After 1 hour and 45 mins of hard work.. what does everyone think of the new layout of my site?! I hope it doesn't screw up like the last template I tried to use which didn't let me load my blog from windows! So *crosses fingers*

Actually was looking for a doggie template because my original plan was to change template.. and then introduce the 4 extra family members we have (one of which is roaming around the house and disturbing Fina as she is trying to clean our rooms - HAHA!) But oh wells, guess this will have to do? Right? :P

Little updates about me since my last post:

1. Ran the dukethon and got 66th even after starting late by about 5 - 10 mins?! Haha! woohooo!!

2. Trying to prepare for my Half Mara in Singapore but that's going down the drain. Haven't had the time to train! :( and if I did, it was all used to catch up on sleep! :( So people pray that I don't die half way ya! Anyways, think I have my own ride sorted out when I reach the finish line.. *winks*

3. Went Go-Karting which left me a bruise on my freakin shoulder cause it was such a bumpy ride! It was fun nonetheless but I still don't think it's worth the money I paid. I could have bought shoes that could last me 2 years with that money! Haha! Oh wells... :P Here is just a photo of the whole group. Me being stupid again somehow managed to delete the ORIGINAL photo after uploading it into Facebook so I had to save the Facebook copy back into my computer and the quality of the photo deteriorated by like 10 times. *slaps hand to forehead*

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