Friday, 18 December 2009

I can't believe my sister is blogging more than me! Haha! So I better get my ass moving and start blogging too eh?! Haha! So what's been up? This has been up:

We've been trying to find a home for this cute little thing which my maid brought home about maybe 2 weeks ago now. She apparently got it from her friend. Had been trying to get more info as to how, when, why they got her but her story was always unclear. Her name has changed from Siti, to Cookie, to Brownie, to Lucky, to now my maid calls her Cookie Brown. LOL.

When she first came, she was very timid, afraid of people, accept Fina, most probs because she was the one that fed her. However, after staying with her for a while, she's gotten better with people. She's also the only dog that can play Gracie. She doesn't mind getting squashed a little by Gracie's huge paws and she actually even tries to take a stab back at her!

Think my sister did a good job blogging about her progress, so will leave you with links to her write-ups:

1. Doggie Looking for Home
2. Doggie Looking for Home Part 2
3. Doggie Adoption Update

Think sister has added quite a few photos of her in her post already but for if anyone is interested, there's an album on Facebook that has her photos. Not sure if you'll be able to see it if you're not my sister's friend.

At one point, my maid's friend actually came to take her home because my dad did not want to keep her. But her friend said that she was going to take her back and just let her loose! How cruel! You can't just let a dog go loose! They'll die out there with all the cars! Plus, this doggie is actually quite smart. After only a few days, she already knows how to go out and come back to my house on her own! Although, whenever she does that, it gives me a heart attack because I'm always scared that she'll get run over by a car. My maid begs to differ. She says that she's smart and fast and will be able to run away from the cars. :S Anyways, then my dad's friend wanted to take her. My dad's friend doesn't actually have a good track record in the house. Most of us do not like him because of what he did to my dad before. Plus, looking at him now, we do not think he's capable of taking care of himself let alone a dog! So, we or rather I did not allow him to take it home.

Anyway, is anyone else interested?? Do let me know if anyone is! We've gotten her used to human contact and is getting better now! :D

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Cookie Brown?! hahahhaa.....


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