26th May 2011

So, for those who don't know. I was actually MIA to HK for a coupla days at the beginning of May... Hehehe.. Took a few days off work to come for a short holiday cause bf is in between jobs. Picked HK for a coupla reasons:

1) Managed to get quite cheap tickets (RM580 for return) - would have been cheaper if I bought them 2 weeks earlier cause AA was doing a promo.
2) Have coupla cousins staying in HK so free accommodation! Woots! Thanks Wei ko! :D
3) Bf has not been to HK before.

Anyways, left last Friday afternoon. Arrived at about 9pm cause AA was slightly delayed. Cousin had arranged for a friend to come and pick us up from the train station cause he was still in KL and the friend needed to pick up some stuff from his house anyways.

Just some random photos below before we got to HK.

But yea - even on our first night, we already had a slight adventure:

1) The friend had brought the wrong keys with her cause we couldn't open my cousin's apartment door! We then headed back to her place (which luckily was only like 5 mins drive away) to check her place. Luckily we managed to find the correct key! Haha! Was worried we were going to homeless for 2 nights!

2) Me and bf decided to go and brave HK since it was a Friday night and we hadn't really had dinner. Called my cousin and he told us that we were able to walk it to Central and would only take us 20 mins! Wah.. but that was a freakin' long 20 mins mannnn!! LOL! Probably took us more like 40 mins! Haha! We then came to a deduction that it was because HK people probably walk alot faster! Anyways, got to my cousin's suggested place at about 12.30am only to realise that they closed so we ended up in the char chan teng next door.

 Bf's prawn with HK sauce noodles.

Bf sipping HK Lai cha! It was yummy! but bf couldn't sleep after that. 

 My fish ball and fish paste soup. Not bad I must say.

If I remember correctly, our bill came up to about $100++ HKD which was about RM40 meal. Which was okay I guess but considering it was char chan teng stuff? Hmm.. How much do people normally pay to eat in Kim Gary's? I haven't been there in ages. But is it roughly the same price?

After we ate, we didn't want to have to hike all the way back to my cousin's place, so we decided to just take a cab. Btw, felt that cabs in HK were so expensive! Once you jump into the cab, they start at $18 HKD! That's like RM7 already!
Tuesday, 3rd May 2011

So bf managed to score some free tickets to the premier (ie. last Wednesday) for Thor from Time Out KL in Mid Valley. So we went right after work for dinner. Had a craving for Ireland Potatos and bubble tea (Cha Time had just open in Mid Valley!) for some reason - weird combo huh? But that was what we had for dinner. :P

Anyway, headed up to go and pick up our tickets and guess who saw?! Our very own Asian THOR!!! *Rawr!!* Haha! Dude was kinda err.. I dunno... weird? I know he was trying to be the cool Thor and all but not having a single expression on your face? Hmmm...

So we got into the cinema, and what we didn't know was that our tickets were for 3D Thor! I didn't know to happy or sad because to be honest, am not a fan of 3D movies. They always tend to give me a headache. My only other 3D movie would have to be Avatar I think. Watched it in Signature and for some reason that was okay. However, didn't think Thor was necessary to watch it 3D though. There were even some parts where I actually just took off my glasses to watch because the "nose piece" was actually hurting me. The only thing I was missing out on? Haha! 3D subtitles! Woots! :P

What did I think of Thor? It was freakin' amazing. Not going to say anymore because people should just watch it. Chris Hemsworth though was uber hot (only his body and 6 pack). Don't really like his scruffy-ness in the show. Also, just found out that he also starred in Star Trek as George Kirk! Now HE was hot then! Haha! Anyhow, bf actually read from somewhere that Chris Hemsworth showed up on set on the 1st day of filming TOO buff. Sooo buff that they had to delay shooting for 2 weeks so that they could put him on a cut down regime AND re-size his costume so that he could fit into it again.

Trailer of the movie below. To be honest, when I first saw this trailer, I was like "meh.. another fantasy story for the kids". But boy was I wrong. :P 

Note: Stay back until the VERY END for sneak peak to the Avengers!
Sunday, 1st May 2011

Happy labour day! And tomorrow is a holiday - yay! :P

*Spoiler alert*

Damn syok sendiri. Getting back to the title of the blog. Managed to go and watch Source Code with a coupla of colleagues from work.

Bf made me skeptical about this movie because apparently he seen the trailer and thought that this movie would have kinda been another Adjustment Bureau. (ie. love story-ish). Although there were some elements of the movie that made me go wtf because it was just so sudden (particular when it came to Jake Gyllenhall and the chica in the movie)

Anyway, starring Jake Gyllenhall and a few other characthers I don't know, (:P) This movie starts with Jake waking up in a moving train and in someone elses body (think Quantum Leap - for those who haven't seen this, go Google :P). He panics as he's unsure what or how he got there. The next thing you know, the train blows up and he ends up in a small shuttle with a lady officer trying to talk to him and get information on what he had just seen.

It turns out that Jake was actually a soldier fighting in Afghanistan. The lady officer then tries to jolt his memory by doing a few memory exercises. He later finds out that he was being sent on a mission to try and find the bomber of that particular train he was in as there was another threat of a nuclear explosion. How was he going to do that?

The US Govt. had created a programme called the Source Code, that allows them to send someone (in this case, was Jake) to take over someone's body in his or her last eight minutes of life. What they didn't know though was that it was actually more than that! Won't wanna spoil it for you guys but you will just have to watch the movie for yourself! Trailer for movie below!

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