Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry Christmas everybody! I know this is a day late but better than never right? What did everyone get up too during Christmas eve? Wanna know what I did?! Haha! In all defense, me and bf were trying to get our asses to 1U but it was freakin' impossible to get any parking! Think we were going around for like 20 mins! So we gave up in the end. We were suppose to go back to his place and get a lift there instead but we fell asleep! Haha! Anyways, then, I woke up and played this (see picture below) pretty much the whole night - LOL!

Yes - I am now addicted to sims. LOL. Although I do not think I am doing a good job but at least I am not killing my whole family. The last time I played it was years ago and somehow I managed to kill my parents, my kids didn't have anyone to support them, so they eventually died. My house went on fire and a car ran over my dog. Lol! Nothing of that kind has happened to me yet, so whoopidooo for me! Haha!

Anyway, then on Christmas day, my parents decided to move into our new house. So was moving stuff and doing the normal rituals in the morning. Had a lunch thing at a friend's place after and then a unplanned trip to "Tokyo". For those who are thinking, no - not Japan. It's this overpriced seafood place in Selayang where they do really good caramalised prawns soaked in oil. LOL! When all of us finished, all of us felt like some artery was blocked. But they were good though. This time however, the prawns we got were alot smaller than the ones we got the last time and they were pricey as heck!

Photo of prawnie. You can't see it, but below those prawns, is ALL oil! *yum yum* :P

I actually wanted to go vegetarian after those prawns - at least for like a day or something but I don't think that's going to happen. I have my meals all planned out for me this whole weekend already! :S I guess, new years resolution - here we come! LOL! Anyways, forgot to bring my camera yesterday, so hopefully will remember this time and have more photos to post up in the next extry which is hopefully after the weekend.

Once again, Merry Christmas everybody! And have a Happy New Year! :D

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