Monday, 8 March 2010

So I managed to score some tickets to the S.H.E concert on 6 March 2010 in Bukit Jalil Stadiium! Am not really a fan but I do listen to their songs and quite like them. I think if they were all guys then yea, would love them like how I love Lee Hom! LOL! But anyways, the original plan was to try and win tickets to them and bring my die hard friend. The big word there is try because I've never won anything like this before. So, told my friend and he just said OK. The next thing I knew was I actually won! I was so happy. I immediately called up my friend and told him and he was really excited! Until... he asked when it was. :( Coincidently he had his company annual dinner on that very same night which he couldn't get out of. Apparently if he doesn't show, he'll have to fork out RM100 as compensation so he told me to give his ticket to someone else. I was quite disappointed because I didn't know who else loved them as much as he did and since I managed to get the tickets for free, I really didn't mind going! Anyway, I then began on a quest to start asking other people.

A few days later, my bf sms-es me and says that he managed to score tickets to the concert too! Haha! So I ended up giving 2 tickets away to my other 2 friends and me and my bf (2 bananas - 1 full and the other 3/4) decided to go! Haha! Thanks for coming with me! I tried to let him hear to a few songs so that he wouldn't be so bored when he got there.

When we got there, the first song we heard was "Superstar" (unsure if this was the first song or not, because we went in late although we got there early because I had to wait for me friend to come so that I could pass him the tickets. There was another song before this but unsure whether it was them or just an opening act). Anyway, when I heard that singing this song, I was pretty much screaming. Then he whispered in my ear "I know this song". That's when I started cracking up! Who would have known that he knew the first song (or at least our first song) at the concert. Haha!

The stage had a cool setup (see images below). They ad individual landing thingys for each of their musicians. They also had this huge ass alien looking pillar. I don't really know what it was for but it was quite cool. Haha! They did have some acts coming in and out of the bottom of the pillar.

The other interesting/funny thing they did was where they pretended to be in a karaoke room. They literally brought up a chair and table and filled it with drinks and food and they were suppose to take turns singing one by one at the front on a little tiny stage with the microphone. Haha! Kinda ingenious. Instead of them taking a break backstage, they could take a break in front of everyone! :P Also, when it was their turn to sing, a video clip on the screens would come on but it wouldn't be the video clip of the original singer! It would be them! Quite cool that they actually took that effort to create those videos. For example below: Ella sang Jay Chou's Jian Dan Ai and below is the picture of her in her own vid clip. Didn't recognise Selina's song. Recognised Hebe's but didn't know who it was or the name of the song. It was a Cantonese song though!

Then they also had an act from Ling Yu Jia - the winner of Xing Guang Da Dau (1st Season). LOL! The dude who always cries. Was it me? Or was his voice kinda difference from what I used to hear him during the competition? My theory was that the songs were too low and I know for a fact that he can sing higher parts. Oh wells, photo of him below:

Last thing cool thing I thought they did. See photo and see if you can make it out!

Haha! can you make it out? They were standing on their elevator thingy and at the bottom, is had their names on! After like a song, the alphabets started to turn! 

And photos of them individually (on the screen of course so mind the bad quality photos :P)

And last one specifically for my friend because if I'm not mistaken, he likes her the most. 

Hehe! Looks pretty cool huh? Looks like as if she's just performing behind the bars. Haha! 

Okay okay.. time for me to get ready for work! Late already! LOL! Leave you with the last picture for the night. Woah, the lights the bright and they had confetti shooting out from the bottom like nobody's business! Oh oh! They also like fireworks shooting from the bottom of the stage every once in a while. My bf said that each time they do that it costs them RM1k? LOL! We started counting in terms of how many months pay we'd had to work to shoot out fireworks 6 times! (yes - we counted). 

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