Tuesday, 5th October 2010

Yes - you read it right! I have 4 jobs! Haha! Sound like damn real like that right? Well... what's been up?

Job No. 1 - Runner by Morning
Have been trying to train up for my half in Singapore in December so I have pumped up the running again. Managed to get my momentum/steam going and am finally back to 3 times a week with close to 25kms in total. Next race is actually the Nike City 10KM run this weekend. Haven't officially been in a run in a long time. The last time was probably the Energizer night race.

Photo of me in the last Stan Chart Singapore.
Finished the Singapore Stan Chart half mara in 2 hours 40 mins if not mistaken. But aim for this year's is 2 hours 15 minutes! 5 minutes shaved off from my finishing time in the KL Stan Chart

Job No. 2 - Media Planner by Day (and Mostly Nights)
Yes - still working as a digital media Planner in GroupM. Only reason why I have the time to blog now? Somehow the documents which I sent to myself at work did not come through so do not have ANY of what I need to do.. *FML*. So have to wake up extra early tomorrow to get into work to finish up! 

Job No. 3 - Entrepreneur by Night
For those who don't know. Me and my sister have started our own little business. Pretty Baby Bump. We recently expanded to sell baby clothes as well. Sample of one of the products we carry. Ain't it cute?! So yea - at nights, when I do not have to work, I just sit around to see where I can blast my link too so that I can get the awareness of my brand out there! :P *hint hint - cue nudge to whoever that is reading this for help*

Carter's Ice Cream Sleeveless Onesie
So if anyone is interested, you can order directly from the website. Or if you are just looking for updates, do join our Facebook page!

Job No. 4 - Blogger by Midnight
So - here I am. Haha! Blogging cause I finally have the time. Run = went this morning. Work = didn't bring home so tomorrow I die. Website = update all products and can't think of anything else to do. :P Hehe..

Till my next post? Wait till I've done all of the other 3 first again la. Hehehe....

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