Holy Cow! Just realised it has been another month since I last update my blog. Hmmm.. am now trying to think if anything exciting has happened since then but I can't seem to remember - must mean I lead a boring life huh?! Anyways, this coming weeks should be quite exciting, and if I remember to go trigger happy with my camera (when my bf passes it back to me that is), I will definitely post up some photos! So stay tuned! :P Like as if I'm damn interesting like that.. hahaha..

The only thing I can think of blogging about right now is the DUKETHON! Woohoo! Haha.. how often does 1 get to run on the freakin' highway for a run! Well, now is the chance! For only 5 bucks, you get a t-shirt, PLUS the adrenaline rush for being able to run on the Duke Highway! Check out their event page on Facebook! You will also be able to download their registration form. So sign up today! Closing date is on the 14 November! Oh, and the run is on 22nd Nov.

Ah crap! My goldfish memory is going at it again. Just before I wanted to upload this photo, I suddenly thought of something exciting which I did or going to do but obviously won't know which is it now since I can't remember what it is!

Meh, time to sleep! Good night!

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