Monday, 8 August, 2011

My attempt at blogging for the first time after a long while. And contradictory to my headline title - NO! I am not going to blog about Captain America. WHY? 


And why is that some people might ask?

Because there are some really selfish people out there who do not have even 1 single brain cell in their head! Freakin didn't want to 'yeong' seats to us because he wanted to sit with his freakin' gf! WHICH BTW, he could have easily have done if he just swapped seats with us. He'll just have to sit with his OTHER friends as well? Wadda dick!

Oh! And you know how to top that? HE didn't even GO for the movie! WTF!!!!!!!! 

Sorry! Uber angers because who can resist this?!! :D

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