Wednesday, 29th Sept 2010

I did it again. Yesterday morning, after my run, I got home and my mum was still at home. She then told me that she had to send me to work instead of my dad/driver because dad had to go to the airport. Instinctively, I started to rush through getting ready because my mum usually leaves the house at 6.45am just to get to work!! And her being home meant that she was late for work, had to send me to work and go through jam - yadah yadah yadah.. which would lead to her being unhappy. And trust me, nobody wants to piss off my mum. LOL!

So anyways, I went straight up to take a shower (usually I would procrastinate in front of my computer while I kinda cooled down). After shampoo-ing my hair, I reached out for the liquid soup and plasted the 'dop' of liquid soup which I had pressed out onto my hair. It was only after 2 seconds, did I realise that I was meant to either take the conditioner and do that.. OR use the liquid soup for my body. I quickly washed it off and did it the right way. :P

-The End-

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