Tuesday, 26th October

Woah.. First I don't blog for like weeks and now I've been doing it 4 days in a row?! Got to be some record. :P

Anyhow, just a short one before I head out for the night. During lunch today I went to get myself some lunch. Tapao-ed nasi lemak from this orange van in front of our building which happens to also be in front of 7-11. Decided to get a drink from 7-11 and so I walked in. Got my drink and back to my office building. Halfway through, it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't paid for my drink! I quickly scuttled my way back to 7-11, worried that someone in there might suddenly realise and call the guards after me.

Once I got in, trying to not look like an idiot and head straight for the cashier (because that would look so dodge - bringing a can from OUTSIDE). I pretended to take a walk around 7-11 and THEN head for the cashier. ROFL.

Haha! Was too engrossed in what I was thinking about that I totally forgot to pay! Haha! Luckily I didn't get caught. :P

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