Wednesday, 29th Sept 2010

I did it again. Yesterday morning, after my run, I got home and my mum was still at home. She then told me that she had to send me to work instead of my dad/driver because dad had to go to the airport. Instinctively, I started to rush through getting ready because my mum usually leaves the house at 6.45am just to get to work!! And her being home meant that she was late for work, had to send me to work and go through jam - yadah yadah yadah.. which would lead to her being unhappy. And trust me, nobody wants to piss off my mum. LOL!

So anyways, I went straight up to take a shower (usually I would procrastinate in front of my computer while I kinda cooled down). After shampoo-ing my hair, I reached out for the liquid soup and plasted the 'dop' of liquid soup which I had pressed out onto my hair. It was only after 2 seconds, did I realise that I was meant to either take the conditioner and do that.. OR use the liquid soup for my body. I quickly washed it off and did it the right way. :P

-The End-
Tuesday, 21th September 2010

Last day of Cambodia. We woke up early cause we wanted to get some stuff done before we headed off to the airport. Bf also decided to see if we could have our breakfast in the room this time instead of going to the bar. And it was possible! Only thing was we had to go and grab it on our own and bring it back to the office.

After breakfast and kinda packing everything up, we headed out to try and find the Seeing Hands massage parlour. A massage parlour where all the masseuse were all blind! From the lonely planet, a massage only costs about USD5-7! Which is like RM30! Haha! Where to find something like that here... hehhee.. :P

Place is kinda dodgy though. It's a small shop lot with 3 floors and possibly about 5 rooms with about 6 beds in them. 

Photo of bf and his masseuse. The uniforms we had to wear made us look like we were patients in a hospital. 

I actually thought that this place was kinda sad. I don't know.. just the fact that they're already blind and they have to do everything in their will just to survive. But I guess that's the good side as well... At least they're just not lying in the streets somewhere... Anyways... massage was.. erm.. painful! Haha.. they style they used was Japanese Shiatsu and it felt like they were poking in between my joints! 

Anyway, after our massage, we headed back to the hotel. Packed up a little bit more and then went out to get some food before we headed off to the airport. We went back to The Shop because we thought the food was quite nice and they had nice bread which bf really liked. 

Last photo of me on the day bed. 

Photo of the menu inside The Shop and we ordered:

A sausage and pear sandwhich. Sounds funny? Haha... taste was quite interesting though. Adds a little sweet flavour to every bite cause of the pear. 

A pasta salad... which my bf found a worm freakin' still moving in it while I was eating. Thank god i didn't actually eat it!!!! Bf took it back to the waiters and they were really nice about it. They offered to give us a replacement but we were kinda full because we had finished the sandwich and almost halfway through this one. Also, bf wanted to save space for the dessert which looked absolutely yummy! Oh, apparently reason there was a worm was because they don't use insecticides...

Photo of our chocolate mouse or fudge cake. I can't remember. But this was SOOOOOO yummy! It was sooooo rich! Not to mention sinful too! Hahaha.. :P

So that's that. Our 4 day holiday. Came and left so quickly. 

Next up? Korea in November! Wooohoo!! 

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Went to watch Resident Evil the other day in Tropicana City Mall. We saw that that there was a new ice cream place as we were going to the cinema so me and bf decided to check it out on the way home. 

Photo of front of shop

Close up of their menu...

They also had free tasting just like Baskin Robbins

They even had a cold slab so that u could mix and match ice creams or add your own toppings. This reminded me of Cold Rock Australia.. haha! my fav place just before I left Sydney. The only thing I kept looking out for when I saw this was whether they had Nutella! *yum* *on nom nom nom* but they didn't have.. :(

BF decided to the get the vanilla chocolate chip (i think) in a waffle basket. The waffle basket cost RM2 extra but since they were new, the had a 20% discount. 1 Scoop of ice cream came up to about RM5.90 I think. Ice cream tasted pretty good too! Thought it was not as sweet as Baskin Robbins! 

Sunday, 12 September 2010

*NB: Spoiler alert*

Resident Evil: Afterlife starring Milla Jovovich, and Ali Larter and Wentworth Miller (the Prison Break dude - *drool* Too bad - apparently he's gay! Booooo!!)

Movie begins with a voice over of Milla Jovovich and how the Umbrella corporation was researching on something called the T-Virus and it broke up killing everyone in the world.

I'm not sure if it's because I forgot the storyline of the first 3 movies or they did do a bad job because I felt that there were alot of things which were not explained. It then goes on to show how Milla Jovovich breaches the Umbrella corporation underground and it turns out that she has clones? Like alot of them as well. This is no. 1 of wtf?. Did they in any of the first 3 movies say anything of how she got cloned? Anyhow, she ends up getting injected with a serum that neutralises the T-Virus making her lose her super powers and making her human again. All this happened when she was on an airplane which then crashed but yet she still came out of the crash un-harmed. No. 2 of wtf? How that can happen when the freakin' planne really looked like it exploded to bits.

She then picks up a signal which indicates that there is a safe haven - a place which has no infection  and offers food and shelter. She meets Ali Larter which apparently they have met before (no. 3 of wtf? Did that happened in the earlier movies?) and Ali Larter had this contraption that looked like a spider that was attached to her heart - making her lose her memory. No. 4 of wtf? Haha.. they didn't even explain what the contraption was for! Anyhow, that safe haven wasn't much of safe haven.

They continue traveling together and they finally find a bunch of survivors living in a maximum security prison surrounded by zombies. No. 5 of wtf? The zombies now have suddenly evolved to be able to eat people with extra tenticles that come out of their mouth? The zombies I remembered earlier just bite people normally. Anyway, prison gets attacked and breached. They had this huge ass of a dude carrying a huge axe. No. 6 of wtf? Where the hell did this dude come from?! I roughly remember him from the last movie I think but wtf? Explain a bit la.. even 1 liner from Milla also can qua...

Milla Jojovich finally finds out exactly where this safe haven is and they all try to gwt to it. Once they are there, they realise that the signal for help was just a decoy by the Umbrella corp to get non infected humans to research on them. Aiyah, then the usual la.. fight fight fight, they manage to kill the baddie and they manage to free all the humans but then the umbrella corp finds out and sends like a bunch of helicopters after them.. then the movie ends.

Haha! What a way to definitely set it up for no. 5 rite? Anyway, actually thinking of getting all the movies before this to watch again .. hopefully can clear some of my wtfs... :P

Trailer of movie below..

Saturday, 11 September 2010

P/s: Blog full of photos!

Third day of Phnom Penh. Slept in a little bit today because we were not on a schedule. We wanted to go check out another temple called Wat Phnom which is apparently used for all formal ceremonies. We paid another 2USD to take us. We were surprised when we got there and to think that we were actually going to give this place a miss! It was once of the nicer temples that we have been too. It was surrounded by a well shaded park so the place wasn't as hot as other temples.

As the sign says, prepare to pay USD1 per person. Only thing is, not sure how they are going to differenciate you. LOL! I mean, okay la.. WE looked quite tourisy but what if we kinda dressed like them next time? Haha..

Staircase to the temple

We found an elephant. According to our driver, it's about USD20 PER RIDE! That's a freakin' rip off so we had to take photos from a far... too scared that they would even make us pay cause were taking photos up front. 

Hekekkekee... enough said. :P

Another photos of bf with the lion. 

Inside the main temple. There was HEAPS of statues!!

Saw this huge ass clock at the bottom of the temple. Bf there pretending to look at his watch.. :P 

Random monuments within the park. 

Opposite the temple, there was square that had only this statue right in the middle. We tried to find signs on what this place was or the person up there is but there weren't any. 

Us doing stupid shots. How can you not when there just soo much open space! Hehe.. :D

Anyway, after that, we wanted to find this massage place where apparently all the masseuse were blind. We checked the map and it was apparently like just around the corner. In the end, when we asked someone, they told us it was near the riverside which was about 15 walk away? Where exactly? We didn't know. We were completely lost already cause the map showed us someplace different. So we ended up walking the WHOLE riverside. I don't even remember how long it took us! It was just so hot and all I was concentrating on was "keep walking... keep walking! The faster we get to our destination, the better!" Haha! After walking the riverside for a bit and couldn't find the place, we gave up and decided to just go straight for lunch and check out this place where everyone keeps telling us to go. It was called the FCC.

Their menu. It kinda looked like it was printed on recycled paper and looked like a little boy had just scrunched up the menu and they passed it back to us... :P

View from where we were sitting.

There was nice cool breeze! Can you tell can you tell?! Both our hairs were blown to the back!

View from 1 more floor up

We ordered a Carbonara and also a Lamb pizza. Lamb pizza was quite interesting. Not your typical pizza where all you kinda taste is the cheese. 

After lunch, we headed to this other temple which was 5 minutes away. We asked a waiter once what that place was called and he told us it was the Silver Pagoda which we knew was part of the Royal Palace. We went to check it out only to realise that, that place couldn't be the Silver Pagoda. It was just another temple called Wat Tulao or something like that. :P 

We didn't stay long here. Just walked in.. took a coupla photos and went on our way. We wanted to head up the royal palace and also the Silver Pagoda despite everyone telling us that we might not be dressed correctly. On our way there, we saw that the roads were barricaded, then some tuk tuk driver came up to us saying that the Palace was closed today! I was so freakin' disappointed when he told me that! How could we come to a country and not visit the Royal Palace ESPECIALLY if the place is open to tourist. He then tried to persuade us to take us to all these other tourist spots which we went before so we didn't go in the end. We decided to just walk outside the Palace and to take photos of whatever we can. But we still saw ALOT of tourist people around. We then decided to ask one the guards and sure enough, the palace wasn't closed! WTF! Stupid tuk tuk driver tried to con us so that we would follow him around!

Anyways, so we went in. What we were wearing was fine. Slippers are okay too for your info. It cost us USD12.50 for both of us to get in though! It's USD3 for the palace, another USD2 for the Silver Pagoda and then apparently if you're bringing in a camera it costs another USD2! So I went in and snapped all the photos I could!

This was taken from the outside.

They had a freakin' mini garden which you had to walk through just to get to the actual grounds!

Us with the royal palace behind us. 

If he gets the lion statues.. I get the snakes! LOL! too bad I only started mine on the 3rd day of the trip. Haha!

Restricted area behind us. Probs where royalty were actually living. 

Thought this was fantastic! They had a model of what Angkor Wat looks like nearer the exit of the Royal Palace! The model was so intricate and detailed - it was amazing!

It started to rain as we were halfway through walking so didn't get to see as much as we could I thought. We then walked home in the rain because it was only about a 10 minute walk and we refused to pay the tuk tuk driver any money considering that we were already wet!

P/s: Gahh!! if you guys want to see more photos.. check out my facebook! They've already been uploaded! LOL! Was actually getting quite lazy to upload the photos here! Haha! :P

And for dinner, we decided to try some Khmer food! Would have been better if there were more people so that we could try other stuff but oh wells. We went this place called the Sugar Palm and we ordered the Fish Amok (apparently Cambodian's unique curry - left) and a Pomelo Salad. Fish Amok kinda tasted like Otak Otak and the Pomelo salad.. well.. don't think u can go very wrong there. It was quite yummy.. Pomelo was quite sweet and they had tiny bits of prawn and also salted fish I think in it. BF ordered a Vodka Espresso which I thought tasted nasty!

Friday, 10th September 2010

Woke up the next morning early-ish because we had hired a taxi for USD25 to take us out to the Choeung Ek killing fields which was about 15km away, the Russian market, and also the S-21 Tuol Sleng Gencide Museum. So we got ready, and headed out to have our breakfast which was already included with the hotel stay. We were served with 2 kinds of bread, butter and passion fruit jam, choice of coffee or tea, and also a juice.

Although 15km, the roads in Phnom Penh are still quite small and most of the time, they are single lanes each way, so, it took us about 30 mins to get there. Expect to pay USD2 per person to get in. For those who don't know, the Cheung Ek killing fields was and is still is the grave for thousands of people who died during the Khmer Rouge era. Reason I say "is still a grave" is because out of the 129 graves, only about 86 has been excavated. This totals to 8,985 bodies recovered. Apparently there was a total of 17,000 who were executed during that period.

Bf in front of the Memorial Stupa. The first thing you see as you walk in through the entrance. Built in 1988 and holds all the bone fragments of the bodies excavated behind glass panels. Said to have about 17 levels housing the clothes of the victims in the lowest level, and skulls in the next few levels, and the various other body parts in the top few levels.

Photo of the skulls close up

These skulls were belonged to females 15 - 20 years old... 

Area where they have already excavated the graves. Can't really tell from the photos but basically there are holes on the ground. Bodies were just dumped into these holes and just covered up later.

Pieces of bone fragments after the excavation

This was once a grave for more than 100 women. Most of which they found naked when excavating. 

Random plot on the ground. Unsure what this was but found it quite interesting. It had little bumps on it. Only thing I could think of was could this be the graves for the babies they killed?

Mass grave with 166 bodies found - headless. If not mistaken these people were the ones who were traitors to their own kind. 

The tree which was used by executioners to beat the children to death. 

Once we done with our rounds outside. There was a seperate building where they had more information regarding the place - kinda like a museum in which they had a video room where they had would showcase a documentary of what happened. 

After this, we headed to the Russian Market. It was about another 20 minute ride. Again, this place ended up like another mini version of Jatujak. Although we did not want to shop, we thought that since we were there, we should just walk around anyways. Bf did manage to get a back scratcher for about USD3 I think if I remember correctly. It was made of nice dark solid wood though. 

Next, we headed to the S-21 Tuol Sleng Gencide Museum - formerly a school which was then turned into a detention/torture centre. Place was divided into 4 buildings - A,B,C D. 

Photos from entrance in. There was kinda like a court yard in the middle.

Building A was pretty much for jailing, interrogation, and torture. I did not dare that any photos of the actual rooms/cells because I was actually quite eerie-ed out and was worried that I might see something with my camera. But inside these rooms were all the old bed frames and also photos of the dead - after being tortured. 

Building B. Can't quite remember what they used this building for but I don't think it's very different. :S  Building was all barbed wired so that the prisoners could not try to escape especially from the 2nd/3rd floor to try and get the easy way out. 

Building C was where they kept all the prisoners. Ground floor was made out of bricks, 1st floor was made out of wood and 3rd floor was the mass detention rooms. Again, barb wire was used to prevent victims from commiting suicide. 

One of the only photos I took INSIDE the rooms. Only did it cause I saw this white lady snapping away on her camera. Each cell had a chain attached to the floor.

And building D had become a memory/actual museum. They had all the photos of all the victims. Most before but some after torture. They also showed us some of the instruments used for torture. 

Once we were done, we got our driver to take us back to near-ish our hotel for food. We tried this place called Tamarind bar which again happened to be on the Lonely planet. Food was not bad and the portions were decently sized that we could not finish and had to take away. It was close the 'The Shop' with the bread, so we decided to get some bread to eat with our left over later.

We went back to hotel to rest a little and waited for the sun to come down so that we could hang out in the pool area. Btw, me and bf finished the whole season 4 of Dexter while we were on this trip. Haha! Okay, maybe not all, we were left with like 2 episodes or something. :P 

At night, we decided to check out the biggest and the only casino hotel in Phnom Penh called Naga World who is apparently own by a Malaysian. We decided to go have dinner at this Fusion place. Once we got in, only did we realise that they were doing a buffet dinner. Me and bf decided to go for it. It cost us USD16 each! *ouch* rite? Like so expensive. But me and bf said, "what the hell, we're on a holiday". Food was only so-so. There weren't as many choices as we thought they had but okay la. At least ate till we were busting in our pants. :P Then, we headed down to the casino where we played the 10c roulette machine table! Haha! We lost about USD10 in the end but that lasted us about 1.5 hours! 

By the time we left and got back to the hotel, it was about 11 ish. And 1 thing we realised was that pretty much the streets were empty! To get into our hotel, we had to get the security guard to come and open up the main door because it was locked!

Anyway, then it was wash up and time to sleep... :D  

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