Am waiting for my ride to work. Need to go in early to settle some stuff. So have just been sitting around in my room clicking on my laptop aimlessly. Trying to see whether Google picks up my blog but it doesn't! Haha! and I wonder why?!

Going to Singapore on Saturday! Wheee!! Got my Singapore half mara this weekend. Been looking forward to it for ages! But you know what sucks?! I went to do a 15km last weekend to see if my stamina could still take it and... the good new is, I finished! Meaning that during the run, I should be fine because usually adrenalin gets the better of you during race day. The bad news is, i freakin' hurt my ankle! :( My bf now won't let me run if it continues to hurt..

Oh please ankle! Heal up quick! Hehe..

I just realised something about my blog. I don't seem to categorise them at all. Am wondering whether I should start. But all my posts are pretty random. I wouldn't know where to being.. Hmmm... Like take this post for example, should I put it under "injury", "running", "bored", or even "random"? Haha!

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On December 4, 2009 at 4:17 PM , Anonymous said...

dude, your tagline is a random girl talking about random things. I think if you do put a category for your posts, random is by default and shouldn't be in.


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