Sunday, 3th April 2011

FML! What did I get myself into! Me and sister have been talking about doing the full marathon for some time now but we haven't really done much to train for it. To be honest, I'm getting a bit too tired to wake up in the mornings now to run. Haha! don't know if this comes with age? :P Anyways, sister got jolted to sign up for the full marathon 1 day because she found out one of her friends who only started running last year signed up for the full too! Immediately, she signed up for herself and me!

For those who don't know, a full marathon is 42kms long! 42 freakin' kms! That's like running all the way to erm erm.. subang and back from my place!

Anyway, went for our usual weekend run yesterday and boy was that run bad! I felt like I was going out of breathe, my thighs started to hurt! Unsure if this was because I'm kinda still SLIGHTLY sick and body is not working at 100% to take oxygen in.. OR the fact that I haven't been training much during the weekdays anyway and it's ruining my weekend runs. Eitherway, the pressure is on, there's only 13 weeks till the full marathon. Have a half marathon in 2 weeks which I don't even know if I can do it now... :S Sis is still pumped like madd and already researching and coming up with timelines for our training!!

I guess worse comes to worse, i'll just walk the whole way?! I have walked 30kms before?! haha.. what's another 12 rite? RITE? :P

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