Saturday, 27 February 2010

It was my brother's 30th b'day last week and so we decided to go out for dinner to celebrate. The place we went to was called Dish by Delicious. For those who don't know, Dish is part of the Delicious group but focuses on Steak. They are located inside Dua Annexe residency itself on Jalan Tun Razak. No sure if any of you notice it, but there's a huge Delicious sign at the front which looks like this at night. Quite nice huh? But don't be fooled - the actual Delicious restaurant is upstairs while Dish is downstairs.

Anyway, once we got there, the first thing a whole family of accountants and us being Chinese was to look at the price. Haha! Let's just say they weren't exactly cheap and you definitely can't just go there for a casual meal every once in a while - well, not on my pay at least. Hehe! But the food was awesome! Tip? Go with parents! Haha! 

We started out by ordering some appetizers to share. We got the:

- Lobster Omelette served with cognac infused lobster bisque sauce.
For the egg lovers (ie. me) This dish is sooooo yummy. Not only did they have Lobster pieces in the egg, the sauce was made of Lobster too! Haha! Ah-duh! It says so in the dish name rite? :P 

- Pan Seared Scallops On a Bed Of Spicy Lamb Sausage served with Chargrilled Endived Drizzled with Lemon Oil.
Another yummy dish for the scallop lovers (ie. me again). There was this time where my parents would go to Victoria Station alot and I would ALWAYS order the Scallops there! Haha! Got to love scallops from there. Anyway, sorry - side tracked. The dish came with 4 scallops on it and with 8 people in the table, we each only managed to get half a scallop.

Both of which, I do not have photos of most probably because these dishes started out on the other side of the long table from my sister and she was one the doing all the photo taking most of the time because I was too busy digging into the food.

We also got the:

- Smoked Duck Salad on a bed of baby spinach, avocado, pomegranate, drizzled with a orange vinaigrette
*kudos to sister for the photo

Didn't try much of this because am not a salad person in general PLUS it had avocados which I do not eat as well. Had a few leafs here and there and it was not bad. Had a lot of cheese to cover the usual vege taste. Hehe!

- Pan-seared foie gras on a toasted brioche, served with red graps and muscat wine reduction

*kudos to sister for the photo

Correct me if I am wrong but foie gra is meant to be goose fat. I ate goose fat! Haha! It's not like it's my first time trying but I always thought foie gra was like some inert like the liver or something. I don't know which one I would prefere it to be now. Haha! 

As for the main, considering that this place specialises in steaks, all of us ordered steak with heaps of sides! There was a little note on the top that the steaks were best shared because of the size. They were also sold by 100grams! Haha! My dad got caught like that. He saw the prices and went "hey, these prices are not bad" LOL! Till we pointed out the "per 100 grams" portion. Haha! I think most of us either tried the tenderloin or the sirloin. 

Photo on the left was taken by my sister but thought that it was quite dark and unable to see the slab of meat that came. So the photo on the right is from me! :P This was a photos of my sister's tenderloin to share with her husband. The steaks were so yummy! They were cooked to perfection. We ordered medium and although it "looked" slightly a bit too rare. It was just nice! It was not chewy and not to tough. It was just mouth watering and to die for!! I think probably the best steaks I've had ever! My brother said the same thing and HE is a steak lover. He'll go out looking for nice steaks once a while so he would know better. *drool* Although, the steaks did take pretty long to come - think maybe about 30 mins or more? So us being hungry could have contributed to the "nice-ness" of the steak. Hehe! 

Unfortunately there was no photos of the sides but I think my favourite sides was the Cream Corn with Paparika and Mashed Potato with Truffle Oil.

To end it, we ordered:

- Apple Fritters with butterscotch sauce and cinnamon ice cream. 

*kudos to sister for the photo

- Molten Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Marmalade and Vanilla Ice Cream

*kudos to sister for the photo

I didn't have much of the desserts because by then, I was nearly dying. My stomach felt like it was going to explode. It was meat overdose! Haha! But the chocolate cake was good but am being biased here because I'm more a chocolate fan. :P

Lastly, complimentary passion fruit marshmallow and chocolate truffle.

*photo by ME! haha! because I thought I had a better angle photo :P

So yes, that was dinner! Alot of food! All of us stuffed to our faces. Bill came up to about RM1,100 for 8 of us including corkage of RM50 for a bottle of wine. Definitely a must place to go for food. Pricey but super quality food. Anyone interested in trying it out? They are open from:

For more information about the place, click here.
Like the photos my sister took? Click here to see more!

That's it folks! 

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On February 27, 2010 at 11:41 PM , Lish said...

thanks for the kudos - thought i had adjusted the steak photo.... :)


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