Monday, 28 December 2009, 11.58PM (So, by the time I am done with this post, it'll be 29 Dec 2009)

So my bf managed to get us free tickets to watch Sherlock Holmes. The only downside to it was that it was in Berjaya Times Square - right smack in the middle of town. I thought, "hey, tickets are free to a good movie, let's not waste it". So we left work early (around 6ish) because we didn't know how bad the traffic would be and we had to pick up the tickets at 7.45pm (movie was at 8.30)

On the way there, my bf decides to call someone about work and starts talking for about erm... 5 minutes? Next thing we know, we get flagged down by a policeman for being on the phone. Hehe! Luckily enough, we managed to get away without a ticket nor having to pay any 'kopi' money. =P

We got to the Times Square at bout 7.30 and decided we could grab a quick bite to eat before collecting the tickets and the movie. Having been there less than 5 times in my entire life for the both of us, we didn't know what Times Square had to offer and therefore we looked for the directory. After going through the list, we decided to try some Ramen noodles in Mr. Ramen.

Picture of the place. If not mistaken, I was sitting directly opposite this sign as well.

The place was in a deserted little corner with only a few tables occupied. I guess that should have been an indication of how nice the place was but we were oblivious. We proceeded to look at the menu and sit down to order our food. Bf decided to order Miso Ramen and Cincau as a drink and me, Black Pepper Udon and Ice Lemon Tea.

The drinks came pretty quick. I took a sip out of my drink and it tasted pretty good. As I kept drinking though, I felt something in the drink. I took a look inside the glass to find little black spots at the bottom of my glass which I couldn't tell whether it was actual tea leaves or dirt. We called the guy over to tell him and without saying anything, he took my glass and wanted to change it for me. As he was walking away, I looked down to the ground and saw a COCKROACH walking towards me! OMG! I freakin' freaked! For those who do not know, I freakin' hate cockroaches. I think my worse nightmare would be to stuck in a room/bathtub/area where there was cockroaches everywhere!

Anyway, I jumped up and walked away while the waiter tried to step on it! At the stage, I was getting very uneasy and uncomfortable. Now, the black stuff in my drink seemed to be more probable that it could have been dirt! Anyway, he came back with my drink. I checked the bottom of the glass again and I THINK it still had SOME specks of dirt but decided not to worry about it giving them the benefit of the doubt that it could REALLY be tea leafs.

Then our food came. My bf's ramen came first and he told me to try it first. So I did. I picked up my chopsticks, took some noodles and shoved it into my mouth. My face changed instantly. Not only did the ramen not taste nice, the ramen noodle itself tasted like MUSHY CARDBOARD! OMG! It was the WORST noodles and gross-est food I've ever tasted! What the hell?! Who serves food like that?! I don't know how long that store has been opened, but they definitely SHOULD NOT BE OPEN ANYMORE! God! I won't be surprised if me and my bf get stomach ache tonight or tomorrow! Anyway, then mine came - Black Pepper Udon. It was alright - noodle wise. At least it was not mushy. But taste wise, *shakes head*. It tasted like nothing even though my noodles seemed to have been covered in blackish sauce. My bf in the end went to take some soya sauce for us to add into our food and surprisingly enough, I think we fixed the taste of BOTH our meals. Far out, they should just hire us!

Anyway, by far the worst dinner I've had in like... geez, I don't even know the last time I had such bad food! I didn't want to finish my food and my bf even said "wow, it must suck really bad for you to not finish your food huh?" and yes - the answer to that is YES! Gah! Please please PLEASE, DO NOT go there for food at ANYTIME - even if you're like starving to death!

Was gonna do a little review about Sherlock Holmes but got carried away with Mr. Ramen. So think might just keep that for the next post. Sorry to be so wordy, but did not have any other pictures to post up.

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