Tuesday, 30 March 2010

So I went for my first run since the Standard Chartered run in Singapore. Haven't been running at all since then and started like about 2 - 3 weeks ago and thought what's better than to motivate myself with a run. It was te Energiser night run - 10km. By then it was too late to register for the race but decided to go anyways. I was pumped! Excited to be back on the road. Excited to bring my brand new-sexy-pink-ipod with me on her maiden competitive run. My brother in law decided to go as well that night.

The race started at 9 in Putrajaya so we left the house at like 7-ish just to make sure we had ample time to get there, find parking etc. When we got there, while looking for the parking lots, we saw the full or half mara runners and we thought what they had to do was quite badly organised. They were using routes that cars could still get into. If the lanes were accurately separated, I would think it was not so bad, but there was 1 point where the runners were literally running next to our car because we were trying to get into the parking lot! Also, runners were actually given a headlight to wear which was optional. However, me, bf, and brother in law all thought that they should wear it because there were some roads which were not lit up by streetlights and we could barely see them! We thought that was really dangerous. Anyhow, managed to find our way to the starting point. Stretched and waited around for a bit and then we took off. Below are just some pictures of us stretching.

BF managed to get a photo of the Energizer man dancing around the starting line after the runners went off.

Anyways, loved the feeling of running on the road listening just to music again! Managed to finish the race in 1 hour 5 minutes! Was quite happy with the time considering I haven't been running. Plus was originally aiming for 1 hour 15 mins! Bf gave me 1 hour.. so I guess I'm in between la! Hehehehe!

Anyways, signed up myself up for the 15km Pacesetter run on 16 May already. For those interested, you may check out their website at http://www.pacesetters.com.my/. They will prompt you to another website which will allow you to sign up online. It's called MyRaceOnline or something like that. After that? Stand Chart half mara - here I come! Wheeeee!!

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On March 31, 2010 at 8:50 AM , Lish said...

good stuff!


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