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Been wanting to blog for a while now but always procrastinated. There were actually a lot of things I wanted to blog about but that moment has gone and the feelings I felt so strongly has passed, that it's not really worth talking about now. Long story short? Wanted to blog about the stupid foreign worker following me and my sister in Low Yat (but I'm guessing most people would have known that already from my Facebook. This by the way was a little scary!). Then, it was just this morning when I wanted to blog about the difference about Malaysia and Australia and whether or not I should go back considering the circumstances. 

Then it was my parents who kinda pissed me off as I was heading out like 4 hours ago (now this, I can still blog since it's kinda still fresh in my head). So, I was just heading out to meet a coupla of friends for drinks and as I was going out, my mum asked where I was going etc. My parents then told me to becareful but the way they said it was as though that they didn't want me to go out at all! The tone they said it in - it was infuriating! I know it's hard to believe how a word which is meant to be caring like "becareful" can have such adverse affects. But trust me, if you knew my parents the way like I do (which sadly only me and siblings do), they will understand. What do expect me to do?! Just stay home and rot at night?! I need a life too okay?! Geez! Sometimes I just feel like I'm suffocating!

Anyway, meeting up with my friends was kinda good. We just talked rubbish like we used to in uni and it was great! Although, this time, all of us, well at least most of us had a common problem -  we were unemployed. It's weird to see how all of us changed through time. The topics we talked about, the worries we had. I just sometimes wished that we could go back to the first few years of uni where nothing bothered us and everything was a happy-go-lucky situation. I wish I could turn back time. 

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