Monday, 28th November 2011

So I managed to score tickets to Breaking Dawn Part 1 last week. I was actually looking forward to this movie cause the trailer actually looked epic and the sex scene! Hehehe..

For those who haven't seen the trailer?

Anyway, the seats were not numbered but we were able to get some pretty decent seats. So, what did i think of the movie? I actually thought it was pretty entertaining. They tried to inject some funny parts in it but what annoyed me the most? They freakin' censored ALL the parts that were probably the most epic/exciting parts in the movie! The sex scene, the part where the baby was born, and the part where Edward bit her to save her life. Oh, which apparently, my colleague said that he didn't bite her, he injected a needle into her. She knew cause she read the book. But what about those people who hadn't read the book? They wouldn't even know how she got transformed in the first place! WTF!

I was annoyed beyond words. I even got out of the cinema telling my bf that there's no point to even go to the movies anymore (in Malaysia) if they keep censoring movies like this. First it was Immortals, now this! Wtf man.. Freakin' Malaysian censorship board needs to get a life! You think censoring a few scenes out of a movie will make any difference to our "beloved" race in this country?! 

*phew* Now all of that is out - back to the funny bits? :P Since I literally had to drag my bf to the movie, he obviously had some comments after the movie as well and he had a pretty good time making fun of the movie I must say. BUT, he does have a point when he says that Jacob always says he's leaving but he ALWAYS ends up coming back! Haha! No wonder Bella doesn't give a shit everytime he says he's leaving. 

Oh wait, there was 1 thing I didn't quite like about the movie. When the twilight series first started, I was actually team edward cause he was all sweet and that. But from the 2nd ep onwards, I was team Jacob. Haha! Kudos for those who know why.. :P But this last episode.. really made him a freakin' paedophile! Sigh!! 

Last but not least? I freakin' didn't know that this was part 1 of 2!! *face palm*!!!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Trying to keep my tradition alive by having Burger King's in all the airports I have been too. Thus, this entry is to commemorate my memory of the Burger King while I was in Beijing.

In Chinese, it's pronounced as "Ham Pau Wang" - I THINK! Don't laugh at me if in case I get it wrong. :P

Anyways, I didn't get the meal this time because I was in the airport at an ungodly hour - 5am!! And I was actually too sleepy/tired to eat anything. So I just got a Double Cheese Bacon burger. But in the end? I ate my burger even before I boarded the plane. :P Boy - I felt sick! Imagine eating that early in the morning! BUT, I have to say, it was quite satisfying. Not sure if it's because I have been having chinese food for the last 5 days there. :P Anyways, burger had BBQ sauce in it which gave it a slight sweet taste to it yet still being able to taste all the preservatives of the burger patty! Haha!

Burger only costed me RMB23 which is equivalent to RM12.50! Don't remember how much a meal costs though. Forgot to take a picture of the actual burger. Was too stoned and lazy to do it actually.. :P 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Managed to score 2 tickets to watch Immortals at 1U yesterday (kudos to my friend!). So obviously went with my bf. Actually I had not heard of this movie before until my we saw a billboard which was advertising this movie and my bf said that he wanted to watch it.

When I was offered these tickets, I quickly accepted them as I knew my bf was interested. Anyways, so we went to collect our tickets, my friend informed me that the film distributor that brought this show in was one that has not had a good track record on my list - not going to name this film distributor due to work reasons :P but let's just say my expectations for this film dropped drastically after that.

Before I go on, perhaps you guys should take a look at the trailer first below. Btw, I hadn't watched the trailer myself till this blog post.

Hmm.. doesn't look to exciting huh? Well, to my surprise, I actually quite enjoyed the movie. It was definitely full of violence/gory stuff therefore very appealing to all guys. For the ladies? Well, most of the men in there had 6 packs? Enough incentive? Haha! Okok, in all seriousness, without trying to give out too much info and spoiling the movie for everyone - I quite liked the movie. Only problems for me were:

  1. The lead actor didn't seem very charming enough. Thought he would have been better casted by someone like Brad Pitt or Russell Crow. But he was quite good looking laa. :P
  2. There were too many cut scenes!! Unsure if it was because the movie was too gory or what but it was weird because there were even cuts during the conversation bits which was possibly the most exciting bit as it probably built up the plot. It kinda felt like the movie roll got damaged or maybe even someone was getting some up there in the movie room (you know, the little room up above the cinema where the light comes out from and plays the film) because not only was scenes cut, the whole movie was pushed out of frame!
  3. There were some anomalies I felt during the last scene but I am not going to say anything as that would probably ruin the story for you. However, don't think it was that important but do let me know whether you feel the same when you guys have watched it ya!
Other than the above? Yea - would recommend you guys to go watch it. However, probably only worth it if the cut scenes were fixed. It really really annoyed me during the movie. So yea..
Wednesday, 8th November 2011

Saw this sign when I was climbing the Great Wall of China in Beijing coupla days ago.

I didn't know that cellphones could speak! Must be some new technology? :P

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