Monday, 25th April 2011

Went for a drink last Friday night with some of my bf's friends in Devi's corner in TTDI. One of his friends went to apparently order Apom. I was like where in the world is he going to get Apom here? Apparently, the stall just outside of Devi's corner does! I was uber excited!

Apom was my favourite snack while growing up. I remember my dad used to buy them for every weekend when we went to the market. He kinda stopped buying them for me once the prices kept going up and he suddenly came to realise that it was getting too expensive and not worth paying for something which was just made out of flour.

Anyway, back to the Apom stall - I've always seen the stall there when going back to my bf's place but I never what they sold. From the looks of it (from inside the car), I always thought that they were selling Chinese newspaper or something. :P

So anyway, first thing my bf's friend told me was that the guys that were manning the store were deaf - like literally. He had to point and use hand gestures to order. I didn't think much of it then.

So his apom arrived and then I realised that he had CHEESE in it! I was like wtf?! what kind of Apom has cheese in it?! Apparently, this store's speciality is not just normal Apom, he makes Apom with "stuffing"! He adds cheese, egg, banana, nuttella, etc. I had never seen/tasted this kind of Apom before! And so I was even MORE excitied! See below for his menu (abit blur cause it was taken at night with my phone)!

What's not in this menus is his specialty Apom with durian!

I had a bite of my bf's friend's apom and it was pretty good! The Apom was slightly thicker than the normal ones we get from the pasar/hawker stall and yet still nice and crispy! Plus the cheese part made it even yummier since I'm a fan of cheese! Bf couldn't resist at the end and he even bought one. :D

Just looking at the guys striving to make ends meat made me feel bad for them. :( Also, bf told me rumour has it that they are selling Apom to help support their home for the mute and deaf children. How true that is, I'm not sure. Tried Googling and nothing came up. But even if it's not true, I was like we should buy an Apom from them everynight just to support them. :P

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