Monday, 31st January 2010

1st day in Australia and had already crossed 2 items off my list of food. Will try and blog about all of them but this post is meant for the Red Rooster chips from Eastwood.

These red rooster chips in Eastwood is not the same as any other Red Rooster chips. I had to learn that the hard way. It was only then did I realise that the Eastwood joint was privately owned. First difference was that the chips in Eastwood were crinkle cut, the other joints were normal fat chips. Second difference was the chicken salt. The Eastwood chicken salt is to die for. I think that's like the best chicken salt I've taste so far!

Me and my friends used to get red rooster chips almost every week! So today, I went again with them.

It wasn't the same anymore. The large box felt like it shrunk and the chips - I don't know. Felt like something was missing. Even my friend said so. She figured that it was cause of the change of ownership of the store which she recognised immediately after stepping in cause of certain skin tones... (if you catch my drift).. :P
31st January, Monday

Here's my food list for Australia.

Day 1 not over yet - and already accomplished 2!

1. Lowenbrau
2. Italian in Leichart
3. Korean (what's the best place now?) 
4. Hurricanes - think i'm going to eat with my high school friends though
5. Thai (again - what's good now? Spice I am? Chat Thai?)
6. Eggs Benedict
7. Red Rooster Chips
8. Nam Neung
9. Harry's
10. Japanese - (what's good? Mahkoto?)
11. Vietnamese Pho
12. Pancakes on the rocks

13. Meat Pies from Cox's road
14. Ramen Noodles - Haymarket / North Sydney
15. Fried Mars Bars
16. Fish & Chips - at a beach somewhere

17. Belgium Beer Cafe
18. Prasits
19. Fish market
20. Ayam Goreng 99
23 January, Sunday

I know this is old. But me and bf only managed to watch this recently on DVD coupla nights ago. 

Staring Denzel Washington and the ever so hot Chris pine, this movie brings your 'kan cheong-ness' to the max! My usual movie watching stance is to just lie on the bed but for this movie? I was practically sitting up the whole time cause I was too kan cheong already! :P 
Movie plot? Nothing very fantastic. Quite cliche stuff actually. Train gets out of control and the 2 heros above go and save the day. But the way they kept the suspense going for the whole movie was pretty good!! 

Trailer below - just realised I didn't watch the trailer before. And by just watching it, also make me kan cheong! Highly recommended! For those that haven't seen it - go watch!

17th January 2011, Monday

Before I start off, just realised that I freakin' backdated my last 2 blogs to 2010! Haha! So for everyone's sake and for mine, just so I know when I come back and read my blog 10 years from now that my last 2 blogs were meant to be in 2011.. :P

So anyways - Sammy's Adventure. Finally watched it on DVD a coupla nights ago in my bf's place.

The movie started out cute and promising. But judging from how I worded my last sentence, I think you know how this movie is going to turn out.

It was down right stupid and boring. The whole movie you could tell was definitely just made for the 3D effects. The story was just bleah, no climax, no nothing. It was like watching 1+ hours of nothing because the movie kinda ended in like 2 mins just as you thought something more exciting was going to happen. I was kinda ticked off in the end because it was like wtf?!

Gah! Anyways, just don't bother watching this movie if you're expecting some sort of nice story line like Finding Nemo. Watch it only unless you want to experience the 3D effects I guess.
16th January 2011, Sunday

Can anybody tell the difference between the 2 bottles?  Bought them from the Shell station in Damansara Heights opposite the Manulife building. Bf was pumping petrol and saw that they had a promotion of buy 2 for RM4.00. Bf thought it was quite cheap and since I liked the drink, he went and bought 2 bottles when he was paying at the counter.

But anyways, back to the bottles - I kid you not, it's not cause of the sunlight or whatever excuse you can think of. The colours of the drink in the 2 bottles were different! We then did a taste test on them to see if there was any difference at all.

The left bottle (darker colour) had slight more tea taste hence taking away some of the sweetness in the drink. The right bottle (lighter colour) on the other hand had just tasted more like sugar water. They were both from different batches I think because the expiry dates on them were different. Someone in the plant must have forgotten to put an extra shot of tea in the right bottle or something. :P
15 January 2010

Bf and I didn't know what to eat one night so we decided to go check out this placed called Darabif in Damansara Uptown. Bf's friend managed to buy a coupon from GroupsMore which costs RM2 and it entitles you to get a burger and fries AND a free membership card which usually costs RM15 for free. With this membership card, you are entitled to like 10-20% (I can't remember which it was) for purchases above RM20. The most exciting thing is that with this card, you also get access to their secret/special menu which is not on the normal menus at all.

This special menu had 3 extra burgers you could choose from. Not going to tell you the flavours cause then it ruins the surprise. Haha! Go get your own membership card. :P

Anyways, me and bf ordered the spicy chicken burger (left) and the wagyu beef burger (right).

It also came with fries (left) and the drink (right - it's more a closeup pic of the logo ON the drink:P )

Food was quite yummy. Both the burgers has very different sauces which made the burgers interested. The fries as well tasted like it was fried with some extra herbs. Our meal came up to RM16.00 even with the coupon. A normal set without the coupon is roughly about RM10 for a single pattie burger and RM12-RM14 for double pattie burgers. The special menu burger sets are at RM16.00 which was what had to pay for as it was a top up from the coupon.

Oh! Last but not least, you could also choose your patties - whether you wanted them lean or juicy. They had this paper (above) as placemats on the trays telling which part of the beef you'll be getting depending on which pattie your order.
13th January 2010

*Warning - Spoiler alert*

Went to watch Gulliver's Travel 2 weekends ago with my friends in Tropicana City Mall. For those who don't know, this movie by Jack Black is actually loosely based on Gulliver's Travel - the 18th century novel.

What happens? Well, from the trailer, you already know that he went on a boat trip to the Bermuda Triangle and he gets caught in a freak storm. The next thing you know, he is strapped down in a place called Liliput by little men who at first takes him as a beast. But the minute he saves the King of Liliput by releasing himself (by pee-ing for those who didn't get me), he then gets treated like a king there too. He starts making up stories about him being the president and him being Jack from Titanic etc. But all good things come to an end and obviously people eventually find out that he was bluffing and he then gets banished to an island with giants. Lala - long story short, he manages to get back to Liliput and really defeats the evil general who took over the place and earns back the trust of all the tiny men.

What can I say about this movie? It was a typical Jack Black movie. It was funny and entertaining but only because they had silly/stupid jokes. The script? My bf swears that it was written by Jack Black because it's dumb as heck.

Anyways, trailer below. Enjoy. =)

Sunday, 2nd January

First of all - Happy New Year to everyone! And sorry for the long hiatus. Just been caught up with the year end holiday mood. :D

Resolutions for the new year?

1) Lose weight because I've been eating non-stop for the past 2 weeks and have put on more weight than I was at before the biggest loser
2) Visit some place (at least outstation) once a month

Anyways, since my last post - have just been catching up with friends. For Christmas eve, we celebrated it with my bf's friend's place in The Tropics. Bought us a turkey, roast beef and just ended up chilling/chatting the night away. For Christmas morning, I went to meet some of my friends. Was going to head to Tom Dick and Harry's but we didn't know it only opened at 10AM (and we got there at 9.30AM).

The staff was rude in telling us that they don't open till 10. And when we asked if we could just sit here and wait till they opened, they assured us 3 times to say that they will not serve us till then. Then, as we were just sitting down, they decided to blast the music out loud which in my opinion felt like they did it on purpose just to shoo us away. We left the place in the end and decided to head to this place called Departure Lounge in Damansara Uptown.

 The most unique thing about this place - Make your own breakfast. This place allows you to choose 3 iteams from the list for RM8.90, 5 items on the list for RM11.90 and 7 items for RM13.90. All come with bread which you are then allowed to upgrade to french toast.

Me, Mun Yee, and BK

Me and BF

Us playing Monopoly - they had a set lying around and I've always wanted to play monopoly again for the longest time so we started a game until the food came. :P 

Food wasn't fantastic though.. I ordered the Egg and Salmon omelette on bread. The bread was hard and the eggs and salmon was not fantastic. BF ordered the breakfast set with 5 items and again, nothing to shout about. Each order a drink and our bill for 2 people came up to RM42.00. Not bad for Christmas breakfast but I think if it was for a normal occasion, it might be slightly on the expensive side for me. :P

P/s: For those who were wondering about the title, it's because I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year first but then started to talk about what I did during Christmas. Haha.. :P

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