Monday, 25 October 2010

So there you go - the chronology order of all my phones. I didn't think much of a phone last time. When I was back in highschool, they were just so that I could message/call me parents when I was out and needed a lift home. When I was in Australia, it was more to just keep in touch with friends.

Then, when I first got back to Malaysia in 2009, I finally felt the need to have wifi. I wanted to be cool like those kids in Starbucks where they spent most of their time at. This was also my first encounter of a touch screen phone.

And earlier this year, my brother in law bought a new blackberry and asked if I wanted to have his old one. I was hesitant. I didn't know what the hype was about having blackberry. It was only a month of 2 ago did I hear/know of the term called the crack berry and that all the blackberry users could not live without it. I was thinking:
1) Qwerty? Bleah, who needs that when I can type sms' with just 1 finger on the normal keypads!
2) Sync email - so what? I can always check my emails when I'm on the computer which is 24/7 anyways.
3) Bbm - So what? I'm on MSN 24/7! Even more so with my current job! :P Plus, who do I know that has a blackberry for me to bbm with anyway!

Anyhow, finally gave in and decided to give it a try. And now? I can't live without my phone! The qwerty keypads are so much easier to use! I don't have to check gmail aymore and bbm! I can't live without my bbm! Apparently I knew more people with a blackberry than I thought I did! Suddenly, I was the happiest blackberry user. I didn't care if my model was old and none of my colleagues even knew what model it was. Most of them thought that I had a cool cover change! ROFL! :P

When the iphone4 was launched, my brother tried to brainwash me to get the phone. He planted thoughts in my head saying that "whatever the blackberry can do, the iPhone4 can do it better" with mostly more aps la... which was one of my biggest pull. But after much debate, mental struggle and torutre, I finally decided and took my stand! I was not going to succumb and convert to an iphone user! I saw the light! The blackberry torch showed me the light! Muahahahahaha.... geddit geddit? Torch - light? :P okay.. nvm.. maybe I syok sendiri again.. hahaha..!

ANYWAYS, THEN, I heard a little white man screaming that Celcom will be first to launch the phone end of this month with plans as low as RM50 a month! Their plan includes:

- 15 sen call rate to any number. Nothing complicated;
- Automatic discounts every month
- up to 30% discounts the more you use
- FREE Celcom Broadband Basic Plan for 1 month

Now, with the 3.2" interactive touchscreen (which allows you to do the same pinchng motion to zoom; and rotational display), 5MB camera with flash and image stabilser; video recording, etc., it's my turn to say "whatever a iphone can do, a blackberry can do it too!" Hehehhehee.... =)

So take that apple! *humph!*

(P/s: Don't get me wrong, Apple - have nothing against your products. Love your ipod range and cannot live without it!)

(Pp/s: my parents now own a iphone 4 each! How can I lose to them by having an older phone?!)

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On October 26, 2010 at 1:29 AM , dogbone said...

Think of it this way, Yen. When your bro first suggested you go BB, you were super skeptical and scoffed. But you eventually realized the error of your ways!

So now your bro suggests the iPhone, and you are super skeptical and scoff at his recommendation once more... do the math girl! :D

On October 26, 2010 at 8:48 PM , Li Yen Lim said...

no no.. u getting it wrong.. bro in law introduced.. bro trying to brainwash.. lol.. :P


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