Monday, 22 March 2010

For those who don't know - my ipod has recently died. The battery just refuses to hold a charge anymore. Everything else works okay when it's plugged into the computer. Was pretty upset when that happened because it was like one of the bigger things I bought for myself while I was working in Australia. Anyway, took it to machines to try and get it revived because the same thing happened to my sister's ipod and apparently all they did was plugged hers into a wall charger and it revived - something about the laptop chargers not strong enough to jump start the battery. Then there was hope! So there I was, happily bringing my ipod to do the same thing. Unfortunately it didn't work. Boohooo!! *sob sob* They also told me that it would cost about RM400 just to fix the battery and might as well get a new one which will cost about RM600 bucks!

I was depressed. Upset. Distraught! A damsel in distressed! How was I going to live without an ipod?! Especially since I'm trying to start running again. I need my Initial D ala feng tau music (to some)! Then.. my brilliant mind came to work (yah - this only happens once in while. Hehe!) It then just dawned on me that my mother still owe's me a b'day present from last year! And this would be under the budget she gave me! Hehehe! So new ipod - here I come (after getting approval from her of course)!

So there I was - happily trotting myself to the Machine's shop in The Gardens. Stood there for the longest time - just trying to figure out what colour I wanted. Texted my sister just to get re-assurance as well. And finally, I made my decision. I was going to get the 8GB pink colour ipod. I told the sales lady what I wanted. She took it out for me, and I once again happily trotted to the casher. Took out my credit card. Lady swiped it. Lady printed out receipt and passed it to me. Then a cloud of confusion hovered over my head. RM719? But the 8GB one I wanted was RM599? What's happening. Looked carefully at the receipt and it said 16GB. I told the casher and she checked the box. It was indeed a 16GB. Sales lady took it back to the shelf to get me a 8GB only to come back with nothing! There was no stock! Neither in The Garden's shop NOR the Midvalley shop. *bam bam bam*. Casher lady then voided my transaction and I went out of the shop sulking. Sales lady couldn't even tell me when they were getting a new shipment.

All that happened yesterday btw. Then today, asked sister to help me check out the Machine's shop in Lot 10. I called in advance to see if there was stock and there was but she was not free to get it for me. I then realised that BSC just opened a new Mac Studio shop as well. So after dinner, asked my sister if she wanted to take a walk to BSC. What are the chances of the BSC shop not having stock as well. So just made my way there. As we were walking closer to the shop, another huge-black-ass cloud just hovered over my head - the shop was closed!!!! I got there at 9.05pm and apparently shops in BSC close at 9pm! WTF!! How hard is it just to get an ipod?! And who closes at 9PM in this part of the world?! Grrr... Not happy! Was looking forward to putting in new songs into my ipod and taking it for it's virgin run tomorrow morning! Boohooo!! Now sister is going to try and it for me tomorrow in the Lot 10 Machines. *fingers crossed*

There you go. My little tribute and rant to Apply and my ipod. Bye bye blue ipod nano. You have served me well. I will remember you forever. All the runs you have accompanied me through. All those days at work you have kept me entertained. All those bus rides to work while I was in Australia. Have a good rest. (Until of course I plug you into the laptop - Hehe!)

Okay - now even blogger is making fun of me. For some reason when I uploaded the photo, it rotated the photo for me. And I can't be bothered to figure out what's wrong with it because I was meant to wash up and do some work like 30 mins ago. Instead, I had to blog about my ipod. But yes - the above is my ever sexy looking ipod. Still looking as suave and charming as ever. No scratches cause I kept it covers in his little condom cover the whole time.

For real now - BYE!

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