Thursday, 30 April 2010

Remember my last post here about the best signage in the world? Well, saw another one these the other day in MidValley GSC as were lining up to try and get movie tickets. See photo below:

Haha! What does this mean?? We can't even buy bottled water?? Does that mean that their bottled water was from a tap?! Me and bf were quite disturb and I seriously thought of not buying water from them anymore at all forever and ever. 

Anyhow, me and bf went to see what kind of drinks we could get and they DID have bottled water. So crisis solved. LOL! :P
Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Just a short shout out to my little chica back in the land down under.


Hope you have a blast celebrating. Missing your retard-ness, random-ness, and your sudden urge to change everything into a rap! Haha! Tried calling you this morning and also around 11ish your time but couldn't get through so don't say I didn't call or wish! :P 

P/s: please get your tiny little sexy ass up here!!! Am waiting for you to come! 

Love you lots! And lastly miss you like jelly tots! :D *muaks* *hugs*

Peace out! :P

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Woke up at 11ish this morning when my mum decided to start banging on my door only to tell me that my sister wanted to eat Indian rojak. :S Normally I would be peeved if someone just kept banging on my door like that but considering it was already close to noon, I thought it would have been good to be woken up. Was actually up at like 8ish but thought to myself "i'll sleep for a bit more" and the next thing I remember was jumping out of bed cause my mum was making noise.

Anyways, so I got ready. Left the house with me and my mum to pick my sister up and off we went to try and look for the yummy indian rojak. TRY being the keyword as I was first brought to this place by my bf and knowing me and roads (although we've been back there a few times), I still wasn't sure. Sis fell in love with the rojak after I decided to buy a packet of the roajk back for her to try one day. :P

Anyhow, we managed to find it! So where's this yummy place? It's in Section 17 somewhere (that helps huh? :P) where 2 vans just decided to open up shop (really it's just 2 trucks/vans). But fear not! I have taken a photo of the road name! :P

The 2 vans/trucks who decided to open at the corner of this road have been doing quite well. Unsure of how long they've been there though. :P

We bought 8 packets of rojak! Can you believe it?! It was 2 households though.. but still! And 2 packets of Cendol. That's cause we wouldn't be able to finish a cendol by ourselves after the rojak but we still wanted a taste of their yummy cendol. :P 

Picture of my sister ordering Cendol from the cendol man. 

And a picture of the rojak man.

Lastly, a happy picture of her when she got her cendol order below :P 

And picture of the rojak below.

P/s: This was not my plate of rojak. Had finish mine only to realise that I forgot to take a picture again! There is more yummy peanut sauce than this. :P 

*Mental note to self - Stop gobbling all my food down before taking a photo*

So full now so I think it's time to sleep? Hehe.. 
Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I'm sure alot of you have heard of Betty's Midwest Kitchen @ Aman Suria. For those who don't know, it's just a little shop sit in the middle of Aman Suria which serves American Mid Western food or at least try too. Considering I haven't been to the Midwest before, I really wouldn't know what kind of food they serve nor how good it is.

Deco is decent. They had photos/pictures of states which are in the mid west. They also had like a huge American flag (I think - can't remember :P) hanging at the back where the counter is. 

We were told about this place by a friend. And the only thing he said is a "must try" was a dish called Dog Food. At first I was thinking to myself, "no way is there a dish called Dog Food". Anyhow, I just let that slip by until me and bf went to try this place for ourselves. This would be the 2nd time we came here but I didn't bring my camera with me the first time. We were too hungry anyway and gobbled up the food pretty quick. Didn't even occur to me that I could use my handphone to take the pictures. Oh wells!

Prices are decent with a main ranging in the teens. Pretty good I have to say especially since it's western food plus the food is pretty decent. The first time we went, we had the meat loaf and a soup. This time we went, we had a Juicy Lucy which was essentially a burger. Both times of course we could not forget the Dog Food. Now what is it?! Haha! It's basically fries with cheese - smoldered with gravy! *yum yum* *does the dance*. Just the way I like my fries - soggy with cheese!! Haha!

Once again, got too excited and totally forgot to take a picture of the burger. Oh, the place is Non Halal ya! We know because we think they have the cutest Non Halal picture ever! And look at my bf's expressions when he saw it! Haha!


Sunday, 18 April 2010

Forgot to feature 1 more doggie in my previous post. So, here she is!

Name: Mikki
Age: 4 years
Weight: 30kg
Breed: Rottweiler
Owner: My bf's and family
Hobby: Going around barking at people who come to house so that they will pat her. Singing to the daily prayers. (WISHED I could get a video or that to show people!) 
Personality: Loud but think she's still tiny and a puppy
Picture Taken: Just on a random day while I was at my bf's place. 

She might look huge and might sound loud. But deep down she's just a scared little puppy who just wants to be pat on the head! Haha! She'll actually come and rest her head when you're on the bed so that you can pat her. Hehe! Quite cute la she. She doesn't let anybody cut her nails though. Apparently bf took her to the vet once and there 2 huge men who couldn't even pin her down and cut her nails. 

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Was sitting around on my bed thinking of what to blog about and I suddenly just realised that it has been more than a year since I started this blog. What started off as just a blog to commemerate me coming back and having as little as 1 - 5 blogs per month to now having about double or more then that amount! Haha! What has changed? Plenty! A quick rundown below:

1) Found myself a job in a media company called GroupM - finally something not boring like Accounting! Sorry che and ko (if you read this)! Haha! :P
2) Found myself a whacky boss who works in GroupM (photo below). Although, do have to mention that I think I am lucky in that sense. I think it is very hard to be able to find someone you are able to work with and still have a good time. =)

3) Finally someone I can rant, throw tantrums, and whine at and at the same time try and get lovings from.. Hehe.. :P

4) Had a H1N1 scare. Apparently the whole company was actually thinking of closing cause of me.
5) Moved into a new place - one where I will not post a picture of due to security reasons
6) Officially became an aunt - will post pictures soon =) Have not seen the little fella myself!
7) Ran 2 half marathons and various other shorter runs! Can you believe that?! Actually took a few photos of my medals but probably deleted them after I blogged about it because didn't find a point to keep photos of them. But think will start a taking photos of ALL my medals and see how many I am able to collect by next year! :D

So yea, that's about the most exciting things that has happened to me in the past year. Looking forward to many more exciting things! *fingers crossed* Hehe..
Sunday, 11 April 2010

*Spoiler alert - don't continue reading if you're intending to watchi this movie*

Not sure if anyone of you have heard about this show - it's called Hachiko - A Dog's Tale. Me and bf watched it last night and I ended up bawling my eyes out. :( The movie wasn't really good actually but the story was really touching - if that is even possible. Haha! It was based on a true story which happened in the 1920's in Japan.

It was about a dog called Hachi (don't know where the "ko" came from because the WHOLE movie, he was known as Hachi) Anyway, as I was saying, the movie is about him (Hachi) and how he got lost and ended up on a train station. Someone found him and decided to adopt him. When he grew older, he would always walk the owner to the train station as he was going to work and everyday without fail, he would be waiting for the owner to finish work and come home at that exact train station. The pair continued their routine for a coupla years. One day, the owner suffered a heart attack. He died and never returned to the train station.

However, Hachi never stopped waiting. The owners daughter took him away to live with her but he would escape at all costs to try and get back to the exact train station to wait for him to come back. :( This went on for another 9 years that even the people who frequented the train station so often recognised him and helped with taking care of him (ie. food, water etc). Eventually of course, he died waiting at the train station. Today, they even have a satue of Hachi outside the train station in memory of him.

Can you believe it? Such a loyal dog! I cried so badly and my bf is going to kill me when he reads this but he was teary eyed too! =P

A picture of the real Hachiko. The breed is called Akita.

Poster of the movie

A photo of the Hachi in the movie. Look at him! Hoow can you resist that face. Haha!

Since this is a movie about dogs, I thought that this would actually be a good time to introduce the dogs we have in my house. Hehe...

Name: Bubbles
Age: 10 years old.
Weight:  About 5kg
Owner: Sister
Hobby: Going around begging for food and sitting around watching the world go round
Personality: Tiny but fiesty.
Picture Taken: Unknown

Name: Buddy
Age: 9 years
Weight: 8 - 10 kgs
Owners: Family dog. Dad bought it for me but I left to Australia not long after. Now maid takes care of him.
Hobby: Follow my maid everywhere
Personality: Sweet little doggie. Unfortunately has already lost his eyesight. So he does walk into things alot of the time
Picture Taken: During sister's wedding

Name: Gracie
Age: 1 year and a bit
Owner: Brother & wife
Weight: About 20kg
Hobby: Recently? Apparently following Tanya around
Personality: Playful and loving
Picture Taken: During doggie day out at sister's place.

Name: Logan
Age: 6 - 10 months
Weight: 25kgs? 
Owner: Brother in law and his father
Hobby: Going around trying to get pats from everyone as and when he can
Personality: Sweet fella who is just wants attention and pats. Playsful
Picture Taken: Right after he went for the *snip snip* :P

Name: Cookie
Age: 1 year - thereabouts
Weight: 10kgs
Owner: Me & Maids (I guess)
Hobby: Running around wildly and aimlessly when people is trying to play with her
Personality: Terribly afraid of strangers. Playful and also looking for attention
Picture Taken: While I was giving her a shower. Hehe..

So there we go! All the doggies in my household! Hehe.. Don't think any of them will be like Hachi though. In a way I do not want them too.. because it was just sad to see Hachi wait there for 9 years and the owner not showing up. Don't want to put them through that. =)

Monday, 5 April 2010

Hello! Anyone interested in buying a brand new Canon Powershot A480? It's blue in colour. Comes with casing and also a 4GB memory card! Camera retails for RM490 now only going for RM400 with the extras! Leave me a message if you do! =) Below is just a picture of the camera (not the actual product) and also a link or 2 to product info!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

I can't believe it's April. This year has gone by so fast! 1 quarter of the year is gone! The next think you know, half a year will gone, then 3/4,  and then, a whole year! And I'm again going to be a year older! Boohoo! Anyway, anyone got any nice and interesting stories to tell regarding what they did on April Fool's day? It seemed to be the quietest April Fool's day ever! No one did ANYTHING!

Anyway, watched The Imaginarium of  Dr. Parnassus erm.. I don't even remember anymore but quite recent - latest also a week ago. But anyway, remember how I was complaining about Jennifer's Body being the shittest show ever? Well, I really think I have found something that could meet it's match. And yes, obviously I am talking about Dr. Parnassus. I don't know why it did so well in the UK and Europe (apparently).

The movie feature many stars from Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Collin Farrell. This was because this film was not finish by the time that Heath Ledger passed on. The director wasn't sure what to do but his friends came to offer help and that's how they came about. However, they were in the movie for a like 10 mins tops! Apparently Tom Cruise wanted Heath Ledger's part as well but the director turned him down. The credits of the film even changed to "A film by Heath Ledger and friends" instead of the usual "Directed by" blah blah blah. Something I thought which was a nice gesture of the director to do. 

The plot, however, I seriously couldn't follow. I really don't believe of all movies I fall asleep in, I didn't fall alseep in this one. I wished I did though! It was such a waste of time. And as the movie was going along, I just getting more and more irritated because it all just didn't make sense! Basically, the movie was talking about 2 men - 1 a former monk, 1 the devil and they pretty much had bets with each other throughout the movie. And what they were betting on were human souls. The monk had this special mirror that when people stepped into it, they would be in a magical world full of things they desire. And in this magical land, the devil will always be present to try and tempt them into sinful desires. And whichever way the person goes, that's how they win their souls. WTF right?!

Seriously. I got so annoyed that I had to msg my sister. And so happens she was downloading that movie. I even told her don't even bother! I then of course had to express my irritation on Facebook and my feelings were then confirmed by 2 of my other closest friends who have watched or tried watching the show and they failed miserably!

*shakes head*

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