Tuesday, 21th September 2010

Last day of Cambodia. We woke up early cause we wanted to get some stuff done before we headed off to the airport. Bf also decided to see if we could have our breakfast in the room this time instead of going to the bar. And it was possible! Only thing was we had to go and grab it on our own and bring it back to the office.

After breakfast and kinda packing everything up, we headed out to try and find the Seeing Hands massage parlour. A massage parlour where all the masseuse were all blind! From the lonely planet, a massage only costs about USD5-7! Which is like RM30! Haha! Where to find something like that here... hehhee.. :P

Place is kinda dodgy though. It's a small shop lot with 3 floors and possibly about 5 rooms with about 6 beds in them. 

Photo of bf and his masseuse. The uniforms we had to wear made us look like we were patients in a hospital. 

I actually thought that this place was kinda sad. I don't know.. just the fact that they're already blind and they have to do everything in their will just to survive. But I guess that's the good side as well... At least they're just not lying in the streets somewhere... Anyways... massage was.. erm.. painful! Haha.. they style they used was Japanese Shiatsu and it felt like they were poking in between my joints! 

Anyway, after our massage, we headed back to the hotel. Packed up a little bit more and then went out to get some food before we headed off to the airport. We went back to The Shop because we thought the food was quite nice and they had nice bread which bf really liked. 

Last photo of me on the day bed. 

Photo of the menu inside The Shop and we ordered:

A sausage and pear sandwhich. Sounds funny? Haha... taste was quite interesting though. Adds a little sweet flavour to every bite cause of the pear. 

A pasta salad... which my bf found a worm freakin' still moving in it while I was eating. Thank god i didn't actually eat it!!!! Bf took it back to the waiters and they were really nice about it. They offered to give us a replacement but we were kinda full because we had finished the sandwich and almost halfway through this one. Also, bf wanted to save space for the dessert which looked absolutely yummy! Oh, apparently reason there was a worm was because they don't use insecticides...

Photo of our chocolate mouse or fudge cake. I can't remember. But this was SOOOOOO yummy! It was sooooo rich! Not to mention sinful too! Hahaha.. :P

So that's that. Our 4 day holiday. Came and left so quickly. 

Next up? Korea in November! Wooohoo!! 

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