This little creature is opinionated and territorial and a feisty little thing that is not scared of picking at bigger dogs or humans that enter her area. 

Contestant No. 2: Cookie Lim

Breed: Terrier mix
Age: should be 1 year this year
Weight: 8 - 10kg

This cheeky little fella is a runner. She can run like a fox and move around like weasel. She's terribly scared of people and will run the other direction when you come at her. 

Who do you think will come out the champion? Will it be contestant no. 1 or no. 2? Will it be the old feisty but smaller dog or the fast, younger but scared of people dog.

So here's the story of how the battle started.

One starry starry night, after coming home from dinner with my family, we came in into our driveway and we found a doggie in the house. A dog who now goes by the name Cookie. She looked lost and was and was terrified of people. She would run away when anyone tried to go near her. Our 10 year old Maltese saw her and started getting territorial. She went up to her and then everything started. Bubbles challenged her to a duel. I managed to get a video of the exciting fight between them.

Who do you think came out the winner? Scroll down to see the results.

1. All photos are thanks to my sister. You may read more about her blog here.
2. This story is all fictional and that is not how we found her. 
3. There were no dogs that were harmed for the publication of this post. 
4. Am talking rubbish so that I can post the photo lower and have a more dramatic effect to the post. :P
5. For those who don't know, they were not really fighting - just merely playing with each other. 

And tadah! The winner has emerged. Cookie has been pinned to the ground. Bubbles emerges as the champion dog fighter!

Haha! Lame? I know.. sorry la.. I was bored. My measly attempts at trying to write a story. Obviously I failed muchly. :P 

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