Monday, 29th November 2010 - 11.22pm.

Just finished work and got home not long ago. So thought, what better way to just kill my 20 mins of time before I go to bed - so here I am... :P

Had to take my mum to Jusco Midvalley the other day because apparently she always gets lost in shopping malls and doesn't know where she ends up parking etc. So as we were walking to Jusco in the lower ground area which links Gardens and Midvalley. We saw a new store open. It was called Ireland's Potato. 

Me - being a huge fan of potato obviously was intrigued. All they pretty much served were french fries with various sauces/toppings. I stared at the menu the longest time and finally decided with my mum to try.  I wanted to be adventurous and try something different and not like have just cheese sauce on top, so we tried what they called the "Ireland Chicken Sauce" (if not mistaken - forgotten already.. :P sorry). They were not cheap. It was at least RM8.80 for a cup of fries and that was already the cheapest.
Interior of the place. Not very big. Left photo - tables and some benchtops. Their "kitchen" was situated on the right of the left photo (lol.. confusing kah?). Right photo was what they had plastered on the wall right at the back of the shop.

My Sauce

Left photo is how big the cup was. And right photo was how much fries we got plus our sauce. 

Overall, I thought my sauce tasted quite yummy although would have loved to have more of it. The sauce made my fries soggy and for those that know me, that's my favourite kind. However, having to pay RM8.80 for it? I think that's extremely expensive considering it's just potato at the end of the day. And my chicken bits in the sauce was quite close to nothing. Definitely not something I would go and buy all the time considering how much I like potato chips. Me and mum think it'll just be something everyone would try once and not try again because of the price. If it was priced cheaper at RM5ish, then maybe it's something I would consider to buy each time I passed it.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Decided to go Pak Toh with bf yesterday since getting back from Korea. While waiting for him to finish work, I went surfing the net trying to find things to eat. We always have this problem of deciding what to eat so I thought I'd do a little bit of homework before driving around aimlessly again and end up eating in the same places. :P

After looking for about 15 minutes, I found this Vietnamese place in The Curve called Pho Hoa. I thought why not - let's go try. I haven't had my Vietnamese fix probably since I got back from Australia which was about close to 2 years now (holy crap! It's going to be 2 years! WTF! Means I haven't seen my beloved NmC for so long!! *nostalgic moment* *flash back*) and I used to eat this stuff almost once a week because there was a place which served quite decent pho near my place in Aus.

Anyway, below is what we ordered:

 Vietnamese Drip Coffee with Milk and Ice. I have never seen this before! So, when it came, you should have seen me! I was so jakun! my bf can vouch for that. Haha! We had to wait for the coffee to finish dripping first. Stir it with the condense milk at the bottom and pour it over ice. Top it with more water if you did not want it to be too strong. It was really good! Coffee smell was nice and had just the right amount of condense milk and water!

For appetisers, bf ordered grilled chicken skewers. That was just alright - nothing to shout about. It came with sweet sauce as well but think it tasted better without. 

Lastly - photo my of pho. Had the steak and meatball pho. The soup was really good! Comparable to the ones I get in Aus. But the noodles was a bit disappointing. That was the first thing I noticed when I got my bowl of noodles. It was thin-ish noodles. I didn't even know what kind they were. They just looked similar to "lou shu fun". :P I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong with my bowl of noodles because the soup was amazing. So am guessing it because I didn't like the noodle itself very much.

So for 2 bowls of regular noodles, 2 drinks, and 1 appetiser, our bill came up to RM50. Pricey if you asked me. Food was average however if you are craving pho and need your fix, think this is the only place I've been too.
Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Remember the time when I said I have a mission to go around all the airports to see how much their Burger King cost? I first started this mission during my Bankok, Thailand trip here.

So here's my 2nd encounter on the way back from Seoul.  Actually, I totally forgot about my mission myself until I saw this. And I was like "shit.. now I HAVE to eat Burger King"

 So I checked out the menu and order a Bacom Double Cheese burger. Ordered it because it reminded me of the Bacon Deluxe in Australia. One of my most favourite burger of all time. Always feel sick after but it's the most satisfying feeling ever! Haha!

 Picture of me meal. Somehow looks pathetic? Is it cause it laid on a piece of white paper instead of the colour branded Burger King paper?

 My measly 2 slices of bacon. 

Overall, the burger felt quite normal. Lacked the mayo which came with the Bacon Deluxe back in Aus. As for the fries, felt that it was quite bland and hard. For those that know me will know that I love soggy fries and also salty stuff. But I think Korean food in general is very bland - ie. no salt, no pepper. Just depend on the natural taste of the ingredients used.

Now, how much did this meal cost?

Seven freakin' thousand won!

That's equivalent to close to RM21!! I guess the Bangkok one was still more expensive but I think I had more satisfaction eating the Bangkok Burger King. The burger felt slightly bigger, fries were soggy and actually salty.

What I forgot to try is the KLIA Burger King. Is there even one? I will make sure I remember next time. :D
Monday, 15 November 2010

This is probably my first actual post for the month. Well after Tuesday night and a week from that, I'll have plenty to post about! Fingers crossed I don't get lazy because Korea - here I come! Woohoo!

Anyway, went to watch Skyline today at Tropicana City Mall. Without much further a due - trailer below:


Looks kinda cool huh? Well, what you see on the trailer is pretty much you get - both in the poster and in the trailer! Wait - except for the part the newscasters were talking about Stephen Hawkin. I wished there was so much intellectual dialogue in the movie! :S WTF! The script was so bad! It's like they HAD to make the characters talk to each other when they were stranded in the apartment, so they thought "hey... let's chuck a couple of useless lines here.. and here.. and HERE!". I'm not even going to bother giving a spoiler alert because everyone should really know what happens in the end so that nobody goes and waste their time watching this show! :S 

They had a pretty good cast though - Eric Balfour, Donald Faison (dude from scrubs), David Zayas (dude from Dexter). But what they did with the movie - my god! I seriously hope it doesn't kill their movie career.

But yea - gist of story? Aliens came, pretty much took over the whole world, used human brains as "power" for all kind - from powering themselves to machinery/spaceship. 

Eric Balfour, who was somehow "the one" managed to gain super strength. Not sure if it's because he managed to fight his way out of getting sucked into the aliens - not once but TWICE! But when the aliens tried to use his brain to power up one of their little alien buddies - he managed to keep himself conscious as a human (although in a alien body) and save his girlfriend and unborn child from dying. And that's pretty much how it ended - him taking on all the other aliens. 


Dingy - you should pay us for going to teman you to watch this movie. :P
Getting sick! Sore throat hurts like a b*tch! Can't get sick! Heading off to Korea next week!

Yes - that is all I have today. Thanks for dropping by. :P


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