Tuesday, 29th March 2011

Blog inspired by my brother. Haha! Guess it feels good to know that people out there do read my nonsense. Anyway, he was asking about Paranormal Activity 2 at dinner just then and since I hadn't blogged about it yet - so I thought I'd do up a blog now.

Actually watched paranormal activity quite a few weeks back. Thought that the first movie was must better though. This movie just kinda explained why the first chiq in the first movie got possessed and what happened AFTER she killed her husband/fiancee (I can't remember who it is now). So therefore, it was pretty much a paralel pre-quel. Also thought that this movie had slightly less scary scenes than the first.

Movie started out with a couple bringing home their new born baby. It then went on to show that they're house got broken into hence getting CCTV's installed in the entire house. Felt that this was to satisfy some of the feedback they got from the first movie. If I remember correctly, alot of people (bf included) couldn't not stand how shakey the camera was in the first movie. Hence the CCTV' to ensure a stable recording. Anyway, moved to the mum starting to hear weird noises in the house and then their older daugther. Dad did not believe a word they said until he found his wife kinda just dazed and hypnotised. Shall not spoil what they did after that so you guys will just have to watch it. :P Anyways, as usual, trailer below:

Check out 0:54 - the baby is seen in the mirror reflection but not in his actual cot - jeng jeng jeng!!!

LOL! For those out there scared to watch the actual trailer above, see the one below! LOL! Found it when I was looking for the official trailer.

Monday, 28th March 2011

About 2 weeks ago, on a Thursday, dad suddenly decided to uproot the whole family to go to Penang during the weekend for my grandma's birthday. I was actually kinda lazy to go cause if we went, it was going to be only for a day (ie. fly in Sat and come back on Sun). Anyway, decided to go anyway, which was a good thing because it turned out that my my grandmother was turning 90! Something my dad forgot to mention! Yes yes - I know, I guess I should have gone anyway even if she wasn't turning 90 but hey! 90 is a good age! And that deserve celebrating!

Anyhow, we flew down by Firefly. Was kinda surprised with them and their timing actually. Have heard many stories that actually delayed a flight for more than 12 hours before! But when we went, our flight took off on the dot. But when we came back, flight was actually delayed for 30 mins, but yet, we still managed to arrive about 10mins later than original. So ya!

Anyway, this was actually going to be my first time on a Firefly airplane so I was kinda excited to see the propellers! So, as jakun as I am, I HAD to take some photos as I was walking to the plane. :P

The flight there was terrible! I don't know if it was because it was a really misty day or what. But I swear, at 1 point, I really thought the plane was going to crash! *choi choi*. Shouldn't be saying things like this! The turbulence was just terrible! And when we landed? Oh emmm efff geee... :S

Nothing happened to us of course, if not I wouldn't have been able to eat / take pictures of the delicious char kuey teow below. Both taken from 2 different places. Don't ask me how to get there because I wouldn't have a clue. Had 2 meals (not including grandma's dinner) and I had char kuey teow for both. I don't know why, but somehow Penang manages to cook the yummiest char kuey teow eva! It just taste so different to the one in KL!

P/s: Sorry, it's past midnight and I had forgot to rotate the photo beforehand and am kinda lazy to do so now. :P 
Bro and dad had a gala time, they pretty much ordered like an extra serving each meal to go around and share. Above is a photo of Hokkien mee. Also pretty good if you asked me. Need to make eating trips down to Penang more often! Hehehe..
16 March 2011, Thursday

Went to watch Battle LA coupla nights ago. Bf managed to get free tickets - woots! Don't worry, no spoiler alert this time. Why? Cause this movie is THE BOMB! So, I'm not going to ruin it for you. But... for those who already know what this show is about, I think you can probably already figure out the gist of the show. To be honest - I actually didn't know that this show even existed. Only reason I said yes to go for this show was cause of my friends FB update which said how good this was compared to Skyline!

Movie poster followed by trailer below:

All I can say? Aaron Eckhart is my new hero!! :D

Saturday, 5th March 2011

It's been almost a month of not blogging AGAIN! Sorry... :(

After I came back from Australia I was just having post holiday syndrome and after that, worked just picked up like nobody's business!

Anyways, here I am. Back again! Just a short one to kick it off. Did you know...

That there is this place is Austria called "Fucking"? Don't believe me? Click the link! It's even on Wikipedia.

Was out for yum cha yesterday with my bf's friends and they told me about it. It's tiny ass town in Austria with a population of only 104 people. Surprising isn't it? You would think with a town name like that - you'd have more people in it? :P

Anyway - their town signage is the most popular visitor attraction and is also the most stolen by souvenir hunting tourists. This apprently is the only crime in the town as well. Each stolen sign is actually costs 300 Euros to replace!

*Photo credit: Wikipedia*
Haha! Interesting ain't it? Read more about it on Wiki!

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