Ohhh.. I got fooled alright. I thought I would have 1 year without someone playing an April Fool joke on me but no! I had to get it right towards the end of the day! Anyway, so this is what happened. 

I went to Ipoh yesterday because my mum's side of the family was doing ching ming today. My friend wanted a lift down to KL and being the kind soul I usually am (eleh.. self praise? hehe..) I said of course. So we drove back, everything was okay. His gf came to pick him up. I had dinner, showered and just bumming in my room until he called back and said that he has something to tell me. And I was like okay... he told me that I might scream at him after hearing it and then just said that he might have left his condoms in the back seat of my MOTHER'S car!! Mind you, I think my mum's impression of him isn't a very good one, which made me panic even more! I was already beginning to give him shit until he shouted the words "April Fool!!" Man, I thought at our age, we would have been soooo over it by now! Haha! Oh well... :P

Besides that, something else very eventful happened while I was up in Ipoh. All of you might be wondering what the picture on my right is. Haha! It's a picture of my leg after touching a freakin' car exhaust pipe of my uncle's god-knows-how-old BMW, where the exhaust pipe freakin' STICKS out right in the MIDDLE of the back of the car! (Oh, the white stuff around it is meant to be burn cream.) I was the only "young" one there, as everyone else were all my aunts and uncles - basically everyone the generation above me and I was just trying to be helpful as some of them are now quite old. Gah! and this is what happens! It was freakin' ass painful by the way! I was like crying!! I'm going to get a scar!!! NOOOOOO!! :'(

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On April 30, 2009 at 10:01 PM , steph said...

gaaaaah! this looks like paaain.. the burn cream looks like mould.. or solidified fat.

On May 3, 2009 at 12:36 PM , Li Yen Lim said...

HAHAH... the burnt cream was actually pretty good man! i'm left with minimal scarring which will eventually go away but quicker because of the cream! :D


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