Sunday, 10th April 2011,

I know this is late - blogging about last Sunday but better late than never? Hehe! Anyways, made my bf take me to Pavilion last weekend cause I was kinda sick of the malls around my area. We hardly go down to KL so I took this as a special day out for me - it was a big day with big shoes to fill! So corny right? :P Only said that cause I wanted to post these photos below :P

Found this shoe in a super hero shop which sells RM100++ t-shirts even for kids! Anyways, check out how big the shoe is compared to my feet!

Found these Havaianas outside Pavi. So tell me - wasn't this a big day with big shoes to fill? :P

Anyways, once we got down town, what we didnt' know was Red Bull was actually doing an event. They had stands up and they even blocked the whole Bukit Bingtang road. We were lucky that we got there early so we managed to get to the parking. They even brought an actual F1 car to take a drive down the road. It was really hot that day, so we didn't stay to watch that but even when in Pavi, we could hear the sound of the cars. Managed to get some photos below:

Once we got to Pavi, we got some lunch at Ben's which is on the 6th/top floor of Pavi. This place was apparently opened by the same guys who did Delicious.

Look at my anti social bf who was playing with his ipad while he was out with me. :P

Decor of the place. Quite nice and cosy.  

Our food. We ordered the mac and cheese and also the cheeseburger. Burger was yummy with a nice onion sauce on the the top. For those who have tried the burger in Plan B, me and bf felt that this place was much better. Mac & cheese was good too. But to be honest, I have never had it before in my life. So according to bf (who used to stay in the US and where Mac & Cheese is quite normal), it was quite good. Although, thought it was quite jelak towards the end - it was baked with 3 types of cheese!

Last photo for the blog - check out the huge lamp! Guy was taken in the photo to use as a gauge of how big/tall the lamp is.

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