20th December 2010

Sorry been M.I.A again. It's been close to 1 month with no updates! Time really flies! Last week at work, I kept thinking that it was only at w/c 6th December and kept giving deadlines for end of w/c 13th when usually it would take about a week to get proposals out the door.

Anyways - better late than never rite? Here's a brief run-down of the Korea trip (if I can remember).

Day 1
Arrived at Korea around 7ish in the morning. Had to wait for the longest time at the airport because there was a bunch of us that got stuck in the immigration. After that, we headed straight to the DMZ Zone.

Before we could get into the zone, we had to get our ID's checked. Managed to sneek a picture of the dude coming onto our bus.

Monto & Superpig @ the observatory tower. There was a yellow line where the photographers were not allowed to cross. Behind them were a line of telescopes which allowed you to look over to the North Korean side.

After this, we were then taken to see the tunnels which the North Koreans tried to dig their way to South Korea. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed there so there's nothing for me to show. 

After that, they took us to a abandoned (well, at least I think it was because there was no one there at all) train station called Dorasan. Apparently they are going to make this the national train station because it was going to connect both South and North Korea.


By the time we finished this, we was past 1PM. All of us were starving. We then headed to our lunch spot where we had Mushroom hot pot. Thank god there was other stuff I could eat (ie. meat, and all the sides).

Photo of our hotopot. Yummers! Think we were all just very hungry.

Photo of freedom bridge which was right outside our lunch area. Place is called Imjingak. LOL! I kept laughing at the name because it reminds me of "mhm jin gak" like not "jin gak" in Cantonese? Haha! Okay - maybe I syok sendiri :P 

After all that, they took us to Dae Jeong Gum's set. Everything looked kinda run down already though. Kinda sad because it was such an iconic movie and they couldn't even spend a little to keep the place running. Some random photos of the place below:

After that, the tour took us to some shopping area which looked kinda high class. We didn't get much time in that area. Plus - didn't look like they had alot of things to see. So didn't get anything. Me and Lee Fen, ended up in the supermarket buying snacks! Haha!

This was during dinner. Pork hotpot! Tasted kinda like lunch though. So was not very impressed. 

So there it is. Day 1 of Korea. Will post more soon! :P

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