Saturday, 3 April 2010

I can't believe it's April. This year has gone by so fast! 1 quarter of the year is gone! The next think you know, half a year will gone, then 3/4,  and then, a whole year! And I'm again going to be a year older! Boohoo! Anyway, anyone got any nice and interesting stories to tell regarding what they did on April Fool's day? It seemed to be the quietest April Fool's day ever! No one did ANYTHING!

Anyway, watched The Imaginarium of  Dr. Parnassus erm.. I don't even remember anymore but quite recent - latest also a week ago. But anyway, remember how I was complaining about Jennifer's Body being the shittest show ever? Well, I really think I have found something that could meet it's match. And yes, obviously I am talking about Dr. Parnassus. I don't know why it did so well in the UK and Europe (apparently).

The movie feature many stars from Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Collin Farrell. This was because this film was not finish by the time that Heath Ledger passed on. The director wasn't sure what to do but his friends came to offer help and that's how they came about. However, they were in the movie for a like 10 mins tops! Apparently Tom Cruise wanted Heath Ledger's part as well but the director turned him down. The credits of the film even changed to "A film by Heath Ledger and friends" instead of the usual "Directed by" blah blah blah. Something I thought which was a nice gesture of the director to do. 

The plot, however, I seriously couldn't follow. I really don't believe of all movies I fall asleep in, I didn't fall alseep in this one. I wished I did though! It was such a waste of time. And as the movie was going along, I just getting more and more irritated because it all just didn't make sense! Basically, the movie was talking about 2 men - 1 a former monk, 1 the devil and they pretty much had bets with each other throughout the movie. And what they were betting on were human souls. The monk had this special mirror that when people stepped into it, they would be in a magical world full of things they desire. And in this magical land, the devil will always be present to try and tempt them into sinful desires. And whichever way the person goes, that's how they win their souls. WTF right?!

Seriously. I got so annoyed that I had to msg my sister. And so happens she was downloading that movie. I even told her don't even bother! I then of course had to express my irritation on Facebook and my feelings were then confirmed by 2 of my other closest friends who have watched or tried watching the show and they failed miserably!

*shakes head*

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