Monday, 29th November 2010 - 11.22pm.

Just finished work and got home not long ago. So thought, what better way to just kill my 20 mins of time before I go to bed - so here I am... :P

Had to take my mum to Jusco Midvalley the other day because apparently she always gets lost in shopping malls and doesn't know where she ends up parking etc. So as we were walking to Jusco in the lower ground area which links Gardens and Midvalley. We saw a new store open. It was called Ireland's Potato. 

Me - being a huge fan of potato obviously was intrigued. All they pretty much served were french fries with various sauces/toppings. I stared at the menu the longest time and finally decided with my mum to try.  I wanted to be adventurous and try something different and not like have just cheese sauce on top, so we tried what they called the "Ireland Chicken Sauce" (if not mistaken - forgotten already.. :P sorry). They were not cheap. It was at least RM8.80 for a cup of fries and that was already the cheapest.
Interior of the place. Not very big. Left photo - tables and some benchtops. Their "kitchen" was situated on the right of the left photo (lol.. confusing kah?). Right photo was what they had plastered on the wall right at the back of the shop.

My Sauce

Left photo is how big the cup was. And right photo was how much fries we got plus our sauce. 

Overall, I thought my sauce tasted quite yummy although would have loved to have more of it. The sauce made my fries soggy and for those that know me, that's my favourite kind. However, having to pay RM8.80 for it? I think that's extremely expensive considering it's just potato at the end of the day. And my chicken bits in the sauce was quite close to nothing. Definitely not something I would go and buy all the time considering how much I like potato chips. Me and mum think it'll just be something everyone would try once and not try again because of the price. If it was priced cheaper at RM5ish, then maybe it's something I would consider to buy each time I passed it.

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