Wednesday, 25 March 2010

So, apart from my recent distress about my ipod a few days ago. Some good things DID came out of my last weekend.

My bf decided to give me a little treat/pamper session just as a reward for working so hard (or so he thinks =P). So he decided to treat me to a massage! Wheee! So he gave me a few places to choose from but I ended up picking Siam Body Works in Mid Valley City. For the benefit of others - to get to this place, you first need to get to the North Court of Mid Valley (1st floor) and go through a black bridge which will cross over to North Point Plaza. Once you're there, continue walking till you see a set of steps/escalators down. Walk down those steps and walk straight ahead. You should be able to see Siam Body Works. Haven't been to the North Court of Midvalley in a while but I think that whole area is new. They opend like some eateries and other stuff. If my eye did not deceive me, I think I saw and Old Town Coffee there too?

Some photos of the place below. You can find out more of their services, pricings, outlets, and also photos from the website which I have linked already.

Picture of the room where I got my massage in.

Picutre of the front entrance. At the back, you will be able to see a swimming pool as well!

Anyway, got there and asked for the Thai massage while my bf went to get his hair cut (was going to post mug shots of him so that everyone can say his haircut is nice because it was an expensive hair cut from A Cut Above but I didn't bring my camera with me the last 2 days. Hehe! But seriously, I think it's a nice hair cut).

Moving along, most of the masseuse there were Thai but mine could speak a some mandarin. Only problem is - my mandarin was worse! Haha! Anyways, the massage was good! Had run that morning as well so I think they kinda loosened all the muscle cramps. And boy, was my lady strong! Far out, she was this tiny little woman who is shorter than me and slightly on the chubby side but her fingers were ridiculously strong!! I exceptionally enjoyed when she did my shoulders because they have been killing me for the longest time! Thai massages though (to me) always seemed to be painful at least at some point or the other because the masseuse uses every part of their body to jab into your muscles/tissues. Haha! Having said that, I've always gone back for more Thai massages especially in Thailand when they are so cheap! But anyhow, thanks for the massage babes!! =D

Anyway, after the massage, we walked around Midvalley for a bit. Bought myself a brand new sports bra from New Balance. Also saw a nice jacket/wind breaker for RM60. Didn't know where I was going to wear it too especially in this hot weather so managed to resist myself. Hehe! *pats self on the back*. Bought tickets to watch Alice in the Gardens because the line was too long in Midvalley as usual.

Anyhow, all the different posters I managed to find on Alice. Sorry Johnny Depp's one was blur. Only realised after I downloaded it and can't be bothered finding a clear copy. :P Which one of these do you all like betteR?





Overall, me and bf thought the movie was okay. Nothing much to shout about I guess. Might have been better if it was in 3D? Some of the effects would have been quite cool but because my brother fell asleep in the movie, me and bf didn't want to pay extra just in case. Storyline wise, I think everyone knows it. Although I have to admit, I've forgotten pretty much like 90% of the story. Oh wait, just remembered that bf just told me that the movie is kinda the sequel to the book?

Favourite character? Hmmm.. I would have to say the rabbit that kept throwing things around just cause he's psycho and it's someone I can relate too. And maybe the 2 fat boys. Haha! Johnny Depp just did his normal weird ass character again so nothing was new there. Alice as okay. Ann Hatherway (did I spell it right?) was a bit annoying cause of the way she walked as the White Queen. And the Queen of Hearts - okays la. Hehe.

Anyway.. overall, a GREAT day out! Haven't done something like that in a while! Wheeee! wish we could have more days like this! Although think bf might go broke if he keeps buying me massages. Hehe! :P

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