Ever had to freakin' reverse on a highway with moving traffic?!! Well, I did! OMG, scared the be-jesus out of me!!

The story goes like this, I borrowed my sister's car because my brother borrowed mine. I wanted to drive to my bf's place in TTDI. So, as I was crossing the toll on the Sprint highway, I automatically took out her Tag and went through the Tag toll. Once I got to the gate, it said that it could not detect the card. So, I thought it must be faulty because my bf's tag is like that all the time. So I reversed, stuck my hand out to make sure that the sensor could sense the tag but it still didn't work! THEN, I looked at it and realised that there was no card at all!! I raised my hands and waited for people to come and get me.. I even took out money so that they could just accept payment and let me through. but NO! they freakin' asked me to reverse!! From 1 end of the toll to the other end of the toll for cash payment!! WTF!! This was like in the middle of the afternoon with constant traffic!! I was so damn scared that I had already started sweating in the car!!

LOL! so that's the story of my weekend! Haha.. :P

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