Currently Listening : Looping songs from iTunes which currently has 179 songs - 1/3 of which could possibly be Wang Lee Hom songs followed by Lin Jun Jie's songs! Btw, he's pretty good as well! If you need me to recommend any songs, ask me! :D

I didn't have to go to work today - FINALLY! Do you want to know why? Haha! Dad went overseas for work this morning! LOL! Hey, in my defense, I had already finished all my work PLUS had sent it over to the lady in charge this morning as well for further review! :D Hanged-out with sista for a bit in the morning till about 2pm then went off to MidValley with Mun Yee to watch Wolverine! It was not bad I have to say. I always like meeting new and interesting characters/mutants. Plus, my friend was right. There were far too many eye candy in the show. Haha! Let's make this little entry a teeeny weeeny bit more interesting and let's all take a little poll! Which of the two below do you think is hotter? Hehe!

   Ryan Renolds                                                                      Daniel Henney

Besides that, my brother-in-law (BIL) just recently bought a new golden retriever puppy! He brought it home today! Here's a picture of the little one! Isn't he adorable?!

This little fella, although small, can really bark and howl! He wouldn't stop barking when we put him in the cage to sleep. I'm guessing this little must miss his brothers, sisters, and parents. Poor thing. He hasn't been names yet. Do you guys have any suggestions?! The 3 names I suggested were Milo, Gizmo, and Mogwai! Haha! Don't know if they are actually gonna use it though. 

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On May 16, 2009 at 11:08 AM , munster said...

puppy is cuter. LOL


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