Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Remember the time when I said I have a mission to go around all the airports to see how much their Burger King cost? I first started this mission during my Bankok, Thailand trip here.

So here's my 2nd encounter on the way back from Seoul.  Actually, I totally forgot about my mission myself until I saw this. And I was like "shit.. now I HAVE to eat Burger King"

 So I checked out the menu and order a Bacom Double Cheese burger. Ordered it because it reminded me of the Bacon Deluxe in Australia. One of my most favourite burger of all time. Always feel sick after but it's the most satisfying feeling ever! Haha!

 Picture of me meal. Somehow looks pathetic? Is it cause it laid on a piece of white paper instead of the colour branded Burger King paper?

 My measly 2 slices of bacon. 

Overall, the burger felt quite normal. Lacked the mayo which came with the Bacon Deluxe back in Aus. As for the fries, felt that it was quite bland and hard. For those that know me will know that I love soggy fries and also salty stuff. But I think Korean food in general is very bland - ie. no salt, no pepper. Just depend on the natural taste of the ingredients used.

Now, how much did this meal cost?

Seven freakin' thousand won!

That's equivalent to close to RM21!! I guess the Bangkok one was still more expensive but I think I had more satisfaction eating the Bangkok Burger King. The burger felt slightly bigger, fries were soggy and actually salty.

What I forgot to try is the KLIA Burger King. Is there even one? I will make sure I remember next time. :D

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On December 11, 2010 at 7:43 AM , Lish said...

why no try bulgogi burger..... hehe


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