22 December 2010

Short and sweet one because I know if I don't blog about it now. I'll never do it.

Was in the car on the way to meet my family for dinner. Bf picked me up from work cause he took half a day off. He was texting/working in the car still though. Out of a sudden, he asked how do you spell "outlet". So I spelt it for him:


I knew straight up what was happening - he was using predictor text on his Nokia phone and the word "outlet" was not getting picked up. He then continue to ask whats a "moulet"

I proudly said it's a "mou lei" (think canto) with a mullet!

Hahahahahaha!!! I cracked up laughing and in fact am still laughing at myself. :P I dunno.. maybe I was just high that time.. :P

For those who don't understand "mou lei"? Well - I can't really explain to you also. So help anyone who is reading this? :P

P/s: Other random fact? I'm hungry and it's 12.40am now. :(
20th December 2010

Sorry been M.I.A again. It's been close to 1 month with no updates! Time really flies! Last week at work, I kept thinking that it was only at w/c 6th December and kept giving deadlines for end of w/c 13th when usually it would take about a week to get proposals out the door.

Anyways - better late than never rite? Here's a brief run-down of the Korea trip (if I can remember).

Day 1
Arrived at Korea around 7ish in the morning. Had to wait for the longest time at the airport because there was a bunch of us that got stuck in the immigration. After that, we headed straight to the DMZ Zone.

Before we could get into the zone, we had to get our ID's checked. Managed to sneek a picture of the dude coming onto our bus.

Monto & Superpig @ the observatory tower. There was a yellow line where the photographers were not allowed to cross. Behind them were a line of telescopes which allowed you to look over to the North Korean side.

After this, we were then taken to see the tunnels which the North Koreans tried to dig their way to South Korea. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed there so there's nothing for me to show. 

After that, they took us to a abandoned (well, at least I think it was because there was no one there at all) train station called Dorasan. Apparently they are going to make this the national train station because it was going to connect both South and North Korea.


By the time we finished this, we was past 1PM. All of us were starving. We then headed to our lunch spot where we had Mushroom hot pot. Thank god there was other stuff I could eat (ie. meat, and all the sides).

Photo of our hotopot. Yummers! Think we were all just very hungry.

Photo of freedom bridge which was right outside our lunch area. Place is called Imjingak. LOL! I kept laughing at the name because it reminds me of "mhm jin gak" like not "jin gak" in Cantonese? Haha! Okay - maybe I syok sendiri :P 

After all that, they took us to Dae Jeong Gum's set. Everything looked kinda run down already though. Kinda sad because it was such an iconic movie and they couldn't even spend a little to keep the place running. Some random photos of the place below:

After that, the tour took us to some shopping area which looked kinda high class. We didn't get much time in that area. Plus - didn't look like they had alot of things to see. So didn't get anything. Me and Lee Fen, ended up in the supermarket buying snacks! Haha!

This was during dinner. Pork hotpot! Tasted kinda like lunch though. So was not very impressed. 

So there it is. Day 1 of Korea. Will post more soon! :P
Monday, 29th November 2010 - 11.22pm.

Just finished work and got home not long ago. So thought, what better way to just kill my 20 mins of time before I go to bed - so here I am... :P

Had to take my mum to Jusco Midvalley the other day because apparently she always gets lost in shopping malls and doesn't know where she ends up parking etc. So as we were walking to Jusco in the lower ground area which links Gardens and Midvalley. We saw a new store open. It was called Ireland's Potato. 

Me - being a huge fan of potato obviously was intrigued. All they pretty much served were french fries with various sauces/toppings. I stared at the menu the longest time and finally decided with my mum to try.  I wanted to be adventurous and try something different and not like have just cheese sauce on top, so we tried what they called the "Ireland Chicken Sauce" (if not mistaken - forgotten already.. :P sorry). They were not cheap. It was at least RM8.80 for a cup of fries and that was already the cheapest.
Interior of the place. Not very big. Left photo - tables and some benchtops. Their "kitchen" was situated on the right of the left photo (lol.. confusing kah?). Right photo was what they had plastered on the wall right at the back of the shop.

My Sauce

Left photo is how big the cup was. And right photo was how much fries we got plus our sauce. 

Overall, I thought my sauce tasted quite yummy although would have loved to have more of it. The sauce made my fries soggy and for those that know me, that's my favourite kind. However, having to pay RM8.80 for it? I think that's extremely expensive considering it's just potato at the end of the day. And my chicken bits in the sauce was quite close to nothing. Definitely not something I would go and buy all the time considering how much I like potato chips. Me and mum think it'll just be something everyone would try once and not try again because of the price. If it was priced cheaper at RM5ish, then maybe it's something I would consider to buy each time I passed it.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Decided to go Pak Toh with bf yesterday since getting back from Korea. While waiting for him to finish work, I went surfing the net trying to find things to eat. We always have this problem of deciding what to eat so I thought I'd do a little bit of homework before driving around aimlessly again and end up eating in the same places. :P

After looking for about 15 minutes, I found this Vietnamese place in The Curve called Pho Hoa. I thought why not - let's go try. I haven't had my Vietnamese fix probably since I got back from Australia which was about close to 2 years now (holy crap! It's going to be 2 years! WTF! Means I haven't seen my beloved NmC for so long!! *nostalgic moment* *flash back*) and I used to eat this stuff almost once a week because there was a place which served quite decent pho near my place in Aus.

Anyway, below is what we ordered:

 Vietnamese Drip Coffee with Milk and Ice. I have never seen this before! So, when it came, you should have seen me! I was so jakun! my bf can vouch for that. Haha! We had to wait for the coffee to finish dripping first. Stir it with the condense milk at the bottom and pour it over ice. Top it with more water if you did not want it to be too strong. It was really good! Coffee smell was nice and had just the right amount of condense milk and water!

For appetisers, bf ordered grilled chicken skewers. That was just alright - nothing to shout about. It came with sweet sauce as well but think it tasted better without. 

Lastly - photo my of pho. Had the steak and meatball pho. The soup was really good! Comparable to the ones I get in Aus. But the noodles was a bit disappointing. That was the first thing I noticed when I got my bowl of noodles. It was thin-ish noodles. I didn't even know what kind they were. They just looked similar to "lou shu fun". :P I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong with my bowl of noodles because the soup was amazing. So am guessing it because I didn't like the noodle itself very much.

So for 2 bowls of regular noodles, 2 drinks, and 1 appetiser, our bill came up to RM50. Pricey if you asked me. Food was average however if you are craving pho and need your fix, think this is the only place I've been too.
Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Remember the time when I said I have a mission to go around all the airports to see how much their Burger King cost? I first started this mission during my Bankok, Thailand trip here.

So here's my 2nd encounter on the way back from Seoul.  Actually, I totally forgot about my mission myself until I saw this. And I was like "shit.. now I HAVE to eat Burger King"

 So I checked out the menu and order a Bacom Double Cheese burger. Ordered it because it reminded me of the Bacon Deluxe in Australia. One of my most favourite burger of all time. Always feel sick after but it's the most satisfying feeling ever! Haha!

 Picture of me meal. Somehow looks pathetic? Is it cause it laid on a piece of white paper instead of the colour branded Burger King paper?

 My measly 2 slices of bacon. 

Overall, the burger felt quite normal. Lacked the mayo which came with the Bacon Deluxe back in Aus. As for the fries, felt that it was quite bland and hard. For those that know me will know that I love soggy fries and also salty stuff. But I think Korean food in general is very bland - ie. no salt, no pepper. Just depend on the natural taste of the ingredients used.

Now, how much did this meal cost?

Seven freakin' thousand won!

That's equivalent to close to RM21!! I guess the Bangkok one was still more expensive but I think I had more satisfaction eating the Bangkok Burger King. The burger felt slightly bigger, fries were soggy and actually salty.

What I forgot to try is the KLIA Burger King. Is there even one? I will make sure I remember next time. :D
Monday, 15 November 2010

This is probably my first actual post for the month. Well after Tuesday night and a week from that, I'll have plenty to post about! Fingers crossed I don't get lazy because Korea - here I come! Woohoo!

Anyway, went to watch Skyline today at Tropicana City Mall. Without much further a due - trailer below:


Looks kinda cool huh? Well, what you see on the trailer is pretty much you get - both in the poster and in the trailer! Wait - except for the part the newscasters were talking about Stephen Hawkin. I wished there was so much intellectual dialogue in the movie! :S WTF! The script was so bad! It's like they HAD to make the characters talk to each other when they were stranded in the apartment, so they thought "hey... let's chuck a couple of useless lines here.. and here.. and HERE!". I'm not even going to bother giving a spoiler alert because everyone should really know what happens in the end so that nobody goes and waste their time watching this show! :S 

They had a pretty good cast though - Eric Balfour, Donald Faison (dude from scrubs), David Zayas (dude from Dexter). But what they did with the movie - my god! I seriously hope it doesn't kill their movie career.

But yea - gist of story? Aliens came, pretty much took over the whole world, used human brains as "power" for all kind - from powering themselves to machinery/spaceship. 

Eric Balfour, who was somehow "the one" managed to gain super strength. Not sure if it's because he managed to fight his way out of getting sucked into the aliens - not once but TWICE! But when the aliens tried to use his brain to power up one of their little alien buddies - he managed to keep himself conscious as a human (although in a alien body) and save his girlfriend and unborn child from dying. And that's pretty much how it ended - him taking on all the other aliens. 


Dingy - you should pay us for going to teman you to watch this movie. :P
Getting sick! Sore throat hurts like a b*tch! Can't get sick! Heading off to Korea next week!

Yes - that is all I have today. Thanks for dropping by. :P

Tuesday, 26th October

Woah.. First I don't blog for like weeks and now I've been doing it 4 days in a row?! Got to be some record. :P

Anyhow, just a short one before I head out for the night. During lunch today I went to get myself some lunch. Tapao-ed nasi lemak from this orange van in front of our building which happens to also be in front of 7-11. Decided to get a drink from 7-11 and so I walked in. Got my drink and back to my office building. Halfway through, it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't paid for my drink! I quickly scuttled my way back to 7-11, worried that someone in there might suddenly realise and call the guards after me.

Once I got in, trying to not look like an idiot and head straight for the cashier (because that would look so dodge - bringing a can from OUTSIDE). I pretended to take a walk around 7-11 and THEN head for the cashier. ROFL.

Haha! Was too engrossed in what I was thinking about that I totally forgot to pay! Haha! Luckily I didn't get caught. :P
Monday, 25 October 2010

So there you go - the chronology order of all my phones. I didn't think much of a phone last time. When I was back in highschool, they were just so that I could message/call me parents when I was out and needed a lift home. When I was in Australia, it was more to just keep in touch with friends.

Then, when I first got back to Malaysia in 2009, I finally felt the need to have wifi. I wanted to be cool like those kids in Starbucks where they spent most of their time at. This was also my first encounter of a touch screen phone.

And earlier this year, my brother in law bought a new blackberry and asked if I wanted to have his old one. I was hesitant. I didn't know what the hype was about having blackberry. It was only a month of 2 ago did I hear/know of the term called the crack berry and that all the blackberry users could not live without it. I was thinking:
1) Qwerty? Bleah, who needs that when I can type sms' with just 1 finger on the normal keypads!
2) Sync email - so what? I can always check my emails when I'm on the computer which is 24/7 anyways.
3) Bbm - So what? I'm on MSN 24/7! Even more so with my current job! :P Plus, who do I know that has a blackberry for me to bbm with anyway!

Anyhow, finally gave in and decided to give it a try. And now? I can't live without my phone! The qwerty keypads are so much easier to use! I don't have to check gmail aymore and bbm! I can't live without my bbm! Apparently I knew more people with a blackberry than I thought I did! Suddenly, I was the happiest blackberry user. I didn't care if my model was old and none of my colleagues even knew what model it was. Most of them thought that I had a cool cover change! ROFL! :P

When the iphone4 was launched, my brother tried to brainwash me to get the phone. He planted thoughts in my head saying that "whatever the blackberry can do, the iPhone4 can do it better" with mostly more aps la... which was one of my biggest pull. But after much debate, mental struggle and torutre, I finally decided and took my stand! I was not going to succumb and convert to an iphone user! I saw the light! The blackberry torch showed me the light! Muahahahahaha.... geddit geddit? Torch - light? :P okay.. nvm.. maybe I syok sendiri again.. hahaha..!

ANYWAYS, THEN, I heard a little white man screaming that Celcom will be first to launch the phone end of this month with plans as low as RM50 a month! Their plan includes:

- 15 sen call rate to any number. Nothing complicated;
- Automatic discounts every month
- up to 30% discounts the more you use
- FREE Celcom Broadband Basic Plan for 1 month

Now, with the 3.2" interactive touchscreen (which allows you to do the same pinchng motion to zoom; and rotational display), 5MB camera with flash and image stabilser; video recording, etc., it's my turn to say "whatever a iphone can do, a blackberry can do it too!" Hehehhehee.... =)

So take that apple! *humph!*

(P/s: Don't get me wrong, Apple - have nothing against your products. Love your ipod range and cannot live without it!)

(Pp/s: my parents now own a iphone 4 each! How can I lose to them by having an older phone?!)
Sunday, 24 October 2010

Saw the number of blogs I have done in the past month and got a shock of my life! Didn't think I was that far behind in blogging! LOL! So quickly started this post. But once again, this happened like maybe 3 weeks ago! Even before my Nike Run. :P

Me, sister, and brother in law went to go and pick up our Nike run stuff in town. After picking it up, we decided to head to Pavilion for lunch. We didn't know what to eat so we just went down to the food level first to kinda scout out what there was. We passed this:

There was a menu on the font and on this menu, they opened to the page of a picture of a blueberry pancake! Oh boy! Did that look good! After much debate, we decided to give this place a try and sat down. 

We ordered:
1) Pancake with sausages
2) Waffle with chocolate and peanut butter sauce
3) "THE" Blueberry pancake
4) Halo halo - Philippines Ice Kacang. So am guessing this chain is from the Philippines. 

And this is what came out:

Pancakes with sausage. Check out the size of the sausage. :S

Lol! Brother in law could fit all the sausages onto the fork. We each had 1 in 1 bite and they were gone! :( We actually paid more for this as well cause it had "sausages"

Halo halo - not bad but on the sweet side. 

Waffle with chocolate and peanut butter. Not enough chocolate and the waffle was not a waffle. It was more like a pancake with waffle patterns. :S

Didn't manage to get a picture of blueberry pancake that made us decide to eat in this place. Albeit the food was not bad, it was nothing to shout about. The sausages and the waffle was kinda a turn off as well. So don't think we'll be coming back here again. 
Friday, 22 October 2010

(Wah! This is way overdue - sorry guys!)

So I went for the Nike City 10km run like freakin' 2 weeks ago! It was my first official run in like the longest time.

Anyways, got up at 5.30 because sister said she was going to pick me up at 6am. Was wondering why so early because the race only started at 7.15 but I didn't question. :P It turned out that they were aiming for 6 because they knew they were late. Think they only came to pick me up at about 6.20-6.30am. So I fell back asleep (in my running gear) while waiting for them. Haha!

Brother in law dropped us off because he didn't join but he went for his usual running route. I wished I had a camera because there were a couple of things I would have loved to take! But I never run with anything besides my ipod and keys (if i had to drive).

1. There was this uncle and auntie that had (I-shit-you-not) Princess Leia hairdos made with towels!! ROFL! Haha! I guess that's the new in-thing to keep sweat from your face??
2. Our t-shirts were all neon yellow. So once the street lights were switched off, we were all glowing!! Cause there was still only minimal light, it wasn't that obvious but was imagining that if the lights went off earlier, it would have been so cool!!!

Stole the above photo from Nike Malaysia's twitter page.  Check out all the people! Quite cool huh?

I quite enjoyed the run. I think it's because it's a new route and there are new things to see. Getting on and off the elevated highway was pretty cool because you kinda run out into the open and see everything in the horizon in front of you. Although, the hills in and out the elevated highway were pretty tough as well (for me la at least). The other thing I din quite like about the route was the part where we had to go through a tunnel and they didn't block off the other side of traffic so we had to inhale fumes as we were running through it. I could see that everyone was actually running faster to get past the tunnel to get some fresh air!

Anyways, results came in today and because I can't remember how to print screen for the life of me on mac and I'm too tired to figure it out, I'm not going to post the screenshot. Although I would really like too though. Anyway! I managed to finish in 1 hour 3 minutes!! woohooo! And I think I was probably in the rear end of the pack so I might potentially have finished in 1 hour 2 minutes which I am very happy with! The last run I did which was the energizer run, I finished in 1 hour 5 mins! So improvement for me! Yay! Also, did rough calcs that IF (just IF), I manage to keep this pace for my half mara, I would be able to finish within 2 hours 15 mins which is what I'm aiming for!

Here's a photo of our finisher "medal". Cool huh? Another thing which I thought was unique for Nike. All the other runs, they just give you an actual medal, which I'm not complaining - because I get to keep track of my accomplishments; just that this was something different and unique! Mine was a  different one. I wonder where the characters are from though. Haven't seen them before! Only way to make this finisher "medal" cooler? Maybe have inscriptions on it to SAY that it's a NIKE 10km run finisher so that other people who see it will know straight up what it is.

P/s: was too lazy to take a picture of mine and couldn't be bothered anymore in the end cause this post is way overdue! LOL...
Tuesday, 5th October 2010

Yes - you read it right! I have 4 jobs! Haha! Sound like damn real like that right? Well... what's been up?

Job No. 1 - Runner by Morning
Have been trying to train up for my half in Singapore in December so I have pumped up the running again. Managed to get my momentum/steam going and am finally back to 3 times a week with close to 25kms in total. Next race is actually the Nike City 10KM run this weekend. Haven't officially been in a run in a long time. The last time was probably the Energizer night race.

Photo of me in the last Stan Chart Singapore.
Finished the Singapore Stan Chart half mara in 2 hours 40 mins if not mistaken. But aim for this year's is 2 hours 15 minutes! 5 minutes shaved off from my finishing time in the KL Stan Chart

Job No. 2 - Media Planner by Day (and Mostly Nights)
Yes - still working as a digital media Planner in GroupM. Only reason why I have the time to blog now? Somehow the documents which I sent to myself at work did not come through so do not have ANY of what I need to do.. *FML*. So have to wake up extra early tomorrow to get into work to finish up! 

Job No. 3 - Entrepreneur by Night
For those who don't know. Me and my sister have started our own little business. Pretty Baby Bump. We recently expanded to sell baby clothes as well. Sample of one of the products we carry. Ain't it cute?! So yea - at nights, when I do not have to work, I just sit around to see where I can blast my link too so that I can get the awareness of my brand out there! :P *hint hint - cue nudge to whoever that is reading this for help*

Carter's Ice Cream Sleeveless Onesie
So if anyone is interested, you can order directly from the website. Or if you are just looking for updates, do join our Facebook page!

Job No. 4 - Blogger by Midnight
So - here I am. Haha! Blogging cause I finally have the time. Run = went this morning. Work = didn't bring home so tomorrow I die. Website = update all products and can't think of anything else to do. :P Hehe..

Till my next post? Wait till I've done all of the other 3 first again la. Hehehe....
Wednesday, 29th Sept 2010

I did it again. Yesterday morning, after my run, I got home and my mum was still at home. She then told me that she had to send me to work instead of my dad/driver because dad had to go to the airport. Instinctively, I started to rush through getting ready because my mum usually leaves the house at 6.45am just to get to work!! And her being home meant that she was late for work, had to send me to work and go through jam - yadah yadah yadah.. which would lead to her being unhappy. And trust me, nobody wants to piss off my mum. LOL!

So anyways, I went straight up to take a shower (usually I would procrastinate in front of my computer while I kinda cooled down). After shampoo-ing my hair, I reached out for the liquid soup and plasted the 'dop' of liquid soup which I had pressed out onto my hair. It was only after 2 seconds, did I realise that I was meant to either take the conditioner and do that.. OR use the liquid soup for my body. I quickly washed it off and did it the right way. :P

-The End-
Tuesday, 21th September 2010

Last day of Cambodia. We woke up early cause we wanted to get some stuff done before we headed off to the airport. Bf also decided to see if we could have our breakfast in the room this time instead of going to the bar. And it was possible! Only thing was we had to go and grab it on our own and bring it back to the office.

After breakfast and kinda packing everything up, we headed out to try and find the Seeing Hands massage parlour. A massage parlour where all the masseuse were all blind! From the lonely planet, a massage only costs about USD5-7! Which is like RM30! Haha! Where to find something like that here... hehhee.. :P

Place is kinda dodgy though. It's a small shop lot with 3 floors and possibly about 5 rooms with about 6 beds in them. 

Photo of bf and his masseuse. The uniforms we had to wear made us look like we were patients in a hospital. 

I actually thought that this place was kinda sad. I don't know.. just the fact that they're already blind and they have to do everything in their will just to survive. But I guess that's the good side as well... At least they're just not lying in the streets somewhere... Anyways... massage was.. erm.. painful! Haha.. they style they used was Japanese Shiatsu and it felt like they were poking in between my joints! 

Anyway, after our massage, we headed back to the hotel. Packed up a little bit more and then went out to get some food before we headed off to the airport. We went back to The Shop because we thought the food was quite nice and they had nice bread which bf really liked. 

Last photo of me on the day bed. 

Photo of the menu inside The Shop and we ordered:

A sausage and pear sandwhich. Sounds funny? Haha... taste was quite interesting though. Adds a little sweet flavour to every bite cause of the pear. 

A pasta salad... which my bf found a worm freakin' still moving in it while I was eating. Thank god i didn't actually eat it!!!! Bf took it back to the waiters and they were really nice about it. They offered to give us a replacement but we were kinda full because we had finished the sandwich and almost halfway through this one. Also, bf wanted to save space for the dessert which looked absolutely yummy! Oh, apparently reason there was a worm was because they don't use insecticides...

Photo of our chocolate mouse or fudge cake. I can't remember. But this was SOOOOOO yummy! It was sooooo rich! Not to mention sinful too! Hahaha.. :P

So that's that. Our 4 day holiday. Came and left so quickly. 

Next up? Korea in November! Wooohoo!! 

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Went to watch Resident Evil the other day in Tropicana City Mall. We saw that that there was a new ice cream place as we were going to the cinema so me and bf decided to check it out on the way home. 

Photo of front of shop

Close up of their menu...

They also had free tasting just like Baskin Robbins

They even had a cold slab so that u could mix and match ice creams or add your own toppings. This reminded me of Cold Rock Australia.. haha! my fav place just before I left Sydney. The only thing I kept looking out for when I saw this was whether they had Nutella! *yum* *on nom nom nom* but they didn't have.. :(

BF decided to the get the vanilla chocolate chip (i think) in a waffle basket. The waffle basket cost RM2 extra but since they were new, the had a 20% discount. 1 Scoop of ice cream came up to about RM5.90 I think. Ice cream tasted pretty good too! Thought it was not as sweet as Baskin Robbins! 

Sunday, 12 September 2010

*NB: Spoiler alert*

Resident Evil: Afterlife starring Milla Jovovich, and Ali Larter and Wentworth Miller (the Prison Break dude - *drool* Too bad - apparently he's gay! Booooo!!)

Movie begins with a voice over of Milla Jovovich and how the Umbrella corporation was researching on something called the T-Virus and it broke up killing everyone in the world.

I'm not sure if it's because I forgot the storyline of the first 3 movies or they did do a bad job because I felt that there were alot of things which were not explained. It then goes on to show how Milla Jovovich breaches the Umbrella corporation underground and it turns out that she has clones? Like alot of them as well. This is no. 1 of wtf?. Did they in any of the first 3 movies say anything of how she got cloned? Anyhow, she ends up getting injected with a serum that neutralises the T-Virus making her lose her super powers and making her human again. All this happened when she was on an airplane which then crashed but yet she still came out of the crash un-harmed. No. 2 of wtf? How that can happen when the freakin' planne really looked like it exploded to bits.

She then picks up a signal which indicates that there is a safe haven - a place which has no infection  and offers food and shelter. She meets Ali Larter which apparently they have met before (no. 3 of wtf? Did that happened in the earlier movies?) and Ali Larter had this contraption that looked like a spider that was attached to her heart - making her lose her memory. No. 4 of wtf? Haha.. they didn't even explain what the contraption was for! Anyhow, that safe haven wasn't much of safe haven.

They continue traveling together and they finally find a bunch of survivors living in a maximum security prison surrounded by zombies. No. 5 of wtf? The zombies now have suddenly evolved to be able to eat people with extra tenticles that come out of their mouth? The zombies I remembered earlier just bite people normally. Anyway, prison gets attacked and breached. They had this huge ass of a dude carrying a huge axe. No. 6 of wtf? Where the hell did this dude come from?! I roughly remember him from the last movie I think but wtf? Explain a bit la.. even 1 liner from Milla also can qua...

Milla Jojovich finally finds out exactly where this safe haven is and they all try to gwt to it. Once they are there, they realise that the signal for help was just a decoy by the Umbrella corp to get non infected humans to research on them. Aiyah, then the usual la.. fight fight fight, they manage to kill the baddie and they manage to free all the humans but then the umbrella corp finds out and sends like a bunch of helicopters after them.. then the movie ends.

Haha! What a way to definitely set it up for no. 5 rite? Anyway, actually thinking of getting all the movies before this to watch again .. hopefully can clear some of my wtfs... :P

Trailer of movie below..

Saturday, 11 September 2010

P/s: Blog full of photos!

Third day of Phnom Penh. Slept in a little bit today because we were not on a schedule. We wanted to go check out another temple called Wat Phnom which is apparently used for all formal ceremonies. We paid another 2USD to take us. We were surprised when we got there and to think that we were actually going to give this place a miss! It was once of the nicer temples that we have been too. It was surrounded by a well shaded park so the place wasn't as hot as other temples.

As the sign says, prepare to pay USD1 per person. Only thing is, not sure how they are going to differenciate you. LOL! I mean, okay la.. WE looked quite tourisy but what if we kinda dressed like them next time? Haha..

Staircase to the temple

We found an elephant. According to our driver, it's about USD20 PER RIDE! That's a freakin' rip off so we had to take photos from a far... too scared that they would even make us pay cause were taking photos up front. 

Hekekkekee... enough said. :P

Another photos of bf with the lion. 

Inside the main temple. There was HEAPS of statues!!

Saw this huge ass clock at the bottom of the temple. Bf there pretending to look at his watch.. :P 

Random monuments within the park. 

Opposite the temple, there was square that had only this statue right in the middle. We tried to find signs on what this place was or the person up there is but there weren't any. 

Us doing stupid shots. How can you not when there just soo much open space! Hehe.. :D

Anyway, after that, we wanted to find this massage place where apparently all the masseuse were blind. We checked the map and it was apparently like just around the corner. In the end, when we asked someone, they told us it was near the riverside which was about 15 walk away? Where exactly? We didn't know. We were completely lost already cause the map showed us someplace different. So we ended up walking the WHOLE riverside. I don't even remember how long it took us! It was just so hot and all I was concentrating on was "keep walking... keep walking! The faster we get to our destination, the better!" Haha! After walking the riverside for a bit and couldn't find the place, we gave up and decided to just go straight for lunch and check out this place where everyone keeps telling us to go. It was called the FCC.

Their menu. It kinda looked like it was printed on recycled paper and looked like a little boy had just scrunched up the menu and they passed it back to us... :P

View from where we were sitting.

There was nice cool breeze! Can you tell can you tell?! Both our hairs were blown to the back!

View from 1 more floor up

We ordered a Carbonara and also a Lamb pizza. Lamb pizza was quite interesting. Not your typical pizza where all you kinda taste is the cheese. 

After lunch, we headed to this other temple which was 5 minutes away. We asked a waiter once what that place was called and he told us it was the Silver Pagoda which we knew was part of the Royal Palace. We went to check it out only to realise that, that place couldn't be the Silver Pagoda. It was just another temple called Wat Tulao or something like that. :P 

We didn't stay long here. Just walked in.. took a coupla photos and went on our way. We wanted to head up the royal palace and also the Silver Pagoda despite everyone telling us that we might not be dressed correctly. On our way there, we saw that the roads were barricaded, then some tuk tuk driver came up to us saying that the Palace was closed today! I was so freakin' disappointed when he told me that! How could we come to a country and not visit the Royal Palace ESPECIALLY if the place is open to tourist. He then tried to persuade us to take us to all these other tourist spots which we went before so we didn't go in the end. We decided to just walk outside the Palace and to take photos of whatever we can. But we still saw ALOT of tourist people around. We then decided to ask one the guards and sure enough, the palace wasn't closed! WTF! Stupid tuk tuk driver tried to con us so that we would follow him around!

Anyways, so we went in. What we were wearing was fine. Slippers are okay too for your info. It cost us USD12.50 for both of us to get in though! It's USD3 for the palace, another USD2 for the Silver Pagoda and then apparently if you're bringing in a camera it costs another USD2! So I went in and snapped all the photos I could!

This was taken from the outside.

They had a freakin' mini garden which you had to walk through just to get to the actual grounds!

Us with the royal palace behind us. 

If he gets the lion statues.. I get the snakes! LOL! too bad I only started mine on the 3rd day of the trip. Haha!

Restricted area behind us. Probs where royalty were actually living. 

Thought this was fantastic! They had a model of what Angkor Wat looks like nearer the exit of the Royal Palace! The model was so intricate and detailed - it was amazing!

It started to rain as we were halfway through walking so didn't get to see as much as we could I thought. We then walked home in the rain because it was only about a 10 minute walk and we refused to pay the tuk tuk driver any money considering that we were already wet!

P/s: Gahh!! if you guys want to see more photos.. check out my facebook! They've already been uploaded! LOL! Was actually getting quite lazy to upload the photos here! Haha! :P

And for dinner, we decided to try some Khmer food! Would have been better if there were more people so that we could try other stuff but oh wells. We went this place called the Sugar Palm and we ordered the Fish Amok (apparently Cambodian's unique curry - left) and a Pomelo Salad. Fish Amok kinda tasted like Otak Otak and the Pomelo salad.. well.. don't think u can go very wrong there. It was quite yummy.. Pomelo was quite sweet and they had tiny bits of prawn and also salted fish I think in it. BF ordered a Vodka Espresso which I thought tasted nasty!

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