Tuesday, 10 August 2010

It was our final day in Thailand! And I hadn't bought anything yet NOR have we gone to a massage! How can! The things I wanted to do the most and I hadn't done it yet! Anyways, woke up early again - this time, to make sure we have enough time to do whatever we wanted to do.

So we woke up, packed up our luggage because we had to check out before leaving the hotel as we were only going to come back later in the evening before we left for the airport. First thing on the list? Get a freakin massage! Haha! We headed out to one of the spas in Thailand called Healthland. This place is now a chain in Thailand.

Photo of outside the spa. 

After the massage, we went to Siam Paragon to check out their food court. Pretty nice have to say. They did it well - kinda like Pavilion style but nicer! Haha! They had a wide range of choices for us to choose from. 

Check out their freakin' chickens!! They look like ducks! or rather pregnant chickens! Way bigger than our freakin Malaysian chickens. Haha! :P

Anyways, after lunch, we headed over to my beloved MBK! Muahahaa.. now that's where all the shopping started. Bought my dresses, food, etc!

Once again, the photo will not rotate. But look at all the weird stuff they have there! haha! 

Haha! huge ass crocs shoe with bf's finger sticking out the holes. 

After walking pretty much the main areas of MBK, we decided to head back to the hotel early cause we had to pack all the new stuff we bought during the day and thank god we did! It was raining and it took forever to get a taxi AND get back to the hotel. And from the hotel, took a while to get to the airport! So by the time we actually got there, it was just right timing! Checked in, got dinner, and then headed to the gate straight away. 

Speaking of dinner, me and bf thought since we've already had so much local food during our trip, we'd go for some western food and what's better than...

Burger King!!! *drool*

The thought of Burger King in a foreign country - a country full of pork just got me excited because that only meant 1 thing! BACON DELUXE with ACTUAL BACON in it! Woah! Even thinking of it now also I "lau hao sui". That's like my fav. burger of all time when I was in aus! Haha! Everytime after I eat it, I get so sick but it was so damn worth it! Haha! But too bad, they didn't serve it and I had to resort to a Double Cheese burger. As my bf was lining up for food, all of a sudden, he came back and whispered in my ear, "babe... each value meal is like RM25!". My eyes lit up and my forehead scrunched. How can that be?! How can a freakin' FAST FOOD meal cost RM25? I squinted my eyes (didn't bring my glasses) and checked and yes! It was freakin 245 baht for a meal!!! Me and bf quickly took our luggage and literally walked off to check out other places to eat. Bf checked though that all the other places were also about the same price! So we decided to go back to Burger King. For 2 meals, that how much it costed us to eat at the fried chicken place the night before for 5 people!!

Woah! This is ridiculous man! It's like the govt is punishing us in the airport for buying all the cheap stuff in bangkok itself! It's like.. "Let's kill them before they leave the country". So next time guys, word of advice? Eat before u get to the airport! Photos of our meal below.. come on.. it was freakin RM25 for fast food man. I HAD to take photos!

Picture of our meal

Picture of the burger. Not to say damn nice also.. something was missing. Maybe not enough sauce or something. I don't know. Maybe it's just psychological cause I know we paid RM25 bucks for the burger. Haha!

Us staring in awe at our RM50 meal... :S

I now have a mission to go to all airports to eat burger king to see how much it'll cost. Of course, only applicable if the airport DOES have a burger king. :P

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