Saturday, 30th April 2011

29th April 2011 - what an exciting day for everyone!

First it was the Royal Wedding. I even knew people who purposely took days off just to watch the Royal wedding. I guess it is quite exciting. Just trying to imagine myself as Kate. What are the chances of you getting married into royalty!

Second - iPad2 launch in Malaysia! Again, I knew of people who made their husbands go line up in front of the shop so that they could get the iPad2! I don't blame them. It's so sexayyy and nice!

Last but not least?! Maroon 5 concert! Just got back from it actually. Pretty good I must say! Will blog more about it with pictures and video to show!

Can you imagine if a person did all 3 of the above! It would have been a super long day for them!
Friday, 29th April 2011

Bumblebee finally had his wash last weekend - after probably close to 9 months going with out one! :P In that 9 months, I've had to take my doggies to and from houses, perhaps to the vet as well a coupla times. Mum also takes it to the market btw. :P Dun judge me! Imma girl! Which girl washes their own car?! Plus, have been complaining to bf that I wanted to take it for a wash for the longest time and he only took me to this place that was near his house last weekend! So not my fault! Blek!

But yea, car was getting really bad. Dust was all over the place. And worse part was I had dog fur EVERYWHERE! Until the point that I was so shy to use my car for anything besides transporting me and my bf. If it's anyone else, I'll try and get them to drive instead! :P

Anyway, so Bumblebee is nice and shinny now. Not bad for RM10 job which includes vacuum. Only thing I can say was that the guys probably didn't want to clean it properly because they kinda knew what fur was stuck on my matts etc. But either way, it's way cleaner now. :P Now all I need is an air refreshner to mask the smell of my doggies. Hekekeke.. :P
Wednesday, 27th April 2011

Had been craving for 2 things in the past coupla weeks - WonTon (not even the noodles :P but since it came with it.. why not) and Nuggets.

Therefore, am in the search to try and find the best WonTon mee around! Have definitely already tried a coupla places but since it was not blogger about - I will start afresh! :P First stop? Damansara Kim. I did not take down the name of the coffee shop but it's the one that is further away from EuroDeli.

Photo doesn't quite do justice for the noodles. I had already mixed it around once. Therefore, there is a few more pieces of charsiew to what you see in the photo. :P Also, forgot to take a photo of the WonTon! *face palm* (Damn fail right considering WanTon is supposedly my main focus and not the noodles?!)

Anyways, noodle was only okay. The black sauce did not seem to have any taste making the noodles quite tasteless. The charsiew on the other hand was actually not bad. And the WonTon? It came in a small bowl with only 2 WonTon's. I think the lady had forgotten to mix up her pork mince because 1 of them (which was the first one I ate) had no taste at all while the other was REALLY salty. Having said that, for those who know me or have been reading my blog, I am one who fancies salty food and the 2nd WonTon had actually boosts some points for this stall. :P
Monday, 25th April 2011

Went for a drink last Friday night with some of my bf's friends in Devi's corner in TTDI. One of his friends went to apparently order Apom. I was like where in the world is he going to get Apom here? Apparently, the stall just outside of Devi's corner does! I was uber excited!

Apom was my favourite snack while growing up. I remember my dad used to buy them for every weekend when we went to the market. He kinda stopped buying them for me once the prices kept going up and he suddenly came to realise that it was getting too expensive and not worth paying for something which was just made out of flour.

Anyway, back to the Apom stall - I've always seen the stall there when going back to my bf's place but I never what they sold. From the looks of it (from inside the car), I always thought that they were selling Chinese newspaper or something. :P

So anyway, first thing my bf's friend told me was that the guys that were manning the store were deaf - like literally. He had to point and use hand gestures to order. I didn't think much of it then.

So his apom arrived and then I realised that he had CHEESE in it! I was like wtf?! what kind of Apom has cheese in it?! Apparently, this store's speciality is not just normal Apom, he makes Apom with "stuffing"! He adds cheese, egg, banana, nuttella, etc. I had never seen/tasted this kind of Apom before! And so I was even MORE excitied! See below for his menu (abit blur cause it was taken at night with my phone)!

What's not in this menus is his specialty Apom with durian!

I had a bite of my bf's friend's apom and it was pretty good! The Apom was slightly thicker than the normal ones we get from the pasar/hawker stall and yet still nice and crispy! Plus the cheese part made it even yummier since I'm a fan of cheese! Bf couldn't resist at the end and he even bought one. :D

Just looking at the guys striving to make ends meat made me feel bad for them. :( Also, bf told me rumour has it that they are selling Apom to help support their home for the mute and deaf children. How true that is, I'm not sure. Tried Googling and nothing came up. But even if it's not true, I was like we should buy an Apom from them everynight just to support them. :P
Saturday, 23rd April 2011,

I know this is kinda late to blog about the Energizer Night Race considering it has gotten so much grief from the media since the race. But thought I should just blog about my experiences for the night.

Left the house with my sister and bro-in-law at about 6ish to Sepang and only arrive at about 7.15-7.20?? Kind our fault slightly cause I think we ended up taking the wrong turn and went through the back way which definitely took us a longer time to reach. Anyways, once we got there and parked, only did we realise we had to walk another erm.. 500m - 1km to reach the building. We needed to pee so badly so badly so we quickly used the toilet. We then continued to cross what everyone calls the "tunnel of death". Once on the other side, first thing we saw was that ALL the headlights were gone. Which was our first dissapointment (not a big one but still). Me and sister was just thinking should Energizer know how many people registered? Anyway, didn't really phase us. So we just continued.

Me and bro-in-law were doing the half mara. Once we got there, we heard on the PA system that it was going to start soon ON the track itself. But there was SOOO many people and NO signage on where to go, we were kinda lost for a second. Me and bro-in-law was rushing to try and get to the start line before they started. They started counting down.. I got so desperate I ended up just jumping over the fence. :P We managed to catch our breathes for a min or 2 before the race actually started but the walk FROM the carpark to the starting line already got us sweating!

Anyway, horn went off and we started. We started moving.. but VERY SLOWLY though! To the point that bro-in-law asked to confirm whether we had started. What was holding the line was because we all had timing chips, we ALL had to squeeze through a small lane to make sure we had ran over the mats! I'm sure it took us a good 3 minutes from where we were standing to actually get through the small lane.

Anyway, for the 21km runners, our route was to do 1 large loop outside and then 2 loops inside the track. My outer loop was pretty good - enough water stations (which was all that mattered to me in a run). Only thing I have to complain about was that although they had water stations, they only had 2 tiny tables which resulted to everyone crowding around the tables just to get a drink! Drink stations are just meant to be on the go and shouldn't have a need for people crowding and waiting. I had to even pour my own drink. Anyways, as I was saying. Apart from the small tables, I was quite happy with the run. I was doing good time and was pretty satisfied with the number of drink stations therefore I didn't drink much thinking that I could get more in the next one.

Once we got to the circuit though was a totally different story. Circuit was quite a hard route to run for me actually. Having being able to see the grand stand (which was the start of the loop) the whole time kinda played mind tricks on me thinking that it was just around the corner. Apart from that, it was quite hilly as well! Lastly, there was only 1 drink stop in the WHOLE track which was a 5km loop! Add mind games + hilly + 1 drink stop = total FAIL for me. And that was my only issue with the run. When I finished, I really felt like I couldn't breathe. Felt like I was going to pass our or vomit at the same time. Not sure if that's even possible but that's how I felt.

Everyone had complained about riots during goodie bag pick up etc but I was still doing my run then, so am not sure what happened. I saw the line yes - I heard the lady over the PA system yes. But did not see anything else.

Sorry - really lengthy blog without pictures huh?? Couldn't take any photos cause had left the phone in the car. Anyway, finished my run in really poor timing. Was really not happy with self. Had to walk pretty much the last loop cause I was dying. Left me with a pretty demoralising feeling right after the run and have not ran since that night.
Tuesday, 12 April 2011,

For those who remember, me and my bf made a new year resolution to try and go out station at least once  month. It is now April, and we have only done it twice - once in Feb to Aus and last Sunday, to Seremban. I guess I went to Penang in March but I personally think it shouldn't count cause I didn't go with him.

Anyways, why Seremban? Because there's this food court above the Seremban wet market which serves really nice awesome Hakka noodles. The first time I went there was after a hiking trip in Broga in 2009! Store is called Tow Kee and the wet market is located on Jalan Pasar. Why is it so special? My bf swears that they boil the noodles in pig lard because the "sauce" is slightly thicker than your usual. How true that is, I'm not sure. All I know is that it is super yummy. Even ta pau-ed 10 packets to bring home!! Haha!

What's terrible about this place is that because it's situated above the wet market, getting to the shop is seriously a struggle! The place REALLY stinks and I mean really!! I seriously felt like puking when I got there. The bottom floor smells fishy and when you go upstairs, next to toilets - OMG *puke*. Smelt like the toilet hadn't been washed in years! Doesn't help much that there is a HUGE drain like just outside the market. 

Moving along - I forgot to bring my camera again (sucky blogger huh?), so all credits to photos below goes to Google Images ya!

Photo of the market from outside

Photo of the stall

 Photo of the delicious bowl of Hakka noodles!

Sunday, 10th April 2011,

I know this is late - blogging about last Sunday but better late than never? Hehe! Anyways, made my bf take me to Pavilion last weekend cause I was kinda sick of the malls around my area. We hardly go down to KL so I took this as a special day out for me - it was a big day with big shoes to fill! So corny right? :P Only said that cause I wanted to post these photos below :P

Found this shoe in a super hero shop which sells RM100++ t-shirts even for kids! Anyways, check out how big the shoe is compared to my feet!

Found these Havaianas outside Pavi. So tell me - wasn't this a big day with big shoes to fill? :P

Anyways, once we got down town, what we didnt' know was Red Bull was actually doing an event. They had stands up and they even blocked the whole Bukit Bingtang road. We were lucky that we got there early so we managed to get to the parking. They even brought an actual F1 car to take a drive down the road. It was really hot that day, so we didn't stay to watch that but even when in Pavi, we could hear the sound of the cars. Managed to get some photos below:

Once we got to Pavi, we got some lunch at Ben's which is on the 6th/top floor of Pavi. This place was apparently opened by the same guys who did Delicious.

Look at my anti social bf who was playing with his ipad while he was out with me. :P

Decor of the place. Quite nice and cosy.  

Our food. We ordered the mac and cheese and also the cheeseburger. Burger was yummy with a nice onion sauce on the the top. For those who have tried the burger in Plan B, me and bf felt that this place was much better. Mac & cheese was good too. But to be honest, I have never had it before in my life. So according to bf (who used to stay in the US and where Mac & Cheese is quite normal), it was quite good. Although, thought it was quite jelak towards the end - it was baked with 3 types of cheese!

Last photo for the blog - check out the huge lamp! Guy was taken in the photo to use as a gauge of how big/tall the lamp is.

Sunday, 3th April 2011

FML! What did I get myself into! Me and sister have been talking about doing the full marathon for some time now but we haven't really done much to train for it. To be honest, I'm getting a bit too tired to wake up in the mornings now to run. Haha! don't know if this comes with age? :P Anyways, sister got jolted to sign up for the full marathon 1 day because she found out one of her friends who only started running last year signed up for the full too! Immediately, she signed up for herself and me!

For those who don't know, a full marathon is 42kms long! 42 freakin' kms! That's like running all the way to erm erm.. subang and back from my place!

Anyway, went for our usual weekend run yesterday and boy was that run bad! I felt like I was going out of breathe, my thighs started to hurt! Unsure if this was because I'm kinda still SLIGHTLY sick and body is not working at 100% to take oxygen in.. OR the fact that I haven't been training much during the weekdays anyway and it's ruining my weekend runs. Eitherway, the pressure is on, there's only 13 weeks till the full marathon. Have a half marathon in 2 weeks which I don't even know if I can do it now... :S Sis is still pumped like madd and already researching and coming up with timelines for our training!!

I guess worse comes to worse, i'll just walk the whole way?! I have walked 30kms before?! haha.. what's another 12 rite? RITE? :P

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