Saturday, 27 February 2010

It was my brother's 30th b'day last week and so we decided to go out for dinner to celebrate. The place we went to was called Dish by Delicious. For those who don't know, Dish is part of the Delicious group but focuses on Steak. They are located inside Dua Annexe residency itself on Jalan Tun Razak. No sure if any of you notice it, but there's a huge Delicious sign at the front which looks like this at night. Quite nice huh? But don't be fooled - the actual Delicious restaurant is upstairs while Dish is downstairs.

Anyway, once we got there, the first thing a whole family of accountants and us being Chinese was to look at the price. Haha! Let's just say they weren't exactly cheap and you definitely can't just go there for a casual meal every once in a while - well, not on my pay at least. Hehe! But the food was awesome! Tip? Go with parents! Haha! 

We started out by ordering some appetizers to share. We got the:

- Lobster Omelette served with cognac infused lobster bisque sauce.
For the egg lovers (ie. me) This dish is sooooo yummy. Not only did they have Lobster pieces in the egg, the sauce was made of Lobster too! Haha! Ah-duh! It says so in the dish name rite? :P 

- Pan Seared Scallops On a Bed Of Spicy Lamb Sausage served with Chargrilled Endived Drizzled with Lemon Oil.
Another yummy dish for the scallop lovers (ie. me again). There was this time where my parents would go to Victoria Station alot and I would ALWAYS order the Scallops there! Haha! Got to love scallops from there. Anyway, sorry - side tracked. The dish came with 4 scallops on it and with 8 people in the table, we each only managed to get half a scallop.

Both of which, I do not have photos of most probably because these dishes started out on the other side of the long table from my sister and she was one the doing all the photo taking most of the time because I was too busy digging into the food.

We also got the:

- Smoked Duck Salad on a bed of baby spinach, avocado, pomegranate, drizzled with a orange vinaigrette
*kudos to sister for the photo

Didn't try much of this because am not a salad person in general PLUS it had avocados which I do not eat as well. Had a few leafs here and there and it was not bad. Had a lot of cheese to cover the usual vege taste. Hehe!

- Pan-seared foie gras on a toasted brioche, served with red graps and muscat wine reduction

*kudos to sister for the photo

Correct me if I am wrong but foie gra is meant to be goose fat. I ate goose fat! Haha! It's not like it's my first time trying but I always thought foie gra was like some inert like the liver or something. I don't know which one I would prefere it to be now. Haha! 

As for the main, considering that this place specialises in steaks, all of us ordered steak with heaps of sides! There was a little note on the top that the steaks were best shared because of the size. They were also sold by 100grams! Haha! My dad got caught like that. He saw the prices and went "hey, these prices are not bad" LOL! Till we pointed out the "per 100 grams" portion. Haha! I think most of us either tried the tenderloin or the sirloin. 

Photo on the left was taken by my sister but thought that it was quite dark and unable to see the slab of meat that came. So the photo on the right is from me! :P This was a photos of my sister's tenderloin to share with her husband. The steaks were so yummy! They were cooked to perfection. We ordered medium and although it "looked" slightly a bit too rare. It was just nice! It was not chewy and not to tough. It was just mouth watering and to die for!! I think probably the best steaks I've had ever! My brother said the same thing and HE is a steak lover. He'll go out looking for nice steaks once a while so he would know better. *drool* Although, the steaks did take pretty long to come - think maybe about 30 mins or more? So us being hungry could have contributed to the "nice-ness" of the steak. Hehe! 

Unfortunately there was no photos of the sides but I think my favourite sides was the Cream Corn with Paparika and Mashed Potato with Truffle Oil.

To end it, we ordered:

- Apple Fritters with butterscotch sauce and cinnamon ice cream. 

*kudos to sister for the photo

- Molten Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Marmalade and Vanilla Ice Cream

*kudos to sister for the photo

I didn't have much of the desserts because by then, I was nearly dying. My stomach felt like it was going to explode. It was meat overdose! Haha! But the chocolate cake was good but am being biased here because I'm more a chocolate fan. :P

Lastly, complimentary passion fruit marshmallow and chocolate truffle.

*photo by ME! haha! because I thought I had a better angle photo :P

So yes, that was dinner! Alot of food! All of us stuffed to our faces. Bill came up to about RM1,100 for 8 of us including corkage of RM50 for a bottle of wine. Definitely a must place to go for food. Pricey but super quality food. Anyone interested in trying it out? They are open from:

For more information about the place, click here.
Like the photos my sister took? Click here to see more!

That's it folks! 

Sunday, 20 February 2010

So my sister watched New Moon yesterday. So I can finally blog about it. Bought it on DVD maybe about a month ago but didn't have the chance to watch it till about a coupla days ago. I know, I'm slow! And alot of you had already probably seen it already but what the heck - going to blog about it anyways because it got me quite flustered at the end. Quality of the DVD was not that good.. and the subtitles that came with it was worse. But yet, funny at the same time. Haha!

For those who don't know, I refused to read the book yet until I watched the movie because that's what I did for the first one and I quite enjoyed the first one which made me want to read the book. After reading it, I actually saw the movie again, and I felt that there were alot of parts where they chopped of bits and pieces of infomation which I thought would be a good to know.Thus, didn't enjoy it as much the 2nd time round.

I don't know if the above is the official movie poster or not cause it has been so that long that I don't even remember what the poster looked like. So anyway, compared to the last one, this show definitely has more to see in terms of *ahem* guys. LOL! Jacob was such a hottie especially after he got a hair cut. And when he transformed into the wolf (which I thought was pretty cool)... all I wanted to do was just rub their fur. LOL! They looked like they were nice and soft. Haha! 

Anyway, apart from that.. (getting side tracked here), I thought the story line was okay. The fight scenes were not bad. Felt like it didn't have much of a climax and even if it did, it climaxed for like 5 minutes or something.. the Volturi people let them go WAYYYY too easily. And the ending?? Maybe it was just my DVD because it didn't come with credits.. so basically just went to a black screen after Edward said "would you marry me?" What kind of stupid ending was that?! Why the heck would he say that?! At the end? I thought it would have been better if they stopped it at both of them wanting to fight each other. And why would they freakin' need to get married?! Far out, if he's going to bite her already, and she's becoming a vampire.. what the hell does that matter?! She's freakin' WILLING to be a vampire because of you.. do you think she's care whether she's your wife?! Gahh!! haha.. sorry.. but I really think it's stupid! 

My bf was quite tickled at how I was so flustered. LOL! Gah! anyhow, guess now I can start on my book again. If I can find it. LOL! All my things are all over the place. So yea... 

Friday, 19 February 2010

So Chinese New Year has came and gone. So has my leave! LOL! Haven't done much in the last week. Just watched alot of teevee, walked around, and most of all the typical CNY stuff (Hehe! If you all know what I mean) Anyway, went to watch Wolfman 2 days ago in Cathay at e @ The Curve.

Warning: Do not continue reading if you are thinking of watching the movie. Do not want to spoil anything for you.

The show was erm.. ugh.. ahhh... LOL! That's pretty much sums up the show. I seriously have no comments about it. It was a.. erm.. ugh... ahh.. ok show lo! LOL. I wouldn't call it great. Nor would I call it crap because the CGI events were pretty cool. Oh! And Golem from LOTR made a guest appearance in the movie! Haha! People who have watched it or will be going to watch it will understand. Haha.. Oh wait.. Might as well try and see if I can find a picture of it online. :P 

OMG - found it! 

On the left is the creature from the Wolfman.. and Golem - I'm sure everyone knows how they look like. Seems to me that ever since Golem came out, alt of look a likes have been coming out too. Don't know if anyone remembers, but there was also Dobby (if that's how you spell his name) from Harry Potter. Anyways, I can't believed I managed to find the picture of the creature from Wolfman. It only had a 2 second appearance in the show. LOL! Wanna know how I found it? Haha! I searched for "Creature that bit father wolfman" HAHA! 

So yea, all in all, an OKAY show. Predictable storyline. Did have some comments towards the end when they were having a final showdown/fight though.

1. The dad seemed to transform into a wolf faster than the son. Haha! Everyone was saying because he had 25 years more experience.

2. After such a violent battle and the son looked like he was injured as heck, all he needed was one uppercut kick when the dad was flying towards him and kicked him towards the fireplace. He burst into flames probs because of all the fur around him. Haha! And that was it!

3. Actually, thinking about it now. It had a stupid ending because they were trying to set it up for number 2 I think. But it's stupid because they could have just killed the last guy who got bitten and then END OF STORY! But nooooo....

Haha! So yea.. that's about it. Hope I didn't spoil anything for anybody. But hey - I did put a disclaimer on the top.. :P Have also watched New Moon on DVD but will wait till my sister watches it before making any comments. Haha!
Friday, 12 February 2010

In light of the coming festivities, and also stealing the idea from my sister's post, (difference being I think hers was a bit too pre-mature - hehe!) I have now decided to post up my horoscope for the year. Hehe... so here goes:

Ox (1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997)

Positive: Diligent, stable, and possesses a strong sense of purpose. These people build long-lasting friendships.

Negative: Stubborn and bigoted. Ox people aren't often flexible.

Chinese Astrology Horoscope 2010 for the Ox:
A year of drama, instability, and change is not what a typical Ox wants to hear! It sounds a little too excitable for the security-seeking Ox. Last year was a new beginning for you--the start of a whole new 12 year cycle, and for some of you it was a dramatic beginning. This year, you are embracing a new lifestyle and dealing with some uncertainty at the same time. Career matters may be competitive; health is expected to be variable. Love is on the challenging side for many and status quo for some. Be determined, and open yourself up to accepting some changes in plans. Focus on the things that are the most important to you. Overall: Average to challenging.

Meh, that above just sounds to me that it's going to be a year where I have to work hard again. This sucks! Is it just me, or is every year for the Ox always seems the same - always have to work hard. Gah! Haha! I should really try and remember this post so that whenver I hit a pickle, I can come back to this to see if it's accurate. Hehe! Okay, now I'm just blabbing because I'm waiting for my bf to leave the office (yes, I'm blogging from the office! Haha! But it' a half day k! So technically I'm allowed!) Hehe..

Anyway, before I sign off - Happy Chinese New Year once again! Tata... =)
Thursday, 11 February 2010

Haha! Give you guys a little tip on what this post is going to be about?

"All the single ladies! All the single ladies"

*gives everyone a moment to think*

Haha! Yes - Glee! Have been watching Glee lately and yes (per my topic of this blog) I know I'm outdated! Heck! Even looking at this poster it says that it's coming out in May. And mind you, this is May 2009 and we're already almost into March! (Holy cow! 2 months of the new year is gone! WTF!) Anyway, everyone has probably already finished watching the first season but me and my bf just started! Haha.. Think we're only at like episode 4 or something. Loving every moment of it though. It's hilarious! The drama, the humour! and most of all the singing/dancing/musical parts! I love it! Haha! Latest favourite/funniest episode (and I'm sure my sister will agree with me on this)? See below! Hope I'm not ruining anything for anyone. =P
P/s: First time I'm embedding something into the blog, so let me know if it's faulty ya?

Haha! Gonna try and get my bf to learn the dance! LOL! Although have said it several times WHILE watching the episode and he kinda just ignored me - think he's trying to pretend to not hear me. Haha! =P

While watching though, I wondered whether or not the people in there were actually really singing because all of them seemed pretty good! And I think they are because we stumbled upon a magazine (Hot Magazine, I think) which had like a coupla pages of write up about the characters and most of them have at least some sort of musical background. Hehe... Maybe I can start a series of blogs for each of the characters if there is nothing else for me to blog. Haha! And maybe I can start by going clockwise from the cast below:

Didn't expect to manage to crap a blog entry out. Haha! Short - but sweet yea? =P

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I'm sure alot of you guys have been to this place in Segambut before but I have only been there twice (including today). This place is called Yu Ai (if case you didn't catch it from the picture above =P) and their seafood noodles is the bomb! They're more pricey than any other places - RM15 for a small bowl and RM17 for a big bowl but the amount of seafood they chuck in there and also their curry soup *drool*. It is to DIE for! Haha! We were very hungry when we got there and I didn't manage to take a photo and only realised after. LOL! So hopefully the photos still look appealing? Haha! Try imagining the 1st photo IN the 2nd photo! Haha!


Anyway, not sure if this is the case for many people but I don't  really like yellow fat mee noodles. And if I am eating curry mee, I will ONLY have mihun! Haha! Cause it's the best and I feel like it soaks up all the goodness of the curry soup itself. I found another person like me today - Chris' sister. Haha! Both of us actually wanted more noodles but we didn't order la.. I did not want to feel fat by ordering 2 because I would probably regret it later. But I think the next time I go, I'll just have like plain noodles and the curry. I think the seafood for me is like a good to have - extra kinda thing. I'll just steal some from my BF next time. Haha!

They also have other stuff there too! They have Tom Yum noodles and like Fish Head noodles etc. They even have Fish Ball Curry noodles for people who can't have seafood.. but it's about RM10!! So not worth it. Might as well just pay RM5 more to have seafood! But if you're allergic to seafood then can't be helped la. Picture of their menu below:

Both brother and sister enjoying their food! or rather enjoyED their food. *drool*

Pictures of them making the noodles. Haha! No wonder they taste so damn good! All their pots probably haven't been changed in like 10 years! They were black and grimy! Haha.. Hope this doesn't steer you guys away from this place!

P/s: Stupid internet so damn unstable, that my photos are also pixelated. Took me freakin 2 hours just to upload photos! Grrr!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

So the long weekend came and went - fast like the wind. From my last post, you all should know that I went to Ikea to get myself a bookshelf and that pretty much took the rest of the afternoon including putting together or rather my bf took the rest of the afternoon to put it together =P. Sunday came and went too! Haha! Yes - we made Pineapple Jam Tarts! My sister's maid had already made the jam, so all we had to do do the cookie base! And I have to say, they actually taste nice! However, the most important part of the cookie is the jam and that wasn't made by me so I guess that doesn't say much! Hehe! =P Anyways, some photos for viewing pleasure again:

*eeik* Check out how much butter we used and how much was left!

The wonders of a cake mixer! Yum yum butter! =P

So no more  
because of this ------>; 

Hehe! And no! That is not MY mixer at home. That is a KitchenAid - only the best cake mixer! One of those cost like thousand and thousands of dollars!

Hehe! Our very own creation - Pineapple Hambuger Tarts! LOL! This was because the first batch we did was just 1 layer and the jam on the top but when it came out, we reliased that it did not have enough cookie taste so we slapped on another layer on the top!

Names: Serena & Andy - Sister's best friend and husband

And wah-lah! The final product! Looks pretty good huh?! I think the picture makes it look better though =P But they seriously taste pretty good!

Next baking adventure? Still have some leftover jam, so will have to make another batch or half a batch of tarts. But after that, it should be chocolate chip cookies round 2!
Monday, 1 February 2010

Thank for a long weekend! My weekend went by so fast, it's not even funny but somehow felt that I have accomplished nothing! Haha! My bf on the other did! Went to Ikea on Saturday to try and get some furniture for my room. Didn't want to anything big/drastic because I think my parents are still thinking of getting an interior designer to help us build stuff. So, after 2 hours of walking around, I actually decided to pick up a Billy book shelf. My dear bf then had to slave away to put it up for me =) Thank you! Did not manage to take any photos though.. damn! Would have been a good photo opportunity. Oh well, do have a photo of the finished product though.

Haha! And yes, so far I have populated it with 2 books, 1 photo frame, 1 DVD folder and some old boxes which contain pokemon cards. Speaking of which, does anybody wanna buy some pokemon cards? Haha! Don't know what to do with them anymore. Kinda of a waste to chuck them away. Anyway, so yea, my room is getting there - very very very slowly but surely. Everyday I pack like a few items here a way, a few items there away.. eventually I'll get there.. =P

Oh btw, that spot where the bookshelf is now, is not where we originally wanted to put it. Ikea furniture being ikea furniture, it was not very stable. So, instead, we had to swap the position of the shelf. It is now stuck in between my wall and the bed. Which I think works out pretty well I guess, cause I was originally thinking of getting a bedside table for that end but because of the shelves, it can double up as a bedside table too! =D Now for a little light that can clip on the bed so that I can do some reading (when I do some reading =P)

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