Tuesday, 31st August

Just a short one. Remember the time when I blogged about Salt here? Haha.. well, I have something which I kinda (sorta) came up with myself.. :P

Me and bf went DVD shopping last weekend in SS2. The dudes there are always introducing shows to us (obviously to get a sale). So he was like randomly calling movie titles out,

The Killers,
Green Zone,
The Orphan,
etc. (btw, these titles are not exactly what the dude named)

And then he finally cam to "Salt". Then bf answered, "yea, we watchd it" but I immediately blasted out (in cantonese), "mhm gao wu jiu funn!"

Haha! so so?! Who's do you thinks is better? No dout, bf came up with the concept of it but I though saying it in cantonese was a whole different ball game. It even sounds funnier than his "not enough pepper". :P
Friday, 27 August 2010

Sorry guys. Another M.I.A week. Bad month I guess. Told myself I'd try and blog every other day but it seems like i'm blogging every other week more like it. Haha! Next month! I promise I'll try! :P

Anyways, reason for why I haven't done anything this week is due to a few reasons:
1) Work has been hectic
2) I've been too busy with the below!


Something me and my sister started out. What is it? An online maternity clothes store! All started when my sister was pregnant and she was shopping around for maternity dresses and found out that all the nice ones are usually really expensive! So that got her motivated. And me? I've alway wanted to start something on my own. So here it is! :D So do check it out if you guys have the time!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the most up-to-date information about us. (P/s: There is something brewing in the pot.)

We've also been featured in a local lifestyle website called Iamchiq. See our article here.

Last but not least! Do try and take advantage of our launch promotion which will be ending in 4 days!

So c'mon, flaunt that baby bump!
Sunday, 22 August 2010

NB: Not even going to give you a spoiler alert because serioues, this show has nothing to be spoilt. :P
Went to watch The Expendables the other day after having Japanese buffet with my friends in the Equatorial Hotel. We were celebrating my friend's, Nicky butt's bday and also kinda like Yee Boon's cause we didn't have a chance to meet up with her during her bday. :P

Anyways, Nick had already booked us all tickets to the movie in Pavillion and that's where we headed after lunch.

When me and my bf saw the poster (not the one above - but the one which features all the faces of the cast), we knew instantly that the movie will be only full of action. And that it was! For those who don't know, the cast includes action veterans like including Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The movie was a whole lot of "bang bang bang" and felt like it was 6 rambo guys put together to make this movie (although I don't really remember what Rambo was about). These 6 people could even freakin' take down a WHOLE army without getting hurt! WTF! Oh, best part about it was, whatever dialogue they had (which was not much) in the movie, it felt like it wasn't even written and it kinda given the cast a free hand on what they wanted to say because everything didn't make sense! It was a lot of 1 liners or alot of lines which STILL didn't make sense.

Having said all that, I guess the movie was alright - in a sense that it managed to generate some talkability (alebit not good ones). Because, that's all we were talking about during dinner and how crap the movie was. LOL! Ok la, ok la, need to give face to the veteran action movie stars - the movie would be perfect for guys cause all they did was just blast things up! :D

Anyway, trailer for movie below:

Friday, 20 August 2010

I once had a aim to blog every other day for the month of August but I guess that didn't work. Haha! And the reason I have been missing this whole week? See below:

Haha! Anybody recognise this interface?! LOL! It's UFO Xcom Enemy Unknown! When my bf told me that his friend had managed to find the game and downloaded it, he tried explaining it to me but it was still a blur. After seeing the interface above though, I got so excited! Haha! I used to watch my brother play this game when I was a kid and even had a go at it myself! So yea, bf installed it and have been playing this the whole week!

Besides this, also have been occupied with something else. I'll post a blog about it once it's ready! Haha! Till then, hopefully I'll get inspired to blog about something else first in between! :D Laters..

Saturday, 14th August 2010

*NB: Photos will look kinda sucky cause they were taken with my BB because I didn't bring my camera.

Went out for dinner with bro and his family, and dad last night and went to this place called Kafe Indulge off Old Klang Road. Think mum first heard of this place when it was featured in the newspapers earlier this year. Since then, this is my 2nd time back although I think my family has been back a few more times than me.

Place is nothing special (ie. no special deco etc.) but food is decent and affordable too.

For starters, we ordered the Ceasars Salad to share and dad ordered an Oxtail Soup.

Ceasar Salad was decent. Had good quantities of cheese on it so it was quite yummy. The Oxtail soup on the other hand was different. The texture was more like curry than soup. Have never had Oxtail soup like this before. It was also quite tasty and it came with 2 pieces of meat inside.

For the mains, we ordered:

German Bratwurst (is that how u spell it? :P) with mash potato and saurkraut

Beef ribs with chips served with what tasted like black pepper BBQ sauce. I particularly liked this dish because they did it quite nicely. Meat was tender and easy to get off the bone. Sauce was also generous which is always a plus for me especially if the sauce is yummy. =) 

Lamb shank served with carrots and potatos

The last main, I didn't manage to get but it was just Spaghetti Carbonara with beef. It was served with 2 piece of garlic bread as well. And for desert, we ordered, 

Cheesecakse with chocolate drizzle on the top. And also some apple something. Can't remember what it's called. 

Do not have the individual pricing, but the whole meal for 4 people came up to (all the above, including 2 drinks) RM115. Dad even brought his own wine which they didn't charge corkage for. =) 
Thursday, 12 August 2010

Bf talking to sister: We watched Salt the other day

Bf's sister: Oh, how was it?

Bf: It needed some pepper.

Liyen: Shakes head and faints at the side.

LOL! I'll leave it up to everyone to think what they want about the comment. Haha! Anyway, as per the usual:

*Spoiler alert - please do not continue reading if you would not like to know any content of the show whatsoever. However, will also try to give my opinion without revealing too much (if that's possible)*

Salt featuring Angelina Jolie. Wasn't actually too keen on the movie for some reason however because there were no other shows available, we decided to watch this instead. If not mistaken, think me and bf went out to try and get tickets to Inception (which we now have seen - review to come later). 

Well, judging from my bf's conversation above, don't think he liked the movie too much. He thought the movie was predictable and only had just mindless action the whole way through. I on the other hand, didn't think it was that bad though. Kinda already expected Angelina Jolie to be like the hero of it all. For the feminist, I guess they'll be happy cause she kinda kills everyone along the way but not sure how I feel about that. Just a tad too much I think. 

Movie kinda really begins when Salt had to interrogate a Russion spy only to reveal a little secret that she now has to run for her life. ROFL! I guess I kinda gave that away already huh? LOL! Well, just in case I didn't, I guess you have to watch the movie to find out. And for those who know what I'm talking about, well, then you just have to watch the movie to see what happens in the end. LOL! This being cryptic thing isn't working too well here. LOL! Gahh! Here's the trailer. See for yourself! :P

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

It was our final day in Thailand! And I hadn't bought anything yet NOR have we gone to a massage! How can! The things I wanted to do the most and I hadn't done it yet! Anyways, woke up early again - this time, to make sure we have enough time to do whatever we wanted to do.

So we woke up, packed up our luggage because we had to check out before leaving the hotel as we were only going to come back later in the evening before we left for the airport. First thing on the list? Get a freakin massage! Haha! We headed out to one of the spas in Thailand called Healthland. This place is now a chain in Thailand.

Photo of outside the spa. 

After the massage, we went to Siam Paragon to check out their food court. Pretty nice have to say. They did it well - kinda like Pavilion style but nicer! Haha! They had a wide range of choices for us to choose from. 

Check out their freakin' chickens!! They look like ducks! or rather pregnant chickens! Way bigger than our freakin Malaysian chickens. Haha! :P

Anyways, after lunch, we headed over to my beloved MBK! Muahahaa.. now that's where all the shopping started. Bought my dresses, food, etc!

Once again, the photo will not rotate. But look at all the weird stuff they have there! haha! 

Haha! huge ass crocs shoe with bf's finger sticking out the holes. 

After walking pretty much the main areas of MBK, we decided to head back to the hotel early cause we had to pack all the new stuff we bought during the day and thank god we did! It was raining and it took forever to get a taxi AND get back to the hotel. And from the hotel, took a while to get to the airport! So by the time we actually got there, it was just right timing! Checked in, got dinner, and then headed to the gate straight away. 

Speaking of dinner, me and bf thought since we've already had so much local food during our trip, we'd go for some western food and what's better than...

Burger King!!! *drool*

The thought of Burger King in a foreign country - a country full of pork just got me excited because that only meant 1 thing! BACON DELUXE with ACTUAL BACON in it! Woah! Even thinking of it now also I "lau hao sui". That's like my fav. burger of all time when I was in aus! Haha! Everytime after I eat it, I get so sick but it was so damn worth it! Haha! But too bad, they didn't serve it and I had to resort to a Double Cheese burger. As my bf was lining up for food, all of a sudden, he came back and whispered in my ear, "babe... each value meal is like RM25!". My eyes lit up and my forehead scrunched. How can that be?! How can a freakin' FAST FOOD meal cost RM25? I squinted my eyes (didn't bring my glasses) and checked and yes! It was freakin 245 baht for a meal!!! Me and bf quickly took our luggage and literally walked off to check out other places to eat. Bf checked though that all the other places were also about the same price! So we decided to go back to Burger King. For 2 meals, that how much it costed us to eat at the fried chicken place the night before for 5 people!!

Woah! This is ridiculous man! It's like the govt is punishing us in the airport for buying all the cheap stuff in bangkok itself! It's like.. "Let's kill them before they leave the country". So next time guys, word of advice? Eat before u get to the airport! Photos of our meal below.. come on.. it was freakin RM25 for fast food man. I HAD to take photos!

Picture of our meal

Picture of the burger. Not to say damn nice also.. something was missing. Maybe not enough sauce or something. I don't know. Maybe it's just psychological cause I know we paid RM25 bucks for the burger. Haha!

Us staring in awe at our RM50 meal... :S

I now have a mission to go to all airports to eat burger king to see how much it'll cost. Of course, only applicable if the airport DOES have a burger king. :P

Saturday, 7th August 2010

Tips while travelling learnt after day 1?

- Check if the one of the hotel services includes a shuttle to the freakin' MRT/BTS station!

Photo of our shuttle. LOL! If only we found this out on Day 1. We would have saved ALOT of walking.

Haha! Bf found this out as we were walking out of the hotel to go across the road to 7-11 to get a tube of toothpaste because both of us forgot to bring ours. Anyway, by the time we got ready, left the hotel and got to Jatujak (the super huge weekend market I was talking about earlier) at about 9ish? This place has literally everything under the sun - from clothes, to furniture, to pets, to erm.. aiyah.. anything! you name it, they have it! You just have to find it. Didn't take very many photos though. Would have loved to take a picture of the map of the whole place but I couldn't find it this time around. but check out this Sharpei (is that how u spell it?) we saw!

Can't even see the fella's eyes! Haha!

Anyway, walked till about 12ish there - had lunch at one of the stalls and had some super spicy minced pork with basil. The waiter looked at me and started laughing because I was sweating all over. LOL! Then we left. Aunt had told us to go to this other mall which apparently sells really cheap shoes called Union mall which was about 2 train stops away. So we did but didn't find much there so uncle and aunt told us to walk over to Central Lat Prao. Haha! For some reason, this whole trip, me and bf kept taking the long way to get to things. LOL! Eg. when we were trying to get to Platinum mall, going to BTS/MRT when there's a freakin shuttle, getting to Central Lat Prao - we walked through the subway instead of walking straight to the place etc. Haha!

Anyways, walked around a little there, tried to get massages but they were all full - must be because it was a Sunday. Decided to go back to the hotel because bf had to get some work done. He worked while I slept. :P Then went out for dinner again with uncle. 

This time, they took us to this shop in a tiny lane. The place is called Polo Fried Chicken. And apparently this place is actually in the lonely planet for Bangkok. As we were walking to our seats, we scouted out all the other tables and they ALL had a plate of fried chicken on their table. Woah! me and bf was getting excited! Haha... Uncle ordered heaps but they were all soooo yummy..  

 Photo of the menu. Once again, don't know why the photo would not rotate.

Close up of the address because I'll never know how to take you back there. :P

Photo of the fried chicken! *drool* The stuff on top was like fried garlic and something else. I don't usually eat fried garlic but this with the chicken - OMG... *faints*

Laarb Gai a.k.a Mince Chicken with Basil.

Somtum a.k.a papaya salad. We ordered 2 of this in the end. 2nd time we asked them to add salted egg. Think I prefered that better. Hehe..

Some slice pork stuff. Can't remember what this was called. Kinda tasted like char siew.

After all that food, uncle and aunt even ordered us desert! We had cincau with brown sugar. Din manage to get a picture of that though. It was quite yummay as well.. :P Can anyone guess how much that meal costed us? There was 5 of us (aunt brought a friend along), 5 dishes, 4 deserts, 4 bottles of water, and a small little tub of sticky rice. 

*drum roll*

Only freakin' 550 bht!! Which is equivalent to about only RM55 bucks! WTF! You ate like that here and that would have easily cost you like RM100 bucks! Haha! me and bf were shocked! I seriously had my jaw down and eye wide open in disbelief. 

Anyway, had a early night that day. So we just went back to the hotel and just chilled. 

Thursday, 5th August 2010

Day started out early. Woke at like 6ish so that I could get ready - wash hair, do some last minute packing, etc. Had to be at bf's place at bout 8 so that I could wake his ass up and leave for the airport at bout 8ish cause flight was at 11ish which meant we needed to be there at bout 9ish. Anyway, check out my luggage!

Haha! for those who can't see properly.. it's a cabin bag (with my clothes) inside my empty suitcase!! Muahahahaha! 

Anyway, reached the airport at about 9ish? Checked in and went to get some breakfast in Marry Brown. Don't know why people actually go to Marry Brown. Didn't think the food was nice and the cleanliness of the place was terrible! There were flies flying ALL over our table and food! Bf ordered the sausages and the sunny side up and the egg felt like it was plastic! I ordered the nuggets and they were not bad but like bf said, nobody can go very wrong with nuggets.

Pic of bf eating my nugget :P

Some random shots of us. Does this pose look familiar? :P 

Haha! I thought the pose looked kinda similar. Photo above was taken when we were in Genting. 

Photo of us (and some random chic) walking to the plane. 

Arrived Bangkok at bout 12ish (Thailand time - they are 1 hour behind us) and after going through immigration (which took forever btw) and customs, we headed straight for the hotel. As we were leaving the airport, bf pointed out a freakin' huge ass billboard (which he saw the last time he went for business trip). Check it out!

Freakin' Samsung LED billboard was like farking long! Haha! The 2nd pic above couldn't even take the whole length of the billboard. :S

By the time we got done and settled, it was already 2ish - 3. We ventured outside our hotel for some hawker food. We had super yummay beefball noodles!! The soup tasted like it was bak kut teh soup! Haha.. Oh! And they gave super alot meat as well..


Before we came, everyone we told we were going to Bangkok told us to go to Platinum mall which is apparently like a wholesale shopping MALL and the prices are comparable to Jatujak (which is like a super huge ass, cheap weekend market). So we decided to go there after lunch. Called my uncle along the way, and he said that a taxi would cost us about 60 bht but I thought since we were there and thinking that the MRT/BTS would be cheaper, we chose to take the trains. Boy, did I make the worse mistake during the trip. Haha! Before we headed out from the hotel, we asked the receptionist to circle on the map (like true tourist fashion) where this mall was. And from the looks of it, it looked pretty close to the BTS/MRT station (which was one of the reasons we took it in the first place). Freakin' hell took us like 1 HOUR to get there because we had to walk like 20 - 30 mins!! 

But when we got there, woah.. it was levels after levels after levels of clothes! After a while, all the clothes looked similar! Haha! didn't even know where to start! But we managed to buy quite a lot of things from there - mostly souvenirs but bf managed to score a pair of shorts. I was pretty good - don't think I bought anything for myself there. Oh wait! Besides a belt I think.. :P

We met up with my uncle for dinner after that. I requested he took us to this place where they brew their own beer. Not for me though - don't drink beer usually anyways - it was more for my bf. Also remembered that the food was not bad there and people told us that there are usually cabaret shows while u're eating as well, so yea. The place is called Tawandang German Brewery

Signage outside the place.

The roof of the place even looks like a keg. 

Photos of crispy pork knuckle and also pork ribs. Hands down the best dishes for the night. 

Above are just photos of where the beer is brewed and also the distillers. Distillers were placed right in the middle of the bar which is pretty much at the the middle of the restaurant. 

After dinner, we went to Suan Lum night market. Managed to get somemore souvenirs and bf managed to pick up a linen top with a golden/brown dragon on one side. I was still very good and did not get anything for myself yet. Didn't walk for very long in this place because quite a few shops were not open. This place was apparently suppose to close down because the land got bought over by the Australia embassy but most of the locals have refused to budge. 

Photo with my uncle and aunt.

So that's Day 1 of my holiday. Day 2 coming up soon! =)

Wednesday, 4th August 2010

I'm back guys! Haha! Fore-seeing a hectic week in front of me so will try my best to update about my trip as soon as I can! Stay tuned!


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