Sunday, 13 December 2009

Happy birthday piggie!!!

Was trying to look for your photo of you doing a pig face (which I'm pretty sure you do) but couldn't seem to find it so this was the next best thing I could think of! Anyways, wishing you all the best and may all your wishes come through!! For those who would like to know how I met Mun Yee, it was the first few weeks of secondary school in Form 1. We were in the same BM class, coincidently, both of us forgot to bring our exercise books and we both got sent out of class. Haha! Look where that lead us?! 11 years of wonderful friendship! Yes - 11 years! It has been more than a decade already! Gosh, we're old!

Anyways, we went for dinner yesterday night to celebrate her b'day. Her actual b'day was on Thursday and I think she has been celebrating since then. She's probably had like 3 - 4 cakes already! Haha! Anyways, we ended up in Rakuzen - Plaza Damas in the VIP room! Somehow my friend managed to book that room. Apparently only meant to be big groups. We booked for 10 cause we were unsure how many of us were there and only 7 showed. Thank god they didn't kick us out of the room! Anyway, pretty decent food but slightly pricey. For the amount we paid, we could have added a little bit more and gotten buffet style! But oh wells! :D

Picture of the room below:

Hmm.. somehow doesn't seem as nice in the picture.. or does it? Haha!

Birthday girl blowing her candles with a smile! Haha! we cheated, she already blew it and we got her to pose again. :P

Look at the iTards! Haha! I have to say, the games in there are quite addictive. Actually makes me feel like getting an iPhone too but don't think I will. The novelty of the phone will probably die out on me plus I'll die of frustration trying to work the touch pad.

Lastly, group photo!!
P/s: If anyone knows where Ke Bin went this weekend, could you let us know because we couldn't seem to get to him.

P/s to Mun Yee: Owe you your b'day present first k? Sorry! Hehe..

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On December 27, 2009 at 3:52 PM , munyee said...

thanks babe ;)


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