Tuesday, 19th July 2011

Was sending my bf home to TTDI just then and there was a massive jam on the sprint highway. Bf and me already guessed that it was an accident considering it was 10.45pm at night! The accident was pretty bad, there was a motorist lying on the floor and a Golf GTI with 1 wheel short and facing pretty much the opposite direction.

A few photos I managed to take from my phone. Sorry for the bluriness, car was moving and phone camera not so hot..

But that's not really the point of this blog. As I was driving home from TTDI on the sprint, I could still see the jam on the opposite direction. I looked at my rear mirror and saw a car driving REALLY fast - so fast that I thought he was going to hit me because he ended up 'tiong-ing' me damn close! But once we got to where we could see the accident, he braked SOOOO fast that I thought that he could be a loved one of one of the victims of the accident and that he was going to stop by the side of the road to get to them! But NOOOOO.... he didn't stop by the side of the road. He just slowed down to see what was happening. Once we passed the scene of the accident, he just sped off again after.

Now won't you call this a classic cause of Kepoh Malaysians!
This is just a 1 liner post which I am doing just before going to work.


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