Monday, 1 March 2010

Allow me to introduce the contestants!

Contestant No. 1: Bubbles Lim

Breed: Maltese
Age: 10 years this year
Nickname: Poochi, Old Lady, Babuji

Weight: 5kg

Don't let her old age, tiny and cute appearance fool you. This little creature is opinionated and territorial and a feisty little thing that is not scared of picking at bigger dogs or humans that enter her area. 

Contestant No. 2: Cookie Lim

Breed: Terrier mix
Age: should be 1 year this year
Weight: 8 - 10kg

This cheeky little fella is a runner. She can run like a fox and move around like weasel. She's terribly scared of people and will run the other direction when you come at her. 

Who do you think will come out the champion? Will it be contestant no. 1 or no. 2? Will it be the old feisty but smaller dog or the fast, younger but scared of people dog.

So here's the story of how the battle started.

One starry starry night, after coming home from dinner with my family, we came in into our driveway and we found a doggie in the house. A dog who now goes by the name Cookie. She looked lost and was and was terrified of people. She would run away when anyone tried to go near her. Our 10 year old Maltese saw her and started getting territorial. She went up to her and then everything started. Bubbles challenged her to a duel. I managed to get a video of the exciting fight between them.

Who do you think came out the winner? Scroll down to see the results.

1. All photos are thanks to my sister. You may read more about her blog here.
2. This story is all fictional and that is not how we found her. 
3. There were no dogs that were harmed for the publication of this post. 
4. Am talking rubbish so that I can post the photo lower and have a more dramatic effect to the post. :P
5. For those who don't know, they were not really fighting - just merely playing with each other. 

And tadah! The winner has emerged. Cookie has been pinned to the ground. Bubbles emerges as the champion dog fighter!

Haha! Lame? I know.. sorry la.. I was bored. My measly attempts at trying to write a story. Obviously I failed muchly. :P 

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