Saturday, 30th April 2011

29th April 2011 - what an exciting day for everyone!

First it was the Royal Wedding. I even knew people who purposely took days off just to watch the Royal wedding. I guess it is quite exciting. Just trying to imagine myself as Kate. What are the chances of you getting married into royalty!

Second - iPad2 launch in Malaysia! Again, I knew of people who made their husbands go line up in front of the shop so that they could get the iPad2! I don't blame them. It's so sexayyy and nice!

Last but not least?! Maroon 5 concert! Just got back from it actually. Pretty good I must say! Will blog more about it with pictures and video to show!

Can you imagine if a person did all 3 of the above! It would have been a super long day for them!

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